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Learn to Throw a Circle Change in MLB 2K12

TrueAchievements Editorial ManagerAchievement Completion Percentage: 71.76% (Includes owned DLC) - 16 more achievements required to reach 72%8,288 posts
Last post: 20 Feb at 03:08
Posted on 14 February 12 at 16:52
Let swimsuit model Kate Upton be your teacher

We're so close to Spring Training that you can almost smell the grass and hear the crack of the bats. With those smells and sounds also comes 2K's latest baseball entry, and its new Million Dollar Challenge. To snag that cool mil, you'll probably need to master a few pitches, including the circle change.

While we all love the comedy stylings of Justin Verlander, 2K has brought in the big guns to teach the pitch... Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

Major League Baseball 2K12 is set for a March 6th release. Be sure to check out the details on the MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 combo pack for a sweet deal on both games.
TrueAchievements NewshoundTrueAchievements News Assistant Manager7,248 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 22:11
Posted on 14 February 12 at 17:05, Edited on 14 February 12 at 17:05 by N0T PENNYS B0AT
Let swimsuit model Kate Upton be your teacherSounds like a dream I once had.
MH The Rockstar
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Last post: 14 May 15 at 17:58
Posted on 14 February 12 at 17:17
Man, they are putting out some classic videos for this game!
Site HelperAchievement Completion Percentage: 59.43% (Includes owned DLC) - 73 more achievements required to reach 60%1,380 posts
Last post: 22 Apr at 16:15
Posted on 14 February 12 at 17:28
Ironically/sadly I knew about this from how much I stalk JV, not Kate Upton.
100,667 TrueAchievement Points6 posts
Last post: 01 Oct 14 at 02:41
Posted on 14 February 12 at 17:38
Thats my best pitch... can she still help me? =P
ML 2GunTommy
ML 2GunTommy
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Last post: 08 Jan at 21:09
Posted on 14 February 12 at 17:55
The leading male enhancement suppliments :

1. Kate Upton
2. Viagra
3. Cialis
Achievement Completion Percentage: 42.57% (Includes owned DLC) - 110 more achievements required to reach 43%TrueAchievement Site Rank: 5,835 out of 307,3819,990 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 16:11
Posted on 14 February 12 at 20:02
"You can win a million dollars and everything that comes with it"

Does Kate Upton come with it? Otherwise, not worth my time.
238 completed games(Includes owned DLC)382,576 TrueAchievement Points597 posts
Last post: 05 Apr at 02:42
Posted on 14 February 12 at 20:09
Knife or banana!
Achievements are nothing, we get it. But thats not gonna make us stop getting them.
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Last post: 09 Aug 15 at 01:04
Posted on 14 February 12 at 22:03
God she is HOT
Achievement Completion Percentage: 93.14% (Includes owned DLC) - 51 more achievements required to reach 94%104 completed games(Includes owned DLC)104 posts
Last post: 14 Mar 13 at 04:30
Posted on 14 February 12 at 22:30
I just found out today that she is 19!!! Holy crap she looks way older than that.
Barad XBA
Barad XBA
17,224 comments2,723 votes2,561 posts
Last post: 21 Mar at 13:57
Posted on 15 February 12 at 00:27
Damn shes my age, anyway I'm not into MLB.
Battlefield 3 gamer.
Mystic Typh00n
TrueAchievements Walkthrough ManagerTrueAchievements Moderator6,698 posts
Last post: Today at 01:23
Posted on 15 February 12 at 01:01
Fun Fact: She is my exact age, down to the day and month smile

OT: Wait what I said was on topic...

Actually, good to see the pitching isn't changing. I really do like the right stick pitching method.
How much for the whole kitten kaboodle?
Kris Knight R
153,441 TrueAchievement Points249 posts
Last post: 31 Oct 13 at 17:00
Posted on 15 February 12 at 01:58
she is one year older than me i am not depressed
5,624 posts
Last post: 11 Jun 12 at 12:11
Posted on 15 February 12 at 14:05
Nice video
394,019 TrueAchievement PointsDonated to TrueAchievements.com342 posts
Last post: 29 Jun 13 at 00:06
Posted on 15 February 12 at 19:37
All I noticed in that video was Kate Upton.........don't even remember what game that was lol...I could listen to her say, "up and then around" allllll day
108,132 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.4888504 posts
Last post: 07 Jan 15 at 02:10
Posted on 15 February 12 at 22:29
GameTagwastaken said:Ironically/sadly I knew about this from how much I stalk JV, not Kate Upton.Spoken like someone who stalks Kate Upton wink
'Nobody just stares at their crotch and smiles..."
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