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Homefront Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:25
They're retailer specific unfortunately

The pre-order bonuses for Homefront have been announced. The gifts range from a free headset, to early multiplayer unlocks and exclusive avatar gear.

Australia - JB Hi-fi - $109.00
Three weapon camo unlocks and "Homefront: The Voice of Freedom" novel.

United States - Best Buy - $59.99
Free exclusive Homefront gaming headset and three weapon camo unlocks (see above for a picture of the camo unlocks).

United States - GameStop - $59.99
UK - GAME - £39.99
UK - Gamestation - £39.99
Australia - EB Games - $108.00 collector's edition
France - - €69.99
Germany - GameStop - €64.99
Resistance Multiplayer Pack: Three early unlocks for multiplayer and an exclusive weapon.

United States - Amazon - $59.99
Homefront outfit for your Xbox LIVE avatar, and the "Homefront: Enter the Occupation" Digital Mini Guide.

United States - Walmart - $59.96
Exclusive Goliath Drone avatar prop

Spain - Gamestop - €69.98
Metal Homefront game case

Pre-order bonuses for other retailers are yet to be confirmed.

Homefront is due to be released on March 15th, 2011 in North America, March 17th in Australia, and March 18th in Europe. A Japanese release date has not been confirmed.
Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:26
Best Buy has the best by far.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:28
oh wow, uk get a few early unlocks that everyone will unlock anyway in a few days and a gun thats probably poo..
I want a headset... :-(
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:29
I'm like preorder bonuses, but sometimes it's a bit annoying when the one's you really want, you can't get because of where you live.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:37
Can't pre-order the game from a Bestbuy in US to Canada...Headset Bonus is not offered in Canada :(
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:39
this is old news to me. im keeping track of the stuff on homefront's forums.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:39
Anybody know if the headset is any good? Didn't see any specs on the Best Buy site.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:44
Not sure if im going to pre order
Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:47
i was siked about this game at first but now idk wat to think....ill prob wait until i see it for a good deal
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:49, Edited on 20 February 11 at 02:53 by BIG NME
Headset is most likely a piece-o-junk model. The rest, will show up in the marketplace. Novel, ebay.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:49
Still don't think i'll get it.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 02:56
worth taking a double look at the game now, but i don't expect the headset to be anything special
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:07

Everywhere else is sub $60.

Australia $110

Hahahaha, Aussie getting ripped off consistently for years now
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:09, Edited on 22 February 11 at 12:13 by zigs00
The headset is being sold for xbox and ps3 for 29.99 and 39.99 respectively, not high quality but, not a bad bonus.

EDIT: metal case looks pretty nice, and the novel from australia is interesting.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:22
That headset looks pretty cool, but Aus gets a book. I myself am not much of a reader, but a video game book is still pretty cool.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:29
The headset would be the one for me, if that version doesn't come to the UK then I'll happily wait until the game is cheap. :P
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:40
Still not sure if I should cancel my Gamefly preorder to get that headset.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:45
seems like i will be pre-ordering from bestbuy
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:53
No US pre-orders that have the book? That sucks.
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Posted on 20 February 11 at 03:55, Edited on 20 February 11 at 04:02 by B unit 117
A gaming headset. Time to cancel that gamestop preorder and start buying at best buys.

A 0 Heathen 0 A said:JaredT84 said:Hahahahaha

Everywhere else is sub $60.

Australia $110

Hahahaha, Aussie getting ripped off consistently for years now
You don't know how economics work do you? 110 Aussie dollars = 60 U.S. Dollars.
You don't know how economics work do you laugh? Just kidding, but the exchange rate nowadays is hovering around 1:1. The reason it's so much more in Australia is because they have luxary taxes on everything, and they are big taxes too. But the money goes towards providing free health care and dirt cheap college tutitions (compared to America). So unlike America where we can't find a way to tax the rich in order to help the poor, Australia has already found a highly effective way to distribute the wealth. It's a real shame no one is willing to impliment it to, I'd gladly pay double for videogames, and everything else i DON'T need, for those perks.