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Carcassonne (WP) Screens Released

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Posted on 05 March 12 at 21:39
Popular XBLA title goes mobile

Just last week, Microsoft revealed six new games that would be coming to the Windows Phone in the near future. Among those games was, the board game-turned-XBLA title.

Now, we have some details and a few screens to show you. A couple of these screens were posted before, but we're reposting them so you can enlarge them if you'd like.

Also, here's a list of features that will be found in the game:

• Includes the official expansion “The River II”
• Local and online multiplayer mode
• Clever AI opponents with individual strategies
• Expansive tutorial for beginners
• XBOX Live Achievements and Leaderboards
Caracssonne will be released later this year.
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 21:41, Edited on 05 March 12 at 21:41 by John Pellegrini
Yes please smile
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 21:59
Looking forward to this.
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:05
Is this a popular title?
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:08
Good times! Wish Catan would make it to WP :-D
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:14
wonder how multiplayer will work? If it is all live, or if it is log in - take a turn - log out.
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:20
Sometimes I really wish I had gotten a WP instead of an android based phone...... This is one of those times.
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:20
Loved the XBLA version. Let's hope this is as good!
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 22:23, Edited on 05 March 12 at 22:24 by Amazing AZ
Nice! I remember playing this game years ago when they gave it away for free on the marketplace hopefully this is as easy as the xbla version.
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Posted on 05 March 12 at 23:45
I've never checked that XBLA title out. I should do that!
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 00:21
Should be a day one buy for me ... wish it was free like the XBLA version, but it will probably be $2.99. Hoping for less, but expecting more.
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 00:30
This one I'm definitely interested in! Anyone know a good place for reviews of WP7 games btw?
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 00:55
The xbla game was alright. I hope this one differentiates itself well enough to make it play good and stay carcasonne but different enough so it isn't exactly like the xbla title. The screens seem promising right now, and online multiplayer is a huge plus. Definitely a maybe only tho, as I never play the xbla game anymore, just a bit boring now. The 2 last achievements were a bit of a grind too lol
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 03:19
This is going to be a great fit for the WP7. The first ever day one purchase for me.
takuto neko
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 04:52
sweet :D
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 05:19
Too bad Carcassonne isn't on Android, I would buy it day one. Windows Phone has some interesting games, too bad it has weak apps otherwise.
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 05:41
I like playing this should be fun on the phone
The Onyx Kid
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 06:21
Grandwicky said:This one I'm definitely interested in! Anyone know a good place for reviews of WP7 games btw?

Very good site, run by a member of this site no less!
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 06:41
was tempted by the xbla version but i'd rather play it on the phone. It all comes down to the price I guess
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Posted on 06 March 12 at 07:50
Online mp? Ooh yes please. Me and my brother will enjoy this. It will give us something to do when we should be working :)