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Stealth David status: "Things was getting to serious in the party so I went to my safe place" cptn cookie 1
Stealth David status: Number 1 in the World for Point and click games!!!!! Gamerscore and TA
Stealth David status: 2 Hours 2 mins <img src="http://static.trueachievements.com/images/smiley/cry.gif" alt="cry" class="smiley"/> I hate you cookie
Stealth David status: Just got my new Kinect and its still rebooting all the time <img src="http://static.trueachievements.com/images/smiley/facepalm.gif" alt="facepalm" class="smiley"/> Guess its the Xbox then really dont know what to do now
Stealth David status: Darksiders 2 Free!!! Don't miss out on the game reminds me of Zelda <img src="http://static.trueachievements.com/images/smiley/smile.gif" alt="smile" class="smiley"/>
wayne gareth has reached a new milestone: 13,000 Achievements Won
Stealth David status: Xbone tonight
Stealth David has reached a new milestone: 480,000 GamerScore
Stealth David has reached a new milestone: 635 Completed Games
Stealth David status: 5 Achievements not stuck to my profile again..... Microsoft you amaze me <img src="http://static.trueachievements.com/images/smiley/facepalm.gif" alt="facepalm" class="smiley"/>
WingZ3ro V2 status: I've been real busy, I apologize to any who has needed me.
wayne gareth completed the game A World of Keflings and is the 4,077th gamer on the site to complete it
Stealth David status: GTASC Team we need more score because I don't think they are going to fix Max glitch either help me get more score or help by bitching to staff member
Stealth David status: Anyone know how to turn Game clip recording off in the last update! Also you wanted to do Road trips again
Stealth David status: Forza Horizon road trips anyone tomorrow afternoon?
Stealth David status: I know some of my GTASC team might be getting bored but we have come this far so I ask that everyone does there best its Only for a few more weeks TOP
Stealth David status: Anyone Else having trouble with there Kinect 2.0 keep rebooting while playing games?.....
Stealth David status: Just got Forza Horizon 2 and Shadow of Mordor anyone want yo do the road trip challange with me
Stealth David status: How is it possible that a uninstalled 360 Version loads faster than the Xbone Version <img src="/images/smiley/facepalm.gif" alt="facepalm" class="smiley"/>
Stealth David status: I'm thinking 13-14k this week guys :) 3.5k each maybe! Top 20 here we come!
Stealth David status: Good luck <a href="http://www.trueachievements.com/contestteam.aspx?teamid=249" target="_blank">Shamed by the Kiddie Games</a>
Stealth David status: I'm so sorry Boldy! I didn't know <img src="/images/smiley/shock.gif" alt="shock" class="smiley"/>
wayne gareth has reached a new milestone: 525 Games Played
Stealth David status: Who wants to the co-op on Watch_Shits the Xbone Version
Stealth David status: won 424 Achievements and 3 Challenges in 15 games, for a total of 18,028 TrueAchievement points (11,315 GamerScore).
Stealth David status: Strike Suit Zero is so not worth 2500ta! Do people suck that bad at flight games?