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Get Bayonetta Free w/ Pre-Order of Vanquish

Saint Devourer
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Last post: 01 Apr 12 at 09:23
Posted on 30 September 10 at 14:53
Now THAT'S a pre-order bonus!

UK retailer is offering an excellent pre-order bonus for Platinum Game's newest game, Vanquish. Not only will you get a swanky lenticular sleeve for your copy of Vanquish, but they'll throw in a copy of Platinum Game's previous game, Bayonetta. Sounds like a pretty good incentive, no?

And if you're still unsure of Vanquish, you can always try the demo.

This is a UK exclusive deal, but if you're in the US or Canada, you can get the Tri-Weapon Pack for a pre-order bonus. That's nearly as good, right?

Vanquish hits North America October 19th, Europe October 22nd, and Japan October 21st.

External link:
_Ruthless Remix
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Last post: 13 Jun 11 at 16:55
Posted on 30 September 10 at 14:58, Edited on 30 September 10 at 14:58 by _Ruthless Remix
Uk gets something the US doesn't? Don't believe this for a second laugh
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Last post: 22 Nov 10 at 18:04
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:00
Thats a pretty sweet deal I must say.
750,845 TrueAchievement Points441 completed games(Includes owned DLC)270 posts
Last post: 06 May at 11:41
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:06
I missed u TA!
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Last post: Today at 03:25
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:08
Actually I'd prefer the tri-weapon pack seeing as how a) I already own Bayonetta and b) that game is really freaking overrated. But that's just me.
Big MeatyBigBig
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Last post: 21 May 14 at 13:37
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:26
Dammit Play!!!! You know i already bought Bayonetta off you with the Devil May Cry dvd!!! Grrrrr
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Last post: 25 Apr 13 at 01:57
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:29
How can you say no?
543,661 TrueAchievement Points128 posts
Last post: 03 Aug at 19:58
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:29
bayonetta really over rated and after playing the demo of vanquish just because u can jump everywhere and move really fast doesnt mean its gonna be a good game
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Last post: 15 Oct 14 at 20:26
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:29
Well damn that sucks for the good ol' US
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Last post: 18 Aug at 19:49
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:42
Wow! That could be cool smile

I'll have to think about this :p
150,323 TrueAchievement PointsTrueAchievement Ratio: 1.6793207 posts
Last post: 01 Feb 13 at 04:31
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:47
welll i really wish this deal was avalible to us here in the US cause it would made this a buy for me but oh well...
I go all out
DANgerous Mavu
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Last post: 22 Aug at 12:50
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:52
Not a bad deal tho Bayonetta is about £10 in the uk now anyhow and £39.99 is over priced for a game release these days - usually the internet has a better offer than that.
iMarcia x
iMarcia x
Achievement Completion Percentage: 73.41% (Includes owned DLC) - 39 more achievements required to reach 74%43 completed games(Includes owned DLC)137 posts
Last post: 19 Sep at 00:04
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:52
WoW! That is a good deal. Bayonetta was a good game. In my opinion anyway. You guys in the UK should take advantage of this.
Dat Boi Treezy
Achievement Completion Percentage: 95.85% (Includes owned DLC) - 15 more achievements required to reach 96%TrueAchievements News Assistant Manager11,365 posts
Last post: Today at 02:58
Posted on 30 September 10 at 15:55
Sounds good too me, plenty of time to try out the demo too. Not tried Bayonetta tho', looks like il have to give that a go as well
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Last post: 10 Feb 15 at 13:15
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:03
Awesome deal.

Bayonetta is a fantastic game and I am seriously looking forward to Vanquish!
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Last post: 12 Jun 13 at 08:38
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:05
Really tempting deal.
Confused Shelf
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Last post: 09 Nov 15 at 17:43
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:06
BAYONETTA is better than Vanquish smile Go for this deal if you have neither game
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Airman Rufio
Airman Rufio
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Last post: 24 May 12 at 18:32
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:07
Too bad I'm not in the UK. Oh well, I already have Bayonetta and I'm getting Vanquish anyways =D
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Last post: 15 Jun 14 at 19:49
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:11
too bad the demo sucked
XI AlphaMale IX
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Last post: 28 Jul at 04:58
Posted on 30 September 10 at 16:20
Bayonetta is one of my favortie 360 games. Jump on this if you already haven't.
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