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Best budget WP7 phone for gaming?

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Posted on 03 November 11 at 14:51
I'm considering replacing my WM6.5 phone with a WP7 handset. I'd be using it mostly for ebooks and gaming; I don't actually use the phone side that much!

Any recommendations appreciated. Yes, there are plenty of reviews but I'd rather get a gamers perspective smile

I'm in the UK & would prefer unlocked but T-mobile would be OK as I don't want to change my provider (IKEA PAYG).
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Posted on 03 November 11 at 16:23
I like my HTC mozart if that helps..
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Posted on 04 November 11 at 10:31
I use a HTC HD7 and it is a brilliant phone for gaming. I really only upgraded my phone (on an o2 package) to start WP7 gaming as i dont use the phone that often. Good large screen is all you need IMO
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Posted on 18 January 12 at 23:19
I got the Titan for Christmas and it's the shit! I suppose having a big screen (the biggest of any smartphone apparently) might have its downsides but it is awesome for playing games on.
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Posted on 10 March 12 at 22:44
I have Lumia and it's great :D
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Posted on 13 June 12 at 02:00
I plan on buying an unlocked htc x310 from amazon. Does anyone know if that would affect my ability to purchase games off of xbox live?
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Posted on 13 June 12 at 10:47
All you need is a wifi connection as some games have to be downloaded that way anyway, and a debit/credit card in order to buy the games.
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Posted on 13 June 12 at 18:42
Cool thanks just wanted to make sure
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Posted on 04 November 12 at 17:39
The Lumia 800 works like charm, and it's bound to be on sale now that the 820 is around the corner. I've at least been really happy with it.
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