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Ninja Gaiden III Launch Trailer Released

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Posted on 14 March 12 at 10:20
Oh god, I've got cramp in my arm!

Team Ninja's upcoming sword-swinging, stomach-stabbing, hack & slash title, Ninja Gaiden III, is almost upon us! Whilst gamers eagerly await to understand pain and inevitably become infested by the curse of the dragon-sword, check out this newly released launch trailer.

Showcasing a mix of old and new footage, the titles main man Ryu Hayabusa embraces the "grip of murder", as he slaughters enemies with ease. Running, sliding and jumping through many different good looking areas of the upcoming game, Ryu fights soldiers and enemies that aren't quite human in this new trailer:

Ninja Gaiden III is set to unleash onto consoles on March 20th for North America, March 22nd for Japan, and March 23rd for Europe. Be sure to check out info on pre-order bonuses and details on the online pass for the upcoming title.

Credit goes to METAL MIN0TAUR for this story
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 10:31
Got mine pre-ordered. I just hope it's not as difficult as the 2nd one was. Although it was one of my favorite games, the extreme difficulty turned me off, and limited my replayability.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 10:31
the second one was well hard!!
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 10:32
Oh man! I'm so looking forward to this game, i can already taste it!
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 11:04
Ahh, soon :-)
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 11:04
Loved the first two!! Got my collectors paid for, and was that Genshin in the video?
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 12:18
Like that trailer. Fan of the previous 2 entries, so I'll be checking this one out.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 13:01
Looks pretty sweet! Agree with others and I hope it is easier than the second one. At least, achievement-wise. Those were too tedious to spend the time getting. beat the game like 10 different times, one weapon at a time, and ridiculously hard? No thanks. I'd love to play the game, but want to enjoy it, not grind it to death.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 14:12
It looks very pretty, but I still want to play a demo before I pick it up. Still leery about the change in leadership.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 16:13
Looks amazing! Can't wait until I get my hands on this game^^
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 16:21
The second one was easy compared to the original Xbox one. The tutorial boss was harder than any boss in NG2! lol. I suck at them all though so I just play until I rage smash my controller and move on! redface Needless to say I'll be picking this up! laugh
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 18:01
Looking very good!
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 18:57, Edited on 14 March 12 at 19:05 by Wanderer128
With the fact that this game has a difficulty which will let anyone finish the campaign, will it be assumed that there are not any cinematic female nudity in one of the higher levels once again?

I feel like no one really talked about it in NG2 because a vast majority of people never made it to the level, and they more than likely accidentally skipped the cutsceen.

EDIT (Just watched the Trailer)

Sigh, how many times will I need to defeat Genshin again?
My fellow Master Ninjas and I wont have any problems not killing anyone with the whole Killing others hurting you whole thing as we run past them all or run back to despawn everyone...unless on water, I really hate water against the gyros.
The voice at the end of the video reminded me of Alexei, I hope we wont just be playing a modified version of the 2nd one, I'm really interested to see how the story has progressed despite not having played the first NG.

Honestly, the thing I want to see most anytime I see a Ninja Gaiden 3 update is what the achievements are...
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 19:58
looks cool...even with less gore.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 20:37
AS long as it's not a hard as the second one that was rediculous.
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 22:07
Pause at 1:01 clearly Genshin... he died about 4 times in the last one and was buried with his sword on his grave (and this was after he died as a zombie) WTF...
if they are gonna bring him back than at least give us weapons better than katanas (eclipse sythe)
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 23:13, Edited on 14 March 12 at 23:16 by aps42
the Scythe and Claws are coming as free DLC. can't wait to play this and deliver another walkthrough for you guys
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 23:19
who needs a walkthrough for NG xD

you have to enter next area -> enemies -> next area -> enemies. my guide for NG...
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Posted on 14 March 12 at 23:38
For me the bench mark in the Ninja Gaiden reeboot series is always going to be Ninja Gaiden Black for the original Xbox. Tecmo and Team Ninja nailed the gameplay standards and camera issues of the original release. The visuals of this series has never been in question for me. I just hope that with the departure of the father figure of this franchise that the gameplay and difficulty has not been compromised. I'm 50-50 on whether to purchase this day 1. But what I do know is that one day in the near future i'll be slipping this game into my 360 and slashing up fiends and (hopefully) ogling Rachels ample assets in HD ;0)
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Posted on 15 March 12 at 00:41
Gamestation and Game not stocking this either... damn.
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