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Big Ell has reached a new milestone: 155,000 GamerScore
Matrarch has reached a new milestone: 11,500 Achievements Won
osubluejacket status: Well crap. Just slayed the last high dragon in DA:I and the achievement didn't pop. Good thing I saved beforehand.
Le Lone Wolf status: Still need the I killed Them all achievement? Read my new EDIT: <a href="" target="_blank">I Killed Them All in Titanfall</a>
MC0REBE status: Dat new zombie mode.
Stallion83 status: 12 Months of Xbox Live gold for $39.99 - <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
TrueAchievement status: Over 25,000 Game Clips viewed in the first 24 hours of the feature being on TA. #Amazing
GameTagwastaken status: So I guess Sniper Elite V2 is going to show up on my feed a lot in couple weeks.
Mystic Typh00n has reached a new milestone: 7,500 Achievements Won
Le Lone Wolf status: My First Review: <a href="" target="_blank">Review of Resident Evil</a>
Dat Boi Treezy status: Ugh, couldn't resist. Had to start Titanfall after buying the S-Pass for cheap. No Twitch broadcasting yet tho as my internet is too slow -_-
Matrarch has reached a new milestone: 400,000 TrueAchievement Score
Omega Deez has reached a new milestone: 775 Games Played
TrueAchievement status: Epic 10-day dev is finally live! <img src="" alt="headspin" class="smiley"/>
MC0REBE has reached a new milestone: 130,000 GamerScore
Fshguy status: My anniversary and new Trials DLC, would it be wrong to give my wife extra wine tonight so she'll fall asleep?
Le Lone Wolf status: First Review: <a href="" target="_blank">Review of Resident Evil</a>
ChewieOnIce status: Two tiered discounts?!? That's new. Will make laying out the article...interesting...
Le Lone Wolf status: Once you know what your doing RES EVIL HD is a joke, just finished True Survival under 4 hours without breaking a sweat
Fshguy has reached a new milestone: 170 Completed Retail Games
Le Lone Wolf status: Le Lone Wolf has a GamerScore of 141,670 out of a possible 168,745 (83.96% Completion - 27,075 remaining)
Ergo Me Smart status: Couple weeks back I made a game called 'The Marketeer' @ the King Game Jam. You can now vote for it here! - <a href="" target="_blank" rel ="nofollow"></a>
MC0REBE completed the game Escape Dead Island and is the 50th gamer on the site to complete it
Dat Boi Treezy has reached a new milestone: 320,000 TrueAchievement Score
Fshguy status: Come on Trials DLC, I'm waiting...
Le Lone Wolf status: Did a Res Evil speed run on Normal, didn't make 3 hours because time doesn't stop when paused. awesome.....
osubluejacket status: If the comments are any indication, I'm pretty sure a solid minority of the community doesn't understand the concept of a "reboot".
TrueAchievement status: Gamer homepages now load about 20% faster <img src="" alt="toast" class="smiley"/>
Stallion83 completed the game Riptide GP2 and is the 43rd gamer on the site to complete it
Boots Orion status: Interesting fact: In Singapore, it's just called a "Sling". #wordstogrowon
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knight0fkh0nshu status: Possible #Borderlands3 announcement tomorrow at #PAXSouth !!!
TrueAchievement status: It's saturday night and I'm working on ways to speed up the site - party on dudes <img src="" alt="smile" class="smiley"/>
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Van Uden status: Does anyone have the Watch_Dogs DLC and feel like doing co-op with me tomorrow?