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CRAZE KILER status: I dont know if there is anything worse than being 75% complete with a Lego game and have your save deleted by the kids
Lawl Pwned status: Running through Rock of Ages before I pick another title that's just been sitting there. Thinkin' Budokai HD.
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Maximus Rage status: Is everyone's friends list on Xbox One still down? Haven't been able to access it for a while today. is down.
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Anyone got 2 XB1's know if you can buy a game digitally once and play it on two consoles at the same time?
Chunkeh Munkeh status: I missing something or is Just Dance 2014 a huge step up in difficulty from the others?
Buckswana has reached a new milestone: 590,000 TrueAchievement Score
M Scofi3ld status: Is there a heaven for a gangster? UUUGGGHHH
SITH RICK status: anyone have an extra code or one they are not going to use for the Destiny Beta?
The Monk BAD IT status: Goodbye chevos smile