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PermalinkThanks to all my customers! :)
I'm writing this blog to say thanks to all the people that has bought games from me since I started selling them here on TA. In the past 2 years I've sold over 300 games, to more than 50 different people, from 15 different countries and all the continents (except the poles smile).

Today its been a crazy day, I've sold 25 games in about 4 hours. Was swarmed with messages since I posted the blog. Sorry to those that sent a message asking for a game when I had already commited the game with someone else. Was sending a message to answer someone and when refreshing back to messages, I had someone else asking for the same game. I always try to keep it at "first come, first serve". Also, I try to keep the list updated, but you did not give me enough time to make those changes! It's been really crazy! laugh

I have been lucky enough to never had a problem so far and I hope to keep it this way.

I'm going to stop selling games for a while. My list of games for sale is very short and I only have a hand-full of cheap games. Right now, the shipping prices are higher than the actual game. It's so sad that the shipping costs are so high and I'm sorry. That's why I try to keep the games prices as cheap as possible.

Right now, I'm almost selling every game that I complete, except a very few exceptions. So if you see me completing a game you're interested in, send a PM and maybe we can make a deal. I buy most of my games, but I usually rent or borrow some, so maybe I cannot sell it. Ask about it and I'll let you know. In case of Japanese and NTSC games, it's almost 100% sure that I've bought it.

In the future, when I stock up with more games, I'll make a new blog about it, but till then, I'm done with selling games.

Once again, thanks a lot to everyone!

Take care!

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PermalinkSelling games! (Updated)
I’m selling some of my games.

Please send PM for any questions, details... but don't comment on the blog.

I can ship worldwide. Shipping price is different for each country, depending on the number of games and if you want it with a tracking service or not. I'll give the details by PM in case you are interested in buying something. I recommend buying 3 games together as the shipping price is the same for 1-3 games.

Only PAYPAL accepted. Payment has to be made before I ship the games and you pay the costs in Paypal. Send the money as a gift if you want.

Prices are in Euros (€).

I've bought and sold many games through these years in internet and never had a problem, including transactions with some of the gamers on top of the leaderboards, so buy with confidence.

All games are in perfect conditions, used once to complete it and never been touched anymore.

Games for sale

NTSC Exclusives
Big Bumpin 3€

Region Free
All these games can be played in every region console. Most are PAL UK, but can also be Asian region-free games or from other european countries.

For 3€ each game
Battlefield: Bad Company
Conflict Denied Ops
Dark Void

For 5€ each game
Fantastic Pets
Medal of Honor
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PermalinkThis is not a goodbye
I’ve been trying to write a blog in the past months but couldn’t find the time. A lot of things happened and had lots of things I wanted to sit and write about but once again, too tired and busy to do it so I’ve just gamed on my spare time.

This is probably going to be a long post so I apologize for that.

The end of the past year was crazy. I had gaming plans and lots of stuff to do when my friends gave me the chance to get the online of all the Kane & Lynch games done. I’ve also completed the online from GOW, Saints Row 2 German, Singularities, Wolfenstein, Strangleholds… I’m really thankful for all the help, but I had enough time doing those sessions to think about my actual personal situation and the way I was gaming.

I boosted a lot on the last 3 months of 2013, too much to be honest. Been trying to clean up all the online from the games I already own, games that, in some cases, have been sitting on the shelves for way too long. I still have about 25 games that have online achievements to start, and just a couple of them on my gamertag that I still need to do.

In some way, it’s been nice boosting different games as it has been a different approach to gaming comparing with the past 3 years, where I’ve been basically cleaning and completing every new game as quick as possible. Now I’ve a bunch of games to play the campaigns and single player, really looking forward to do it. I’m going to stop doing the online of games I already own. Been a little crazy on it, trying to do it before the new generation comes and most gamers move on to the Xbox One. But I don’t want to force myself to play them because I own them, I’m 100% sure that is going to be impossible to play all the games I own. So my multiplayer bean-dive stops here. I still have a few more I’m going to boost soon, as I’ve already spoken with some friends to do them, but I’m leaving the rest for the future. If the occasion appears, I’ll go and do it, but not running anymore.

Another thing that happened was that I lost many save files due to problems with two of my Hard Drives. This really annoyed me as I've lost many hours of gaming, specially in games that I'm not in the mood to replay them. This kind of things happen and I understand it, but it is something that in the situation that I'm right now, has been specially harmful.

The Xbox One

For those that don’t know it, I was not rewarded with an Xbox One (actually didn’t get a shit) when MS did that promotion. I’ve not talked about it as I don’t really care and even if I was rewarded, I wouldn’t have said anything for respect to those that didn’t get rewarded when they really deserved it. I’m happy for those that got it, but the system MS used to pick the rewarded people wasn’t fair at all, and of course, not random.

What really pissed me was that none Spanish gamers were rewarded during the promotion, even if we were eligible as a Tier 1 country and how MS treated me and many other people while trying to know what happened. I tried to make MS investigate it (I’m not explaining everything here as it took me over 2 weeks of struggle against the wall of ignorance that works for MS), to get just a “Sorry and get this 1 month Gold to shut the fuck up”.

I’m not very impressed with the new console. The dashboard sucks and the way achievements are handled also sucks balls. It looks like a Beta to me with plenty of things to work on. I like how Kinect works, but is too sensitive that I’ve it disconnected all the time. The first batch of games has been a bit disappointing and most of them glitchy and annoying at many points. I already own all the games I’m interested on and I don’t think I’ll buy more till something cool comes out.

