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Vermin360 - Why does Wild Ocean seem so ridiculously hard to win anything on (Microsoft Jackpot)?
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 04:56
If you've never visited Sporcle, don't start now. You'll get addicted almost instantly. It's a great site filled with quizzes on all sorts of subjects from pop culture to sports, from history to music. Once you start, it's hard to stop.

Today a quiz was posted that I thought might be of interest to the community here. The name and requirements for an Xbox 360 Achievement are given, you need to supply the name of the game from which that Achievement was taken. Easy, right? Give it a try, see how you do (no spoilers, please!)
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 06:54
Test Your Achievement Knowledge! smile
D3L1V3R4NC3 - Just smash in as many achievements as i can!!!
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Posted on 29 March 12 at 10:01
27/35 correct with 4:20 left on the clock ... I found you either know them or you dont lol
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Posted on 30 March 12 at 01:29
Sporcle is one of my favorite websites, and I highly recommend it to anybody.

They have all sorts of quizzes on there.
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Posted on 31 March 12 at 17:56
I got 17/35 with 4:02 left on the clock. The ones I missed I had never even played those games. And some of the ones I got I hadn't played the game either, just took a guess based on the achievement description.
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Posted on 18 April 12 at 17:41, Edited on 18 April 12 at 17:44 by Killipo
It's funny to run into fellow Sporclers now and then. :) I've been using the site for a couple years now.

You'll notice that when you look at the results (especially in mixed games such as word ladders) the least guessed answers are usually video game related. Rather, video game related answers are usually not known to most of the users there.

I guess gamers are a minority, but we're no less catered to with some excellent quizzes!

I also encourage you guys to create your own quizzes there. We need more video game quizzes. And who knows, yours might even get published (put on the front page and "Sporcle -Verified").

They're playable the moment you're done creating them, but only Sporcle can make them "Verified". And they're surprisingly good about giving the community-created quizzes attention, too.