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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer Teases

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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:02
Make it right

The most shocking news to come out of last year's VGA awards was the cancellation of the game known as Metal Gear Solid: Rising. This was then followed by the news that Platinum Games had picked up the pieces and had renamed the game as Since then, the game that has been in development for three years now has shifted its position within the Metal Gear timeline and appears to be taking an action approach that won't be as familiar to fans of the franchise.

The decision behind this transition has been explained several times over, but new details on the game have been scarce, bar the handful of new screenshots and a trailer. That looks set to change next Monday if this new teaser trailer is to be believed. The transmission from the operative's implant appears to be corrupted and the integrity of the data has been compromised; despite this, the date marking the start of data recovery is as clear as can be:

Look out for an update on April 30th when we find out exactly what the trailer is all about.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is due to be released this year.

Credit goes to Hustlinonradio for this story
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:18
Impressive graphics.
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:19
What the hell did I just watch?
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:23
As a die hard MGS fan.....what the fuck
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:23
can't i have Vanquish 2 instead? come on Platinum Games.

Infact just make vanquish 2 featuring characters from MGS
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:31
Is this a joke?
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:32
MGS is meh...where is Bayonetta 2???
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:35
I just wanted to slice up some meat...
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:44
Well ok then...
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 12:55
...wha? That trailer made no sense.. Raiden lost all his body except for some of his head in an explosion of sorts, he wasn't cut up!
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:10
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:14
Snake?, Snaaakeeee...!!! Dam da da dam dam.... XD
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:15
TakahashiDemon said:...wha? That trailer made no sense.. Raiden lost all his body except for some of his head in an explosion of sorts, he wasn't cut up!Yes, he was.
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:22, Edited on 27 April 12 at 13:23 by The Green Robin
Metal Gear Solid is an amazing series and im going to embrace the new one with open arms. Why? Because i'm a fan of the series and am happy to see what they do. If it's bad then who cares, the main series finished, it's not like they fucked up a main series MGS game. It's a win/win situation.
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:25
This game looks like poop. I don't know how to explain it better
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:43
What the long as this game comes out someday....
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:51
Zacry072 said:What the hell did I just watch?I don't fucking know, I just know I'm having a seizure now. Lmao.
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 13:54
Why can't this stayed cancelled? some of us want the old solid snake from mgs1/2, not some back to the future or some old aged snake!
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 14:04
... no comment.
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Posted on 27 April 12 at 14:48
what the fuck?
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