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PermalinkPlink, plink..no bloops :(
Yesterday I didn't mention anything about work but I did come home quite irritated and admittedly I fed off the anger for longer than I should of. I'm actually still peeved because I know "it" won't go away unless "it" gets another job.


I'm starting to miss achievements..hahaha..I miss that bloop noise! laugh I'm getting closer and closer towards the end of Yakuza 4 but the trophies in that game are quite time consuming and I actually have little interest in collecting any of them unless they are directly story related or I accidently stumble onto them. It just shows me how differently I play on my PS3 vs my 360.

I still prefer my 360 over my PS3 especially when it comes to the controller.

However, I did spend some time playing Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I but I'm not entirely sure how many more achievements I'll get for the game. I've gotta say Casino Nights got me slightly hot under the collar but I finished a whole "word" area (or whatever they are called) and called it quits for the day. I scooped up a total of ZERO achievements clap


Today I spent out with my family for pretty much the whole day..We were celebrating my Poppy's 80th birthday. I had this "open BLT" and two light beers. I wouldn't bother with the BLT again...Waayyy to salty plus too much bacon. I know..How can there be too much bacon? Well this was. Peerrrrgggghhhkkkk..
The birthday cake was a truffle cake from where my sister works..It was amazingly smooth and if you like mousse..Sorta looked like this actually-

External image

For me I could taste rum which was just too strong for my liking. It's odd..I enjoy spirits but when it's mixed into a cake or chocolate I don't.
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PermalinkMoney tastes like lettuce...
I need to go to town and purchase more comic boxes but I hate town..... However, I'll let you know I've been saying this for a year or so..laugh This is how much I DISLIKE town!

One day I will build up the 'oomphf' to get in there..And then most likely I'll find the comic shop is out of boxes or closed down..lol Town was only 'cool' when in HS and you loitered around thinking that was what you needed to do every day after school...Even then town still sucked..laugh

External image

Today I met the infamous bunny who ate green play money! Oh I swooned because my love for bunnies is just stupid! Heh. Bunnies are a constant theme in my drawings...I don't know exactly why I latched onto them..Perhaps the idea happened when I was told years ago I'd never be allowed to own a ferret.

External image

Also that beer is one of my all time favs just expensive here since it travels all the way from the UK. Actually all the Badger beers I've sampled have been amazingly smooth and just so lovely to the taste buds.

Tonight I'm going to be cooking lasagna with a twist! I'll be using-
External image

Yum! It'll be vegetarian friendly meal :) Which I try to have atleast one meal a week be meatless.

External image

YAAAY!! I played a small bit of it last night but quickly put it to rest since I haven't technically finished Episode 1 yet..heh!

Depending on how far I get in Yakuza today/night I'll probably go back into the Xbox world..I need to check out the MS sale on Kinect games..Just not sure which ones to get..Already own Haunt.

Oh and I signed up for a Rapt account the other day- http://raptr.com/caffinatedneko

Site is slightly confusing but I like how it combines everything and can keep track of it all.

F-R-I-D-A-Y!!! dance
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PermalinkLet's break some bread or was that heads?
Today I was given a task of making bread with some children. It was pretty easy however one kid kept complaining about everything he possibly could. He also has a permanent look of horror on his face like he's about to cry..facepalm

He was the only one who made the whole pleasure quite irritating. I didn't lose my cool but I had to turn my back on him when he kept constantly complaining his bread was too sticky. Even though I'd told him a million times to stop holding the bread as your hands are too hot hence stickiness! And everytime I'd go to try and help out he'd say 'I know'...Honestly sometimes there is nothing you can do except turn your back and put all your focus into someone else..

http://www.trueachievements.com/Sonic-4-Episode-II-xbox....htm *squeeeeeee* It's here and I'll buy it today sometime..Well, most liklely after I get home. I need more MSP since there is a Kinect Arcade sale going on and a few have grabbed my attention!! I'm pumped for http://www.trueachievements.com/Sonic-4-Episode-II-xbox....htm !!!

Thanks to Luna's constant mention of Diablo III I'm super tempted to purchase it but then I keep thinking of all the games I need to play on my consoles. Big W is currently selling the standard edition for only $58 which in Australia is rather good!

Now going on with the Pringles theme of yesterday...I also found Pringles Multi Grain Classic. OH...*dies* THESE are melt in the mouth...So good. A little bit salty if you eat too many in one go (I totally didn't do that..*ahem*) but again they were on 'Clearance' next to the Tomato Sauce ones which I found in Coles a few days ago.

