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Das Kuhnen created a new Completion Percentage Goal - 75 by 01 Jan 2016
Beachem status: When in the hell is WP 8.1 going to come out for Verizon Windows Phones?
Spilner status: 666 solutions, now to never write anymore
Reborn Insanity status: <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
MC0REBE status: Alright, The Last of Us and God of War have been added to the list of games during the stream <img src="" alt="clap" class="smiley"/>
AllChristophe status: The Pre-Sequal is awesome.
Reborn Insanity status: Finally got my Vex Mythoclast thanks to HolyHa1fDead. <img src="" alt="toast" class="smiley"/>
Spilner status: Finally caught up, consider me gone for a bit now
matdan12 status: Far Cry 4 set to join a long line of Ubisoft dissapointments.
Handcrafted Dan status: Are there modded shields and weapons for Borderlands 2? Like in the first one?
Handcrafted Dan status: There are modded shields and weapons for Borderlands 2? Like in the first one?
tsunamishadow status: Yes, let's release the Tuesday release THREE DAYS LATER.
Ojotango status: <a href="" target="_blank">What's the hardest part of a game you've come across?</a> Let's hear your struggles!
boldfoxrd status: Gonna work on getting Bayonetta to 900G before fri. Thank you youtube guides :D
MC0REBE status: After 20 hours, I can say that I hate Extra goddamn Effort.
Beachem status: Been dominating some WP games at work today lol
ButterflyEdge status: Signed off work for three months. Lots of time for all these new releases at least...
Billy Horrible status: Another middle finger to my X360 backlog; traded in a whole bunch for PS4 games: GTA V pre-order, Rayman Legends, Infamous First Light.
SixtyFootMonkey completed the game Borderlands 2 and is the 9,034th gamer on the site to complete it
Beachem has reached a new milestone: 300 Games Played
Das Kuhnen status: Ghosts campaign is fun so far. Hate come from not standing out like others did?
Darth Maul FTS status: Annyone ever play Silent Hill is it gory or scary
Darth Maul FTS status: What little i played of The Evil Within Im not to impressed
tsunamishadow status: 29 of the last 30 Reddit TF2 PSAs are "Don't suck at this game."
Spilner status: Its purrrdy <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
Dimmock status: Well, Bungie are ruining the raid on Destiny. Well done lads.
MC0REBE status: Gary, Pro Clubs tonight?
liner bronson status: <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a> Best fucking band on the planet
Ojotango has reached a new milestone: 115,000 GamerScore
Mortis Invictus status: I've gotten to see the Giants' last two NL Pennant-clinching games in person. Holy hell.
MC0REBE status: Hoping to get that Extra Effort achievement tonight with XBOXNICKB!
Beachem has reached a new milestone: 6,000 Achievements Won
Das Kuhnen status: <img src="" alt="dive" class="smiley"/>
Handcrafted Dan status: Murdered : Soul Suspect...lame.
Das Kuhnen has reached a new milestone: 175,000 GamerScore
AllChristophe has reached a new milestone: 80,000 GamerScore
matdan12 status: When is Darksiders II going free?
Predator18701 has reached a new milestone: 150 Games Played
Darth Maul FTS has reached a new milestone: 285 Completed Games