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Matt DB87 has reached a new milestone: 28,000 Achievements Won
Joshnorm status: Does anyone else have trouble with KI Challenges disappearing? I have finished the 200 matches with TJ 2x now and it keeps reverting so I lose it
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Antibiotics are starting to kick in now. Can play a game for about half hour which is an improvement
GH05T SN1P3R 92 status: 4 days to upgrade something in AOE Castle Siege <img src="" alt="cry" class="smiley"/>!
ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L has reached a new milestone: 290,000 TrueAchievement Score
CRAZE KILER status: I dont mind Nov. GWG. They may be old games but they are quality games. It could be worse, M$ could give us Superman Returns or Golden Compass
WolfWood37 status: Once again only 1 free game on Xbox One for Games with Gold...and another arcade game at that.
Belainfi status: Looking forward Digiexpo this Saturday.
Chunkeh Munkeh status: So fed up of being in pain. Haven't played a game properly since Extra Life because of it.
StingX2 status: XBLA games can have 1k now on 360....neato
Mr Mascal 77 status: <a href="" target="_blank">Boosting Gaming Session for MX vs. ATV Supercross</a>
Dacoto status: Thank you Bungie for ruining Destiny. Now back to clearing out my 360 catalog.
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Do I know anyone who can make an awesome twitch video player banner for me? I'll love you forever!
General Tynstar status: I love getting screwed out of achievements. I really love it after having to spend money to get the achievements.
kingrich06 status: Bad News &amp; Good News : No new cheevos for WOT, good news is that there are no crazy grinding cheevos to grind!!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Anyone else getting Lords of the Fallen tomorrow?
GH05T SN1P3R 92 has reached a new milestone: 13,000 Achievements Won
kingrich06 has reached a new milestone: 340 Completed Games
Chunkeh Munkeh status: I am officially going to start streaming regularly. Other than sleep deprivation I thoroughly enjoyed streaming.
acedawg4 status: Anyone wanting to do WWE 13 Now before servers close in 2 days, Msg me
pTartTX status: So apparently I have my very own achievement... <a href="" target="_blank">Ohhhhhh....Pretty!!! in TrueAchievements</a>
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : RE-release of "MasterMind Board Game ZBS"... You know what to do ;)
Mr Mascal 77 status: A remake of a game at a sensible price??? <img src="" alt="clap" class="smiley"/>
Koding status: GTA: San Andreas for only $3.74!?! Yes please!! Now just give us GTA 3 and Vice City!!!!
CRAZE KILER status: GTA San Andreasis currently $3.74, awesome deal. Hurry in case it is a glitch
Mr Mascal 77 status: What's the fucking point in taking 1st place, if the rest of the team takes the bottom 5 positions? <img src="" alt="angry" class="smiley"/>
Illum1na has reached a new milestone: 13,250 Achievements Won
Lawl Pwned registered for the Viral Month 2014 event
M Scofi3ld is celebrating their birthday today!
The Monk BAD IT is celebrating their 2-year anniversary of joining
acedawg4 status: The 3-man team stays alive yet another week! Good job guys! Down to the last guys saved our ass!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone who came and watched me during my 24hr stream!
Chunkeh Munkeh has reached a new milestone: Completion Percentage of 40%
Chunkeh Munkeh status: <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a> - 24hr live stream for Extra Life 2014 has begun!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Less than 3 hours until my 24hr stream begins. Starting with some D4 to complete it, then Shadow Warrior once it is installed
pTartTX status: Mr. pTart and I tied the knot five years ago today &lt;3
Mr Mascal 77 status: Where is my Anniversary milestone?
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : A new instant win game, please check New&amp;Rising, download and upvote :) Thx :)
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Played D4 for 24hrs now and the 10 hours played achievement is at 94%...awesome
hobbswmpd started the game Destiny
BigNev44 status: Goodbye streak, wanted to hit 365 Days and now i'm happy, can concentrate on longer games now.
BigNev44 status: Looks like The Evil Within does have a Japanese stack on the X1, thanks NALs!
WolfWood37 status: Avengers Age of Ultron looks awesome!
ZeroDesolation status: If anyone wants to play Titanfall on Xbox One, look for me at night. finished Hard Point and working on Last Titan Standing.