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Skyrim- how to recharge enchanted items ?

Posted on 18 November 11 at 01:51, Edited on 18 November 11 at 18:30 by mitchcraft1980
ok so i have some really cool weapons i have enchanted through out the game but all the powers have been used up so you would think that re enchanting them would fill up its powers again but when ever i goto an enchantment table i cant pick the weapons that have already been enchanted but are empty , how do you refill them then ? cry

EDIT: Found solution last night .....

For those wondering the same all you need to do is go in to the items menu then press the RB button however many times you need to fill up the bar on the selected weapon or item needing refilled. You do need to have the soul gems with souls to refill though, but you dont need to go near an enchantment table at all, you can just do this from your menu in any place at any time.

Happy gaming all headspin
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Posted on 18 November 11 at 02:46
You need a soul trap spell and use that. If the enemy the enemy is killed while still under influence from the soul trap spell than an empty soul gem will be filled. Use the soul gem to refill the enchanted item - this is all from memory in oblivion so I hope that is right.
Posted on 18 November 11 at 03:14
must be different in skyrim cos i have plenty of soul gems that are full so thats not the issue

i know how to collect souls the problem is recharging depleted enchanted items
Posted on 18 November 11 at 04:04
ok just figured it out , in case anyone else was wondering you dont have to use the enchantment table again you just go in to your menu and pres RB on the weapon needing recharged

nice and simple , cant believe i missed this facepalm
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Posted on 18 November 11 at 08:46
Thanks! Was wondering about that myself... Probably too obvious. :)
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Posted on 18 November 11 at 13:43
Oooo very nice find.
Posted on 18 November 11 at 18:31, Edited on 18 November 11 at 18:33 by mitchcraft1980
its great that you can just do this anywhere at any time , im freaking loving this game !!

Glad i could help even though it was my own question lol

But still i thought i should come back and post in case others were having the same issue so your welcome guys toast