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Selling/Trading two RB codes

montrossity - FIFA 13 WP 200 games played achievement glitched on me. There goes that completion.
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Posted on 11 August 11 at 19:13, Edited on 11 August 11 at 22:37 by montrossity
=EDIT= Sold both of them.
Want gamerscore? I'll get you some in exchange for money sent through PayPal, or a MSP card.
Spilner - Waited for a special One console and looks like ill end up getting that bloody CoD one instead of waiting longer
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Posted on 11 August 11 at 21:00
The Trading Thread
Turns out im human after all :(
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Posted on 12 August 11 at 07:38
In future, please use the above thread to sell/share/trade codes.