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Modern Warfare 3 - Third Content Drop Trailer

TrueAchievements NewshoundTrueAchievements Social Manager4,053 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 23:59
Posted on 16 February 12 at 19:47
Pappa needs a little me time

Last week, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Activision revealed details of the "third content drop" that will be heading to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's Premium Elite subscribers later this month.

Titled "Overwatch", this will be the third multiplayer map in the 2012 Season of Content that will see twenty "drops" released over a nine month period.

From the three screenshots released last week, many of you commented on how similar the new "Overwatch" map looked to the "High Rise" map from, and from the new trailer released yesterday, it would appear that there are more than a few passing similarities between the two.

"Content Drop 3" will be available to download on February 21st.
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Last post: 23 Nov at 18:25
Posted on 16 February 12 at 19:49
This map certainly looks interesting, I did like Highrise on MW2 and Hardhat on MW3 is decent. It's just too bad that us non-elite subscribers are not gonna get to play it for a while.
Mystic Typh00n
TrueAchievements Walkthrough Assistant ManagerTrueAchievements Moderator6,255 posts
Last post: Yesterday at 16:39
Posted on 16 February 12 at 20:03
It looks alright. I do hope they bring back some MW2 maps in the future. Judging by this, and since we have Hardhat, I'm guessing Highrise might not make a return.

I do hope Terminal comes back though.
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Last post: 28 Oct at 10:26
Posted on 16 February 12 at 20:11
Barad XBA
Barad XBA
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Last post: 06 Oct at 20:44
Posted on 16 February 12 at 20:22, Edited on 16 February 12 at 20:24 by Barad XBA
Yeah Terminal and Favela were some of my favourites from MW2, hate the maps on this game though.
Battlefield 3 gamer.
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Last post: 31 Oct at 02:44
Posted on 16 February 12 at 21:33
62,483 TrueAchievement Points15 posts
Last post: 27 Jan 13 at 22:21
Posted on 16 February 12 at 21:50
"third content drop"?.....isnt this only the second?
102,094 TrueAchievement Points16 posts
Last post: 16 Oct at 00:58
Posted on 16 February 12 at 22:08
I'm sure they counted the two maps on the same day as two drops. Elite Premium has not shaped up to be everything they made it out to be.
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Last post: 27 Oct at 16:06
Posted on 16 February 12 at 22:20
Byers101 said:"third content drop"?.....isnt this only the second?They count every piece as a content and not the entire bundle per month

Removed Gamer
Gamer has been removed
Posted on 17 February 12 at 00:13
cod is just boring
Combo For Gains
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Last post: Yesterday at 23:21
Posted on 17 February 12 at 00:33
It doesn't look bad, I'm with Mystic in the sense that remakes are usually preferred over new maps. Maybe not so much preferred, just would be nice to see them keep their standard maps and add new ones each game. 20 in a year though, that's impressive.
You seem a little furious...
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Last post: 07 Jun 14 at 21:50
Posted on 17 February 12 at 00:42
highrise 2.0?
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Last post: 11 Jun 12 at 12:11
Posted on 17 February 12 at 00:53
Another piece of content makes the COD Eliters happy
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Last post: 05 Nov at 18:35
Posted on 17 February 12 at 00:56
I love it , definitely missed High Rise ....awsome
B unit 117
B unit 117
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Last post: 13 May 14 at 23:01
Posted on 17 February 12 at 01:26, Edited on 17 February 12 at 01:26 by B unit 117
Nice, loved High Rise, though if the map is as treacherous to navigate as they say, I'm a little worried that might encourage people to camp so they don't risk falling and get easy kills on people concentrating on keeping their footing. I don't know. But the map looks great, I have high hopes for it.
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Ozzy InFeRno
Ozzy InFeRno
154,374 TrueAchievement Points31 posts
Last post: 07 Oct 13 at 15:23
Posted on 17 February 12 at 02:40
I have the other maps and havent even played them, maps just don't interest me.
172,608 TrueAchievement Points115 posts
Last post: 08 Nov at 03:21
Posted on 17 February 12 at 02:58
The whole Elite thing isn't what I was hoping it would be. I was hoping for some gears of war type of content/playlists. So far its been very disappointing. I won't be going the elite route on the next go around if I do CoD again.
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Last post: 24 Nov at 14:19
Posted on 17 February 12 at 03:39
the elite service sucks ass. 20 "content drops" for $69.99. once again ripped off by activation
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Last post: 24 Nov at 14:19
Posted on 17 February 12 at 03:40
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Posted on 17 February 12 at 03:51
Since they decided to make non-elite subscribers wait months to get these map packs, I've decided I'm not going to buy them.. I like how GoW3 handled the subscription.. you get the content at a discount, but didn't make you wait if you didnt subscribe..

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