Challenges also honestly suck, it’s just like achievements but with no Gamerscore and a timeframe to complete them. Just a way to make people buy games when they come out. They don’t add anything special, as those challenges could have perfectly been simply more achievements of the game.

Controller is the best part. It’s absolutely amazing and it gets hard to get back to the 360 one.

Future plans

First of all, I’ve already almost stopped buying games and I really hope to keep it this way, buying less and less games. I’m going to buy only the great new games and rent some of the easy ones once in a while. But basically, I’ll keep cleaning my huge backlog that still has about 300 games (including all platforms).

I’m also stopping with the stackable mayhem I’ve been going through. I still believe that is the way I’d like to go for achievements, as I love the idea of completing a game in all the versions, but I’m not going to have much time and I’d prefer to use the few time I’ve to play different games. This also includes not stacking games between the 360 and the One. I still got some stackable games I own and I’ll play and I’m not going to negate myself to some easy G if it is a quick stackable. But not going to wait to have all the versions to play them all together as I’ve been doing it the past years.

I need to go back and play the PC stuff before the servers shut on July, I only have 5 more games to play so that is going to be my priority in the next months apart from cleaning as much as I can to go back to 99% and beyond. Let’s see if I can get it to 99.5%

Basically what I want to do is to slowly get back to being less “whore” and be a more “normal gamer”. Still going for completions and achievements, but buying less games and playing more great games, instead of focusing on stacks or playing bad games that are not necessarily quick. I want to avoid frustration and boredom as much as I can. So on, I’m going to be choosier when deciding what games buy and what to play. No more buying sales and getting everything I can.

I really want to get to the point where I only own a console, I’ve only one gamertag and that I play every game I buy. Having not backlog to go to or not cleaning my gamertag. It’s been really hard to keep the pace with all the information that has been coming out about games and achievements: multiple accounts, regions, consoles, releases, stacks, discontinued, delisted, arcades, phone, PC… It takes a great portion of the daily time to keep informed and I’m not very interested anymore. With the Xbox One I can play games from all the regions so no need to have different consoles to play all those games. My living room has been a gaming-lab for the past 6 years, but it has come the time to change it and make it a cozy and more minimalistic home. I’ve made a new small gaming room where I’m going to have all the 360 stuff till I complete everything and get rid of it in the next years.

I’m not rejecting who I have been for the past years. I like videogames and love the achievement system. But as you grow older and the time passes, in my case, I like keeping it fresh and doing different things. I feel like the time for a change has come as, somehow, I’m not as much interested in achievements and videogames as I was on the previous generations. The way I feel has nothing to do with being tired about achievements or that now, somehow, I think that it is a waste of time. I’ve never thought that it’s been a waste of time and I’ve enjoyed every game I’ve played, even the biggest bullshit that has come to my hands because achievements have been able to make it interesting to play even the biggest piece of crap.

Achievements have given me a lot, especially the opportunity to meet great people all over the world and to have the best friends anyone can imagine. No Gamerscore can pay my gratitude towards some of you. I’m proud of what I’ve done and with what I’ve achieved. It’s been a long bumpy road worth traveling.

Achievements have been the best addition to videogames in the past generation. But, the reason for a change comes from a mixture of many things, thoughts and feelings that I can’t justify and explain on a simple blog post. It’s a complex thing and I’ve been thinking a lot about in the past year. One of the reasons comes from a disappointment. Not exactly with the videogames but with the world overall, that has it’s reflect on the videogame industry. I don’t really like how the future of gaming looks like (DLCs, uncompleted games released, micro-transactions…). It started as a possibility to add new content to a complete game and now it has become a joke, selling us just a small portion of the game to then, make us pay a lot more if we want to enjoy the whole experience. It started as something that happened on the big games to now become the common thing. The industry is not being honest with the customers and games are becoming less interesting to me. There are still great games being released, but overall I’m a bit tired about how the big companies are treating the customers.

I really wish the day had more than 24 hours so I could have more time to play, but I’m trying to focus more on other aspects of my life. I’ve plenty of good plans and things to do, so videogames are not going to be one of my priorities anymore.

It’s been a great journey and of course that this is not a goodbye. Videogames had been, are and will always be an important part of my life but I have too much work and many things I want to do with the band, my music, my job, my GF, friends, family and basically my life.

I’ve always tried to maintain a fine equilibrium between the different things that feed my life: job, friends, family, hobbies… Achievements and videogames have never been a problem and I’ve never stopped doing anything in my life due to them. I’ve done crazy things for them just like for everything else on my life that I love with passion, but my passion never lead me to leave other things that I love behind. Anyway, I want to change that equilibrium a bit, giving more space to other activities that I love such as reading, writing, sports… and don’t use most of my spare time on videogames.

Expect to see me still around up for anything. Not the kind of guy who cuts off with his past and habits as I don’t consider that I’ve been doing anything wrong. This is going to be somehow a slow process, still playing easy games and ready to boost. But I’m going to try to avoid long boring boostings, grindings, stacks and “bad games”. Also, slowing down and not playing as much as I’ve been doing, especially at the weekends as it has been for the past years. I want to go back and enjoy every minute I’ve to play games so I enjoy every minute of my life.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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