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PermalinkMy thoughts on the new cheaters policy change
I could write a very very very long blog about it but not really in the mood right now. I've already written about the problems of having their own cheating policy in this site many times in my blogs.

My first reaction, after reading it is laughing at the hipocrisy of the policy itself, of those who are part of the investigation team and of course, of all those who defend the policy.

So here is a big lOl for all of you.

Now, here are a few questions that come into my mind:

1. So, this new policy cannot be applied retroactively (Ex post facto laws) because its illegal to do something like that. Then, why many people who have used profile glitches or many other shady ways of unlocking achievements back in 2006-07, when TA did not even exist and MS did not have a restrictive cheating policy, have been banned from the site? Isn't that a way of applying a new rule retroactively? Back at the beginning of the Xbox achievements history, many people did shady things that nowadays are considered cheating, but at that time, even achievement based sites promoted many of those ways of unlocking them.

Also, none of the people that I know who did those things have been reset by MS after several years on Live. I know many gamers who now have around 300K (or even more) and have been on Live for 9-10 years, who did those shady things and are banned from TA, but they've not been reset by MS, the real judge here and who's law is above any policy of this site.

2. So, now that people have been reset by MS after using something that TA considered legit and at the same time, many gamers who have been banned (or flagged, labeled or whatever) from TA are still with their gamertag intact and have not and probably never will be reset. So, does anyone still believe that is worth having this kind of restrictive policy on the site? Hasn't been proved enough times that TA policy does not work properly, when people that are legit for TA are getting reset by MS, and at the same, not the people banned from TA for ridiculous reasons?

(And I'm not talking about obvious hackers with unobtainables, online achievements obtained offline and all the typical cheats that you can find in all the lazy-ass cheaters gamertags)

3. When I read the IT saying "Boosting is not gamerscore cheating. You are still playing the game and meeting the specified requirements to unlock the achievement(s). For the most part, gamerscore cheating involves circumventing game play". I almost died laughing.

So, the same way that boosting allows you to meet a requierement to unlock an achievement quicker, in-game glitches help doing it too. But, what happens with a glitch like 2006 FIFA, where you unlock all the achievements without meeting the requirements and circumventing game play? How is that not cheating? When even MS told me that is cheating? Obvioulsy, not as bad as many other cheating methods, but a cheat at the end of the day. I've already explained it many times so I'm not wasting more time with this.

Just wondering... what will happen if MS decides to start resetting people for doing something that they consider a cheat? Because that's the exact situation we are right now with all this Halo 2 policy change.

MS considered it as cheating since almost day 1, as you are modifying files of the game, even that they did not take actions as they had many other worst things to care about (hackers and modders) and as they already told me long ago, they always consider many other facts before deciding to take actions on a gamertag.

4. About the music games. How can this site promote, in the achievements solutions, using external tools like programs and MIDI ports to make a machine play the game for you? That is completely against MS rules.

People say, "oh, it's OK because it's impossible to know who has done it". Well, it's not impossible, it's actually really easy (at least to figure it out) for anyone who has played a lot of music games and knows how the learning curves work. Obviously, it's harder to know because if those who do it are smart enough, they try to unlock the achievements in a way that they make everyone else think that it was done legit. Oh! Just the same idea that many people who hack achievements have in their mind when doing it: Trying to figure out a way to make it look legit.

So, anyone who does something like this, hacking or with the external tools mentioned above, share the same achievement unlocking mindset. Both are fooling themselves while trying to fool everyone else.


I could go on forever. There's so much hipocrisy in the world nowadays that this site is only a mirror that reflects it.

This site needs to care about many other things before continuing with the cheating policy mayhem. The TA ratio and leaderboards are not the most important thing. Having a place to share information, help each other, make a great data-base, give more options, get rid of stupid ass-holes who insult other gamers or screw boosting sessions... There's a long TO-DO list before using so many resources trying to mantain the purity of a completely arbitrary number and some useless leaderboards for ego boosting.

While doing it, many great people and gamers have been punished by the IT for no solid reason. Some of them have even quit playing games now and the site has become a devils playground for envious assholes who have nothing better to do with their lives than reporting other gamers and screwing their lifes. You know, a lot of people take achievements very seriously and are an important part of their lifes, for good and bad.

The site is great in many ways, but I already said looooooong ago that the cheating policy was going to give nothing but troubles.

Achievements lovers are a minority in the Xbox Community and we really need to be together. Obvious cheaters are never welcomed. But many great gamers have been punished for stupid reasons and some of them for things that they did long ago (so the rules were applyed retroactively to them). So, why not this time? Who are you afraid of punishing?

The truth is that a ton of those banned people can contribute a lot to this community and we all can learn from each other.

Anyway, my friends are the only reason for me to be still around. This is a private site and they can do whatever they want. But as I've just said, we are a small community and it can be devastating to point with the finger to someone and label him as a cheater, specially for those with a good reputation in the achievements community. The IT played to being Gods among MS rules. And now we see the results: many gamers banned but not reset by MS and some other gamers reset by MS after using a way of unlocking achievements promoted by this site.

So, who's to blame?
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