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Chunkeh Munkeh status: <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a> - 24hr live stream for Extra Life 2014 has begun!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Less than 3 hours until my 24hr stream begins. Starting with some D4 to complete it, then Shadow Warrior once it is installed
pTartTX status: Mr. pTart and I tied the knot five years ago today &lt;3
Mr Mascal 77 status: Where is my Anniversary milestone?
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : A new instant win game, please check New&amp;Rising, download and upvote :) Thx :)
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Played D4 for 24hrs now and the 10 hours played achievement is at 94%...awesome
hobbswmpd started the game Destiny
BigNev44 status: Goodbye streak, wanted to hit 365 Days and now i'm happy, can concentrate on longer games now.
BigNev44 status: Looks like The Evil Within does have a Japanese stack on the X1, thanks NALs!
WolfWood37 status: Avengers Age of Ultron looks awesome!
ZeroDesolation status: If anyone wants to play Titanfall on Xbox One, look for me at night. finished Hard Point and working on Last Titan Standing.
Frostbite has reached a new milestone: TA Ratio of 1.4
Buckswana status: Safe at home for those wondering. Downtown core is shut down.
Fshguy status: Looks like it's time for me to play some XBOX...
Chunkeh Munkeh has reached a new milestone: 20,000 Achievements Won
acedawg4 status: Why does every new game feel the need to add zero gravity jumps.....?? This is really getting boring!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Pfffft. So now us in the UK won't get TWD Season 2 (or 1 if you didn't already get it) until Halloween? <img src="" alt="cry" class="smiley"/>
Mr Mascal 77 status: And then they said: Formula One games are hard. <img src="" alt="laugh" class="smiley"/>
Chunkeh Munkeh failed their Achievements Won Goal - 20000.00 by 22 Oct 2014
Chunkeh Munkeh failed their Completed Games Goal - 350.00 by 22 Oct 2014
kingrich06 status: one more Top Gun for #200... I missed the 5x arty kills today sum1 stole #5 lol, <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
Chunkeh Munkeh status: RIP to my beloved Surface RT. Doesn't even hold it's charge whilst plugged in <img src="" alt="cry" class="smiley"/>
Ojotango status: <a href="" target="_blank">What's the hardest part of a game you've come across?</a> Let's hear your struggles!
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : "Flawless Instant Victory ZBS "... Thanks :)
acedawg4 has reached a new milestone: 600,000 TrueAchievement Score
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Where are you Season two of the walking dead?!
Zebrasqual status: Please go now in Project Spark. Find in NEW my "Snake Mobile REMASTERED ZBS" :)
Manu BAD IT status: [Fifa 15] Extra Effort - MISS <img src="" alt="angry" class="smiley"/> damn!!!!!!!!!!
kingrich06 status: new WOT Ops to sidetrack your grind to tier X!! UK SPG On track.
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Great. found a glitch in D4 at the start of Ep 2...stuck in Davids room, if I leave I get a black screen. Dammit.
Joshnorm status: So who wants to boost DiveKick? Wanted to do it legit but I don't see that happening because it seems no one is playing.
GH05T SN1P3R 92 status: Markyshizzle do revenge attacks count towards the 2000 crowns in AOE Castle Siege?
StingX2 status: Thanks to anyone that came out to the Extra Life stream yesterday we raised $370 for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh!
kingrich06 status: bah calculated that i need 40 mil silver &amp; to research 3x Tier IX &amp; X to complete German tech tree
Mr Mascal 77 has reached a new milestone: 620,000 TrueAchievement Score
kingrich06 status: Saints Row IV main game down, 2x DLCs togo
danpsfx is celebrating their birthday today!
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : Search for "Instant Win Achievement Boost ZBS"...
Wade Thompson has reached a new milestone: 90 Completed Retail Games
Dacoto completed the game Little Acorns (WP) and is the 734th gamer on the site to complete it
Mr Mascal 77 status: I have been told that Nintendo games are mostly developed by Western developers, not Japanese. <img src="" alt="facepalm" class="smiley"/>
Zebrasqual status: Project Spark : Search for "Instant Achievement Boost Victory", download, upvote and follow :)
Bomber37 has reached a new milestone: 16,000 Achievements Won
StingX2 status: Tomorrow I'm doing a 24 HR Stream for Extra Life <a href=";participantID=100031" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
Ojotango has reached a new milestone: 115,000 GamerScore
acedawg4 status: Will Magic 2015 XB1 or Tropico EVER be released???
kingrich06 status: arrrg Saints Row IV not unlocking stuff ingame ...hope it's not a bug.