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UFO Mission Glitched? AC3

Brycon C
Brycon C
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Posted on 02 December 12 at 23:45
Are you guys also experiencing the glitch where the UFO mission for the frontiersmen club is impossible to complete? And if so have you contacted Ubisoft? This pretty much breaks the 30+ hours I wasted going for 100% of the game. So I'm pretty pissed about this...
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Posted on 03 December 12 at 20:30
What exactly is wrong? You can't turn it in? You can't start it? Can't progress during it?
Brycon C
Brycon C
65,298 TrueAchievement Points2 posts
Last post: 03 Dec 12 at 21:11
Posted on 03 December 12 at 21:11
I started it, talked to the guy in the tavern. But then it still says investigate and the markers for the frontiersmen don't change. They're still on the taverns and i try to go to the area on my own and the mission still doesn't proceed. So basically, I'm still stuck at the very beginning.
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Posted on 05 December 12 at 15:18

As far I as remember the zone to investigate do not show up as soonn as the mission starts. You have to navigate in the frontiere and the 'zone' to be investigated show up when you are close to it.

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Posted on 08 December 12 at 18:40, Edited on 08 December 12 at 18:42 by Minchy Munchkin
Have you tried using your eagle vision and looking up in the tree in the search zone? It took me a while of searching first time round till I thought of look up! You can get access to the trees in the area by climbing onto the outhouse, and should find a black umbrella stuck in the branches.

EDIT: sorry, should have said, I didn't even talk to anyone in the taverns where the frontier icons were, just went straight to the search zone, but I'm afraid I can't remember where the area was other than on top of a little hill with steep sides, 1 path leading up to it and a house, outhouse and a couple of trees on top.
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