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Question for US gamers

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Last post: 15 Dec 12 at 15:10
Posted on 21 April 12 at 00:41, Edited on 21 April 12 at 00:42 by Dreakon13

Typically eBay, Amazon or Newegg. Whatever is cheapest for the particular game I'm looking for. I never order from Gamestop online because there's like two or three in a mile radius around my house. smile
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Posted on 22 April 12 at 07:36
I use Gamestop, Walmart, Target, Kmart, FYE, Goozex, or other stores that sell video games...Amazon, Ebay,or other trading sites I use as a last resort
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Posted on 14 May 12 at 18:00
Rydensaur said:i usually stick with amazon because they offer $10-$20 game credits on the big titles once they release. plus you can get release date delivery for .99 cents which is hard to beat.This is exactly why I almost always buy from They also have some comparable, if not better, incentives for pre-orders to the other guys.

I find Toys R Us has some pretty good deals, too, but I rarely buy online from them. Best Buy and Gamestop don't seem to have good deals. Gamestop is probably good though if you're earning credits from trading in your old games. But now I think everyone (Best Buy, etc) is accepting used games, at least in my area.
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Posted on 15 May 12 at 16:23
To be honest, I don't "buy" too many games anymore. I used to, but I've found that just renting through a local rental shop and Gamefly takes care of the majority of my concerns.

On the rare moment I do buy a game, I'm usually going to Gamestop. But I think I used to buy 12 - 20 games a year, I'm down to 4-6. Not financial issue as much as I just have random bad games piled up in my house for no good reason.
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Posted on 05 June 12 at 06:40
Online? Gamestop. However, they seem to think I stole my own credit card so I haven't been able to buy online from them (I haven't rectified the situation yet). Amazon gives better deals for brand new games with release-day shipping anyway. So one of the two.
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Posted on 28 June 12 at 02:57, Edited on 28 June 12 at 02:58 by CONKER1182
I buy my used games at GameStop, rent easy gamerscore games from GameFly, and buy my Microsoft points from the XBL marketplace sometimes GameStop.
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Posted on 08 October 12 at 01:26
Interesting, everyone have given me a few leads. I've been buying from GameStop and XBOX Live. Live is expensive though, unless you catch the game on sale.

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Posted on 29 October 12 at 23:12
Amazon and Ebay, and rarely for imports.
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Posted on 16 February 13 at 21:30
Gamestop, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kmart, Best Buy, and Listia.
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Posted on 07 November 13 at 20:36
amazon for the great deals of the week new games best buy hands down my local gamestops are total rip offs
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