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PermalinkBean Dive #3 in the books (and my first blog in almost a year)
It's been that kind of year.

Not only did I play very few games between last summer and this summer, I scarcely budged on my Bean Dive Emergency Recovery Program (the Bean DERP). I took a look at my blog from July 31, 2012 and my completion percentage was around 33%.

Thanks to the automated tracking of the bean dive this year, I can see that my starting completion percentage before the dive was... 33% redface

Here are the stats copied and pasted from my bean dive summary: dive

Start completion %
End completion %
Final dive %

Current completion % 27.79
Recovered completion % .00
Achievements needed for recovery 580 facepalm
Total games dived 50

I think based on the total games dived figure that my games played went from 230 to 280. I didn't know I had that many unplayed games shock

Apparently I've been buying too many Deals of the Week, Permanent Markdowns, etc.

So, where to go from here? Up, of course. wink

Now if I could only find those bean dive recovery sessions. "Hi, I'm FinderKeeper, and I'm a Bean-Dive-a-holic" toast
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