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Eskobar M92 status: I'm home again! Happy Forza Day!
AllChristophe completed the game Mass Effect 3 and is the 4,982nd gamer on the site to complete it
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MC0REBE status: Raised my funding target on Extra Life, keep donating to win games! Last day for Sniper Elite V2 & Forza 5!
Eskobar M92 status: sold all my X1 discs (10) today at Game 830nok cash!
Randomnutta is celebrating their birthday today!
Angelic Marian status: Countdown to Costume Quest 2 and BL Pre-Sequel has begun!!! :D
planting42 status: profiles aren't working properly again: Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened.
Spilner status: I made a thing
Spilner status: I made a thing
matdan12 has reached a new milestone: 95,000 GamerScore
Reborn Insanity status: Destiny PvP is even more broken now thanks to Xur selling the OP Suros Regime. Also, broken controller #2. Fuck Crucible
Das Kuhnen status: Last gtasc team off my page. Nice run Legendary XBA and friends!
Tasty Pastry has reached a new milestone: 60 Completed Games
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Billy Horrible status: Here's to you, Nicola and Bart / Rest forever here in our hearts
Dimmock status: Best game I played at Eurogamer was Alien Isolation, most dissapointing was Lords of Fallen.
Das Kuhnen status: We, the peothple!!
liner bronson status:
liner bronson status: You're just not hardcore enough
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liner bronson status: Did you smash it?
Darth Maul FTS status: So many games to play but which one to start next
liner bronson status: Friday night loner
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Dimmock status: Eurogamer here I come.
Reborn Insanity status: Xbox One party chat is the most frustrating thing EVER!
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MC0REBE started the game FIFA 15
DOOM The Return status: Holy shit. This could be astronomical. Pun intended.
Angelic Marian status: It's Autumn! That means Borderlands, Costume Quest, pumpkins, and beer! :D
MC0REBE status: 250 coins is my reward for signing in daily in the FUT app. Thanks EA facepalm! -
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