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The Pinball Arcade New Trailer Released

Nexus Grunt
Nexus Grunt - You know something has been on your backlog too long when it suddenly appears in Games with Gold!
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 13:04
From Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all

Following on from the trailer announcing their latest title The Pinball Arcade, the folks over at FarSight studios have released another clip revealing a little more detail over the pinball tables from the game.

The clips runs to 3:25 minutes and features the same tables from the previous trailer, namely Tales of Arabian Nights, Theatre of Magic, Ripley's Believe or Not, and Black Hole. Along with each table, we are treated to a slightly longer glimpse of the gameplay, visuals, and audio to be expected on each of the tables.

The Pinball Arcade remains on track for an early 2012 release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. However, pricing details have still not been confirmed at this time.
H3LL F1R3 - Borderlands 2 on Friday!!! :D
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 13:06
Looks alright, but I think I'll stick with Pinball FX2
Gam3r xUSAx
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 13:19
I remember playing the heck out of theater of magic. I might get it just for that depending on how much it sticks to the original.
Hail Dixon
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 13:52
Never been a fan of pinball but I love the Paranormal table on Pinball FX2 so i might check this out.
Posted on 25 November 11 at 14:21
if this company would only let me play their beta, I would give up Star Wars for this! :) YAY pinball add me as friend if you want pinball fx2 wizard score!
AntaraelDulacre - All Assassin's Creed Games finally done!
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 14:28, Edited on 25 November 11 at 14:28 by AntaraelDulacre
H3LL F1R3 said:Looks alright, but I think I'll stick with Pinball FX2^This =)

Also add me for more Wizard Score (still need 30,000 to go haha =P)
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 14:51
Cannot wait for this IMO PHOF beats the hell out of FX2 and this is from the same folks
n8g8e - PSN ID is Nexus--Plexus
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 14:57
The sound effects seem quite obnoxious.
super quip
super quip - i need to play mario
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 15:07
i have just spent well over 4000MS points getting pinball fx2 tables so dont need more lol
super quip
Reina Watt
Reina Watt - Gaming with no purpose
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 16:08
If it's as good as Pinball FX 2 then I might consider it, quite fond of PF2.
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 16:10
super quip said:i have just spent well over 4000MS points getting pinball fx2 tables so dont need more lolso much this.
sans gluten
sans gluten -
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 16:10
I welcome any pinball I can get... Nothing beats the real deal, but virtual tables are fun too!
such and such
MH The Rockstar
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 17:11
I love pinball but the arcade games just don't seem to do it justice... don't get me wrong, the arcade games look good and play well - they just can't duplicate a real table.
Pure Vapour 420 - PSN [PS3/PS4/PSVITA] = PureVapour420
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 17:23
Nice. Will check this out for sure. Thought Williams Pinball classics was awesome even better than pinbll fx2...I`d love to see pinball dreams,pinball fantasies and pinball illusions on XBLA
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Pvt Keogh
Pvt Keogh
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 18:05
the ball physics on those tables looks to be way off. Maybe I'm too used to PFX2 but it just looks horribly unrealistic
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 18:48
^I was just about to say the same thing. The ball appears to be floating above the table instead of rolling on the table. The speed seems way off as well.
If you consider the fact that they're aiming to compete with Zen's Pinball FX for the best arcade pinball game, it's clear that they still have a lot of work to do.
As it is now, there would be no reason to choose this instead of Pinball FX2, except for the trip down memory lane.
I probably will still get this regardless, but even then, my real focus will remain at Pinball FX2.
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Posted on 25 November 11 at 22:12
Its nice to see some real tables to play.
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Nekro Neko
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Posted on 26 November 11 at 01:38
Ball needs to be reflective and have some blemishes so you can see it moving, lighting needs to be more realistic. With pinball you really need that sensation that the ball is rolling as well as feedback (easy done with vibration). Still, it does look like I'll be getting it, though I'm no fan of old tables like Black Hole, I like mid 80's onwards myself.
Duwen - ...Mr Raspberry Jam... you smell like the sea!
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Posted on 26 November 11 at 10:46
I'll be sticking with PBFX2, but if they get the rights to remake certain tables I loved back in the mid 90's I may well find there's room for 2 pinball sims on my xbox!

If you're reading this Farsight, I want Star Trek, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon and Twilight Zone wink
Zoku Gojira
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Posted on 26 November 11 at 12:14
Farsight's physics in Williams and Gottlieb are so spot-on that I find out my familiarity with the virtual tables translates over to the real machines when I get the chance to play them in museums and pubs. Looking forward to this a great deal.

Of course, I do play FX2 quite a bit, and fully intend to continue buying Zen's tables and play their game right alongside Pinball Arcade, just as I play FX2 and Williams Collection currently.
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