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Mr Mascal 77 joined the leaderboard GTASC 2015
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Awesome! My challenge feed in Tetris only shows my scores...too many friends on my list maybe?
CRAZE KILER status: Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Will Be Removed From Xbox 360/PS3 Next Week
Joshnorm status: Riptor is super fun to play with on KI. Takes some getting used too (awkward stances take getting use too) but plays like a easier Fuerte
Fshguy completed the game MONOPOLY Plus and is the 1,432nd gamer on the site to complete it
Koding status: Woo hoo! Going to finally get to play Murdered: Soul Suspect!!!
PalmettoBling has reached a new milestone: 11,000 Achievements Won
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Question on trivial pursuit: what is the name of the sheath at the end of shoelaces?
Matt DB87 has reached a new milestone: 28,750 Achievements Won
MyFryHole status: Not having internet for a week.... sucks!
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Hmmmm....where did Risk go?! Went to purchase it and now it isn't on the marketplace =(
GH05T SN1P3R 92 status: Where is the cheapest place to get XBL Gold 12 month subscription?
StingX2 status: 7,115 GamerScore, 11,010 Trophy Score for 2014
Fshguy status: Only a couple K to 50k for the year... That 500k is just begging me to come for it next year.
Mr Mascal 77 status: How to improve on perfection? Ask Turn 10 and Playground Games, they know everything about it <img src="" alt="clap" class="smiley"/>
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CRAZE KILER status: Seriously 3.0 O:42 G:18 S:5 Currently working on horde
Zebrasqual status: started World At Arms (Win8) and is the 1st to play the updated xbox version ;)
Chunkeh Munkeh status: Anyone who actually knows how to play Warframe want to play a few games sometime this week? I am lost.
StingX2 status: Finally got that 100% in GTA4
kingrich06 has reached a new milestone: 350 Completed Games
Mr Mascal 77 status: Forza Horizon 2 time <img src="" alt="clap" class="smiley"/>
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Chunkeh Munkeh status: YES!!!! #IDARB IS FINALLY MIIIIIIIINE!
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Mr Mascal 77 status: How do I get the QR code achievements on #IDARB?
FragEmAndSmile status: Updated 12/12/14 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog
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CRAZE KILER status: I am so sad, I left Gears 3 idle boosting wingman for 36 hours and I got booted from live and only got 30 matches done.
acedawg4 status: Geez, how many system updates do we need on the 360???
MightyMango status: "Going to take a book out of Ryan's page and hump the cerps
GH05T SN1P3R 92 status: <a href="" target="_blank">Social Outcast in You Don't Know Jack</a> For this achievements does it matter what TMZ you are in?