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First achievement ever and 1st achievement online

Catatonic Nali - Catatonic Nali is currently on a 365 day achievement win streak
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Posted on 18 January 12 at 23:08, Edited on 18 January 12 at 23:08 by Catatonic Nali
First achievement I ever got was either:
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionEscaped the Imperial SewersThe Escaped the Imperial Sewers achievement in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion worth 50 pointsEscaped the Imperial Sewers, Main Quest Beginning

Prey1: Last CallThe 1: Last Call achievement in Prey worth 10 points"Last Call" completed

I can't remember which because it was way back in August 2006 but it was probably the one from Oblivion seeing as that game was the main reason I got a 360.

My first online achievement was probably
F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault ReconMultiplayer VictoryThe Multiplayer Victory achievement in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon worth 178 pointsWon a ranked Deathmatch, SlowMo Deathmatch, or Elimination game.

but it might have been
F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault ReconPerforatorThe Perforator achievement in F.E.A.R.: First Encounter Assault Recon worth 14 pointsKilled 50 enemies with the 10mm HV Penetrator in ranked Multiplayer games.

I was mad on F.E.A.R. at the time and back in February 2007 it had a pretty good online community. I really don't know if I got 50 penetrator kills before winning a match but it seems unlikely due to how many people were playing back then and the fact that I was new to online gaming.
Posted on 17 March 12 at 18:16
First Ever:
LEGO Indiana Jones: Original AdventuresThere is nothing to fear here.The There is nothing to fear here. achievement in LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures worth 10 pointsComplete the "The Lost Temple" level in Story Mode.

First Online:
Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead RockstarThe Red Dead Rockstar achievement in Red Dead Redemption worth 12 pointsKill a Rockstar or someone with this achievement in a public multiplayer match.
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John Rycroft
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Posted on 04 June 12 at 18:29
Graduate Achievement in Halo 3
on 11 June 2008

Which i've just realized was my birthday 4 years ago when I first got my xbox.
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Dominator Dale
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Posted on 29 July 12 at 16:46
Halo 3Up Close and PersonalThe Up Close and Personal achievement in Halo 3 worth 6 pointsKilled 5 enemies by melee or assassination in a ranked free for all playlist.

First achievement unlocked (also online)
Dec. 25th, 2007

Xmas. lol
DuhLayy - Gonna let my streak end at 260 days 777 achievements.
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Posted on 03 August 12 at 05:46
Dance Central 2Chump to ChampDuhLayyThe Chump to Champ achievement in Dance Central 2 worth 36 pointsWent from 2nd place to 1st in a Free-4-All.

First Online:
Left 4 DeadDead WreckeningDuhLayyThe Dead Wreckening achievement in Left 4 Dead worth 33 pointsDole out 5000 total Survivor damage as a Special Infected.

( I only play Versus online.)
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Posted on 04 August 12 at 07:56, Edited on 04 August 12 at 08:00 by SpectreSubZero
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced WarfighterUnyielding (Multiplayer)The Unyielding (Multiplayer) achievement in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter worth 56 pointsGot 30 kills before being killed in multiplayer

My first online achievement

Hexic HDStar GazerThe Star Gazer achievement in Hexic HD worth 5 pointsBonus-Star Cluster

My first achievement and beginning of my achievement addiction
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Posted on 20 August 12 at 21:26
My first achievement was also the same as my first achievement with a time stamp.

Resident Evil 5Completed Chapter 1 - 1The Completed Chapter 1 - 1 achievement in Resident Evil 5 worth 15 pointsComplete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

My first achievement that was actually online with other people

WormsWorm CommunityThe Worm Community achievement in Worms worth 28 pointsPlay a four player Xbox Live game
Dakrkplayer2 - achievement whoer
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Posted on 15 September 12 at 00:39
My first one was beating it on agent mode on PDZ. But when come to online achievement is on 3/6/2008. zAnd my frist complete was quake 2. But the frist compete with 1000 points attached it was collage hoops 2k6. And so on and so on. But frist complete from being online is UNO. Becoujes one the consoles my brother goting haved a five XBLA game dis pak. And it had UNO. And when i got online. the only achievements where lifth where online achievement any way.
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Posted on 23 February 13 at 10:45
My 1st achievement was also my 1st online and that is on bo 2 were u have to knife them creatures of yourself in zombies tranzit