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Three Madden NFL 13 Trailers Charge In

Dat Boi Treezy - Didn't think ATL (#1 seed) would be sweeped 4-0 by Cleveland (#2 seed). Not that CC are bad, but wow. Thought it would be 6 or 7 games at least!
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Posted on 06 June 12 at 22:14
Josh Looman and Victor Lugo answer your questions!

Fans pumped for EA's upcoming will have enjoyed the previous coverage of the title, which included a good look at the new Infinity Engine, and another previous article that featured info on the slightly confusing connected careers. With the announcement of these deep new features for Madden NFL 13, the questions have relentlessly been thrown at the team behind the upcoming sports title.

Let's take a look at the basics to start with because, first of all, you'll need to know exactly how to get started as a coach in the new connected career mode. Madden NFL 13's Senior Designer, Josh Looman, speaks with EA's community manager, Andrew Johnson, and gives us the walkthrough on how to get started:

Josh Looman answers a handful of questions from the community through EA Sports' Senior Community Manager, Justin Dewiel. All the questions are directed towards the connected careers part of the upcoming title, so pay close attention to possibly learn more about the featured game mode:

Kinect audio commands will be in play with the upcoming sports title, as Victor Lugo showcases how to use the Kinect to set up plays. Check out the trailer as Andrew Johnson gets a front seat to the live action once again:

Players can truly focus on their connected career in Madden NFL 13 when the game releases on August 28th 2012.
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Posted on 06 June 12 at 22:57
lookin good so far
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Posted on 07 June 12 at 04:26
These videos they're releasing are doing nothing for me.
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Posted on 07 June 12 at 19:15
Looks pretty neat.
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