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Persona 4: Arena Story Trailer

Posted on 28 June 12 at 20:13
Good thing Japanese is not a requirement to fight

After a whole Investigation Team of [url=Persona 4: Arena Move Videos' trailers[/url], the guys at Arc System Works entice players with a link hidden story trailer. For those not familiar with the Empire of the Rising Sun's language, the game's story takes place two months after the ending of Persona 4 and revolves around Teddie, who starts advertising a fighting program called P-1 Grand Prix and announces that the members of the Investigation Team will take part in the tournament. However, they don't know anything about it and try to find out the truth about the tournament. Of course this leads to a lot of Persona on Persona violence.

link hidden

Persona 4: Arena hits shelves on July 26th in Japan and a handful of days later in North America.
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Posted on 28 June 12 at 20:35
This and anarchy reigns really need to realise when too much is too much with pre-release media.
I mean seriously. It's all so blooming similar.
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Posted on 29 June 12 at 10:33
Not for me.
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Posted on 29 June 12 at 11:35
ViagraFish said:Not for me.Same. Don't get me wrong- I love the art, but I would have rather seen a new jrpg installment.