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Lollipop Chainsaw Commercial Trailer Released

Nexus Grunt
Nexus Grunt - You know something has been on your backlog too long when it suddenly appears in Games with Gold!
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:00
Tired of having zombies ruin your wardrobe every day? Then Juliet has the answer

Last month we reported on a number of trailers that had been released featuring gameplay and costumes from the upcoming title Lollipop Chainsaw. Today, the folks over at Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games have released a live-action trailer featuring the game's heroine Juliet, giving some very useful advice.

In the spoof commercial our blood soaked cheerleader extols the virtues of a new product that can make light work of cleaning all those stubborn stains that can ruin any outfit after a hard day of zombie slaying. The video is nicely done and includes a clever product name, and a catchy tagline at the end.

To read our previous coverage of the game, follow this link.

Lollipop Chainsaw will be released June 12th in North America, June 14th in Japan, and June 15th in Europe.
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:05
'From Caked on Spleen to totally Clean' Loved it :)
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:31
Now if only they can develope a detergent to get rid of these protein stains...
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:32
I don't mind her sloppy joe's ;)
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Teh Paralyzer
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:33
I just watched this on another site and now I watched it here....I still have no idea what this is about.

Something keeps distracting me.
Xboxwrath - Thinking about getting back into Achievements...
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:38
Love all the trailers so far. Just don't think it will be a day 1 buy for me. Prices now a days drop so fast.
D360B Ries
D360B Ries
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 11:46
This Is what I call advertisement
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 13:06
Looks, style etc look great, let's hope the game play is on the same level.
ECOTz McChicken - New Transformers film is so bad XD
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 13:15
I don't think i've watched a trailer for a game this much before lol
Anyone know who the actress actually is?
The Filthy Goat
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 13:24
She's Jessica Nigri. She's not so much an actress as she is someone who is somewhat famous for cosplay.
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 13:46
off to pick up some ZomBeGone now
Posted on 06 April 12 at 14:58
ECOTz McChicken said:I don't think i've watched a trailer for a game this much before lol
Anyone know who the actress actually is?
The Filthy Goat said:She's Jessica Nigri. She's not so much an actress as she is someone who is somewhat famous for cosplay.Yea, she got INSANELY popular when her pokemon photos hit the web:

link hidden

Before those not many people knew of her, after that, she just exploded on the internet. You can view her photos here:

Her official site:
link hidden

Fan site:
link hidden

link hidden

o Shadowlaw o
o Shadowlaw o
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 15:13, Edited on 06 April 12 at 15:14 by o Shadowlaw o
I was already interested in the game but this trailer just tops everything.

I've watched it about 5 times now. It also doesn't do any harm that Jessica Nigri is gorgeous.
xCINEMAxZOMBIEx - Prepare the laser beam!!
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 15:18
zom b gone is the name i used a few years back in my audio class for a fake psa/ ad for a spray that got rid of zombies, i know its a coincidence but just odd seeing that name again lol. Pre ordered my copy last week i can't wait!!!
l Archvile l
l Archvile l - Bald Eagle is all ya need
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 15:25
"Mmmmmmmm, Sweet Adorable Cheerleader" - Homer Simpson.
Converse - Well, this sucks.
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 18:25
Already pre-ordered. This game is going to be a blast.
Barad XBA
Barad XBA - Back from India, what an incredible trip!
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 18:32
Just WOW.
Battlefield 3 Gamer !
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 20:20
Great commercial! Made me laugh
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Posted on 06 April 12 at 20:53, Edited on 06 April 12 at 20:53 by VoltFieber
I orderd 10 Bottles "Zom Be-Gone"... facepalm
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Posted on 07 April 12 at 15:56
I wonder how many people will consider getting the game after this commercial… Didn’t convince me lol