External image

And..uh...While I keep thinking of food...I need some snakes...I dunno why I've got this horrid craving for Allen's Snakes (that just sounds wrong..lol).
External image

Yakuza 4 is coming along swimmingly well...I haven't worn out a PS3 controller in I dunno how many months! I'd say I'm more than half way through the game by now. Some parts of the game feel a little hollow but otherwise I'm glad I actually playing it.

Now..I need to go to Big W to purchase MSP...
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PermalinkLets write our passwords in backwards...
I shit you not but one of the "brilliant" pcs at work was typing in everything in BACKWARDS! The day before it had some "ghost" inside of the keyboard because it'd automatically start placing **** in the password area without me touching a thing laugh

I can laugh about it now but when you're put under a time constraint to have everything up and working it can really colour your mood for the rest of the working day.

Thankfully after all my video mishaps I got the children to complete nearly TWO videos. One is completely finished while the other one is sitting there nearly done. Personally I'd like to neaten it up a tad bit if I get the time or chance.

I got bored while waiting for the drivers to crash and tell me they wouldn't work so I took to a piece of paper with some textas trying to think of something for my "charge" to do. I've mentioned he's dino obsessed but he also likes sealife so I combined a turtle and a dino together and came up with this-
External image

Uh-hu...Turt-a-saw! wink laugh

And have I been gaming? Yes but just on my PS3!

I've been running around Japan and currently I'm in an Okinawa Jail!!!

External image

Well..It would of been cool if it came to the xbox and I'd certainly play it again if it did happen.

Last night I wasn't getting oiled by pretty ladies instead I was teaching different woman how to keep a man happy while in a club. I was teaching them how to be a perfect hostess! I got to dress them up, teach them (trivia, manners, make-up), paint their nails, change hair styles..Jazz them up to the 9's making them seeexxxxxyyyy or perhaps cute or innocent or glitzy.

External image

Oh and I must add..I found some Pringles flavoured with tomato sauce..They are awesome!! And in general I dislike Pringles all together.
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PermalinkI need to rant..
It's not entirely gaming related but I just need a place to get this off my chest..So here goes.

Today started off "wonderfully" in the sense of I'm now waiting to see if I got booked for speeding TWICE! Why do you ask?

The way I travel to work I encounter a lot of hills plus I go through about 4 or 5 school zone areas. Our speed limit is 40km/h when in a school zone which is fine and usually that's no problem.

BUT today I had someone riding my arse the whole fucking time angry I'm quite certain had I needed to slam my breaks on for any situation they would of made a cream cake of the back of my car.

Secondly in the school zones you've got the slow limit soo in general I've gotta ride my breaks which isn't that healthy for the car. Today some cop car came wizzing past with a speed camera fixed to the right side of it's roof rack..I may have been going over 40km but not by much but I still feel nervous.

Then I'm on my final stretch to where I work and suddenly this Police man jumps out from the light pole where he's been hiding with his speedo gun. Usually you can tell where they are hiding because of their bright yellow safety jacket but it didn't appear this guy had one on. Now what really pisses me off about this one is..In this street you go down a steep hill then you've gotta climb up the other side which is also steep. In an older car (like mine) you need a bit of speed otherwise you'll honestly feel like you're about to go backwards in your car!! angry

The speed limit for this area is 50km but since I hit the hill..I'm not sure if I was going over 50km..Now it wouldn't be much over but it's still a nasty feeling I've got in the pit of my tummy.

It feels like the police stay at this spot when they need to make up the "numbers" because they are either there multiple times in a week or not there for a few months. To me it just feels fishy.

Then work...Well...GRRRRRR!!

I've got a task of putting some videos together which overall sounds easy and it should be. But I renamed the folder where I was storing the movies and that BROKE everything. I'd placed about an hour or so work into and BAM everything was fucked up shock
I couldn't rename the folder back to what I'd originally called it because I forgot how I spelt it. Oh and everything broke just as I was about to leave (so freaking typical).

And one child kept bugging me...He kept wanting to correct everything I was doing in Word. When I told him I knew exactly what I was doing and it was nice he wanted to help but it wasn't needed he wouldn't stop. He even tried to take the mouse when I wasn't using it. shock I managed to get him to go away by saying he needed to get his own work finished! laugh

Then there is another child who keeps telling me that his folks work with computers all day and it'd be so cool if they were there because nothing would go wrong then. And when you've heard that story about 5 or so times it really starts to grate on your nerves.

Now I've gotta go teach myself some stuff about this video editing program cause honestly I'm just BSing my way through at the moment and I'm sure more things will go wrong like the folder thing..I should of remembered that'd break the 'link' cause in a way it's just like making a website...Oh well.
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