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MightyMango status: Thanks for the "Poster" Microsoft....glad I have been such a GOOD customer!
Bozack status: 10 Year gift = Special 360 Console, 11 Year gift = 2 free X1 Consoles, 1 year X1 gift = free wallpapers?? WTF Microsoft?
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark... I probably shouldn't do what I'm thinking... Or not ;)
CRAZE KILER status: How fun is Skylands Trap Force? Im thinking of getting it since its on sale for $37
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Chunkeh Munkeh status: Wow, my year stats for the XB1 are quite eye opening. The hours played....holy crap
Superschrubber status: Need info about save transfer from Diablo 3 (360) -&gt; D3 RoS (360) -&gt; D3 RoS (X1)!
General Tynstar status: Anyone want to help Mango and I with the win a club match on Xbox One FIFA 14?
kingrich06 status: WOT update, 3 new tank lines, German Heavy, Lights &amp; Russian TD tech tree
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