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What is the point of the Otsuro Bears?

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Posted on 22 November 10 at 14:33
I just started playing through this game and the guides list locations for a bunch of Otsuro Bears. I don't see any achievements associated with them, so what is the point of collecting them all?
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Posted on 23 November 10 at 00:55
There isn't a point to collecting them...they just replenish your health! There's no point to collecting them other than that!
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Posted on 08 February 11 at 06:17
I didn't even know they gave health until I read this. I beat the regular difficulty without even going for them. Now I'm on the number one headband and I seem to be dying less cause of these. THANKS! (I feel dumb)
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Posted on 30 May 11 at 13:17
I think they also replenish your focus meter
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Posted on 11 August 12 at 22:57
^^ True story
Posted on 02 November 12 at 17:55
Yes, they seem to refill health and focus.