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Get 1 Month Gold & 2 XBLA Games (FINALLY UK ONLY!)

AntaraelDulacre - Well now I know why Persona 4 Arena has such a high TA Score...
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Posted on 18 June 12 at 23:50
Same as the US Promotion but UK-only now (still not rest of europe though....*sigh*)
Posted on 19 June 12 at 16:33
About time this came to the UK, sucks about the rest of Europe though.
x RepoUK x
x RepoUK x - Has anyone played either Defiance or World of Tanks?  Any good or lame grindfest?
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Posted on 20 June 12 at 12:07, Edited on 20 June 12 at 12:07 by x RepoUK x
Got mine smile

Not a shoot 'em up fan but The Maw looks interesting/