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MAKA91 status: Starting Halo MCC in about an hour! :D
osubluejacket status: Gang, I may be biased, but the TA App for XB1 is prettttttttty slick. Kudos, Rich &amp; Team! <img src="http://static.trueachievements.com/images/smiley/toast.gif" alt="toast" class="smiley"/>
Dat Boi Treezy status: Just under 1000 kills to go on Lost Planet Colonies. Can't wait to get back to 'regular' gaming.
Matrarch status: Well, soon, some of you may read an article I, or another hound, wrote and get a cheevo. You're welcome. ;)
Dat Boi Treezy status: How do you find out how long you have left on a Free Gold LIVE trial?
ButterflyEdge status: Signed off work for three months. Lots of time for all these new releases at least...
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Dat Boi Treezy status: Purchased Mega Man XZ Advent, Yoshi's Island DS, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World for my DS as Xmas presents from my missus :)
Dat Boi Treezy status: My Wordament Snap Attack progress has come to a halt at just under 1 mill. Gotta get back into it!
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Dat Boi Treezy status: Dat Boi Treezy has reached a new milestone: 1,000 news stories published!
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Matrarch status: Apparently, yesterday was my 6-year TA anniversary. Time flies and all that.
MAKA91 status: Killer Instinct S2 achievements for 2 characters are out now.
MAKA91 status: The Evil Within doesn't have chapter select... :/
Dat Boi Treezy status: I'm back! My laptop's battery charger was screwed but it's all good now. Plus I was at the PlayExpo too. Pics in my blog soon!
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MoRICH MAN 300 status: I have a 1st gen kindle fire and a 3rd gen 32gig iPod touch for sale.please let me know if interested.
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DaveKinetic status: Forza Horizon 2 may well be my favourite racer ever.
ButterflyEdge status: Well my Roller Derby career was short and sweet. Broke my leg! At least I can still play Xbox!
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DaveKinetic status: Scanning is taking a while tonight!
MAKA91 status: Will having Project Spark starter pack make achievements easier?
osubluejacket status: Reading comprehension (willingness?) has hit a new low if the comments on this week's Top Five are any indication.