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Far Cry 3 Delayed

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Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:43
You will have to wait a little longer to face insanity

Ubisoft announced today that their upcoming release of Far Cry 3 will be pushed back a couple of months.

Dan Hay, Producer at Ubisoft, had this to say regarding the delay:

“We’re taking more time to create the best possible gameplay experience,”[...]“Far Cry 3 is a huge offering and we want every element of this insane, action-packed adventure to be of the highest possible quality for the players.”Fear not fellow gamers, you will be able to shoot, stab and detonate your way through Far Cry 3 on November 29th, in Europe and December 4, in North America. While you wait to take Jason Brody on a trip through insanity, check out all of the coverage regarding Far Cry 3 here.
Kez001 - Tentacles Enter the Mind - free WP game...anyone tried it yet?
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:44
Utter Pownage 5 - I have just got a kinect, does anyone know any free games for it Thanks!
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:46
I hope its gonna be worth the wait
Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:47
Noooooo :( i cant wait for this game!
Nod Nolan
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:48
I prefer the term "fashionably late" to "delayed".
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 20:58
Take all the time you need, boys. I'd prefer a well made game over rushed garbage.
The Lego Ninja
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:01
Oh, A day before my brothers birthday. Going to get him this as one of his presents.
eHeadaches - Would anyone care to take a guess at the cost of pinball fx 2 in regards to all dlc with achievements sum total?
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:02
Obsidian Rocker said:Take all the time you need, boys. I'd prefer a well made game over rushed garbage.Basically this.

Ill wait, patiently.
Barad XBA
Barad XBA - Fuck sake. Chatterbox on Tomb Raider didn't unlock on X1. I think the piece of shit console being a dick again.
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:04
Same time as Halo 4 and AC III..yes very clever. :L
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:06
Damn, November is going to be a VERY bad month to be a gamer...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Halo 4
Assassins Creed 3
Far Cry 3

I think I need to get another job.
Elyoh - TA app on the X1??? :D
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:24
Argh it was perfect timing - before all the big games. Now it is right in the middle...argh laugh

Still, I would prefer a finished game than an early one smile
paddycfc22 - Cant wait to play wolfenstein looks great
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:26
I can wait halo 4 is out and will be playing that forever.Can't wait
Sgt Malarkey Br - Prestigio #5 no Titanfall. Quem quer jogar junto?
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:28
Good so i can have more time to play other games
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:29
"You will have to wait a little longer to face insanity"

Maybe for u normal people but im just to cool, now anyway my rainbow sheep leopards need me...
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:32
Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:42
Typical, I should have known. Nearly every game I have been wanting the last year and a half or so have been getting delayed. They need to pull their heads out of theif asses and not even announce a release date until they're 100% sure, overwise you get pissed off gamers like me angryangryangry
TAI JASON - No 1000 GS in Watch Dogs because of the drinking minigame for 15G! Thanks Ubisoft.
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 21:48
Translation = We have technical issues and the consoles nearly die during the production. I mean come on guys. Look at the screenshots. This would be better on the next Xbox...
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 22:01
This is actually a good thing. Too many games coming out in the September through November block.
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 22:07
I don't mind the delay, it's fine for me!
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Posted on 25 June 12 at 22:27
They may aswell delay it intill the new year now, with Halo & BLOPS2 out the same period along with other Grand A games this maybe forgotten about.