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Alive and kicking but slowly fading away from gaming.

Really enjoying my new life. The new job is great and I’m working really hard designing a new pedagogical method for the school I’m working with. The place I work is renovating a lot and my working partners are great. Really diggin’ it!

I’m also publishing one of my investigations and have some meetings to attend and presentations to work on. We are also preparing a small tour for the band during April-May and recording other stuff.

I don’t have time to play and even less to care about achievements or Gamerscore. I’ll never retire the gamertag completely as I’ll still play once in a while. Right now, I’m playing about 15-30 minutes during week days and a bit more on the weekends. But cannot spend long periods of time playing.

The new EA fiasco with the servers not working on Skate 3 has been the last thing I needed right now. Have been trying to make a session and help EA fix the problems but it probably won’t happen in the present future. It proves me, once again, that this hobby doesn’t deserve so much of my attention and time. The companies have become so big that they don’t give a fuck about the customers. They only focus on new releases and making money out of them.

The only thing that keeps me thinking about videogames is the Halo: MCC collection release. Gotta say that, you cannot expect much more of a game. With all the things that it can be done, I’m thinking about what is going to be the first thing I do when I start the game. Probably play some Halo 2 online. What’s your choice? Let me know. Really wanna play some Halo 2 online with my old buddies and also with some of the people I’ve met in the last years.

The achievement list is brutal and I really like it. Even that I know that I won’t complete it (not at least in a short term) I don’t care about it. That’s one of the good things about being a completionist but being unable to reach 100% overall completion. I’m not afraid of starting it with my gamertag. I can probably get most of the achievements except the LASO ones without frustrating myself too much and that’s all that I care for. My overall % completion won't suffer a lot if I get all but 4-5 achievements.

Anyway, I’ll wait to see those LASO playlists before I decide if I’ll try them or not. But, honestly, don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours perfecting the campaigns and frustrating many times. Maybe they are easier in coop and if I find a good group to do them, I don’t mind accepting the challenge.

Right now, I’ll keep playing some easy and relaxing stuff till Halo arrives and then enjoy the game as much as I can. I love Halo games and, even that I wish this collection was released at a moment of my life when I could’ve enjoyed playing it and sinking many hours into it. But, that’s not the situation for me right now and probably, those times will never come back, hopefully at least, till my retirement.

I’ll keep logging into TA once in a while to comment on the friend feed as I’m doing now. And still playing games whenever I’ve the time, especially when I’m on holidays.

But my Gamerscore hunting days are gone and I wanna say that, somehow, I feel relieved.

Take care all of you. I really miss you!

Enjoy life!
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