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SpectreSubZero - World of Tanks!....addicting
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Posted on 17 April 09 at 19:44
Seriously am I the only Sim City fan. I still play Sim City 4 on my computer. I would like a Sim City for the console that you can go online with. Your neighbors will be other people online. Unlike Sim City 4 though, I would like just one massive playing board like 3000 Unlimited instead of the multiple playing boards all separated. What do you all think?!clap
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Posted on 02 May 09 at 05:35
Man I really do love Sim City, I will probably reinstall Sim City 4 in the next couple days, see if it works with vista or just see how it runs on my new computer. I am excited about the sims 3 though as well.
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Posted on 14 May 09 at 15:35
Haven't played SIm City since 2K way back when. I'll be trying out 4 over the next month, though, now that I have more time.
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Posted on 11 October 09 at 06:08
I loved sc2000 and sc3000 was i believe the best. I had Sim city 4 and societies (both stolen) and was kind of disappointed with sc4 due to the other cities you needed to play or basically have no growth. Societies was fun but I believe lacking. I rather would play 3000 or even 2000 due to I liked streets of sim city where you can drive around your sc2000 cities.
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Posted on 23 February 10 at 13:19
In middle school we actually did a Sim City project. We designed our city in the game and then we had to make a 3D model of it using styrofoam and what not. It was pretty sweet and fun. Oh back in the day.
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Posted on 19 March 10 at 15:54
I still play Sim City 4 all the time. It is a lot of fun but can get a little boring. I wouldn't mind seeing a Sim City come to consoles. I had SimCity 2000 on the PSone and it worked pretty good.
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Posted on 23 April 10 at 14:16

Love em all
bring it back long over due
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