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New MUD Screenshots Released

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Posted on 26 March 12 at 22:56
14 disgusting screens for the viewing!

After getting very technical in the previously released dev diary for, Black Bean have kept it simple this time around with just the release of some new screenshots.

These screens are more up close and personal with the riders than previous screens, as plenty of detail is shown off while the motorcross action takes place in different environments. Check out the screens as these motorcross machines 'whip' and 'scrub' through the air and potentially into other racers:

MUD is set for release this April. We'll be sure to let you know when a more specific release date is announced.
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Posted on 26 March 12 at 22:58
Doesnt really look anything special
Turns out im human after all :(
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Posted on 26 March 12 at 23:26
I'm getting this
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 00:30
will have to play demo for it first.
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 02:11
Its a racer so i'll be getting it sooner or later lol.
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 04:26
Buying this the day it comes out!
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 11:17
Not bad!
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 12:19
Blue n Gold Eel said:Its a racer so i'll be getting it sooner or later lol.This, Not a fan of Bike racing games but there is always an exception to MX.
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Posted on 27 March 12 at 12:25
I love the filthiness of the Mud lol
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Posted on 28 March 12 at 23:10
Will check out the demo.