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Hello my friends

Lately most of my blog posts have been about how happy I am with my life and how good things were going for me.

But the last week has been probably the worst of my life. My best friends mom died (someone who has been like a mother for me), had several other problems in my life too, a car accident (not a big deal but kind of annoying) and the worst part: the relationship with my GF, after almost a decade living together, ended.

I'm really fucked up right now. Really sad. It's hard to continue my life in the house were we've been living together.

She is a wonderful woman and we still love each other. But life can be weird sometimes and impossible to understand. These years have been the best of my life and I can only say good things about her.

Now I'm starting something new. I think that I'm prepared and looking forward for the new challenges.

I really wanted to share this here too. I know there is people around who appreciate me and wanted to share what happened with all of you.

Not sure how this is going to affect my gaming. She has been one of my biggest motivations, even for the achievements. But I really hope that I can keep gaming and be around for long.

Thanks for reading

Take care!
Posted by Dr HErB Gudaria on 22 February 15 at 15:25 | There are 9 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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I’m writing this blog trying to figure out what is going on with the last achievement I need to complete Terraria on the Xbox One. The achievement I’m missing is this one:

TerrariaAirtime!The Airtime! achievement in Terraria worth 41 pointsCatch some serious air.

So, it seems a very basic and simple achievement, and it is. Everyone unlocks it while normally playing. You need to stay for a total of 60 minutes in the air and it is accumulative. Doesn’t need to be done in one sitting or anything like that. Unluckily, the achievement doesn’t seem to have a progress bar like many other of the achievements on this game (let me know if I’m wrong), so you cannot know if the time is actually counting.

I’ve been playing the game for many hours now. Been idle boosting the airtime by grappling to walls and also jumping around. I’m sure that I should have unlocked the achievement long ago but it is still locked.

I’ve tried uninstalling the game, re-downloading the game, reset and hard reset, recovering the account, playing online and offline… but there is no way it will unlock.

There is no info about it, as it seems that none has suffered from this glitch so far except me. After several hours trying to figure out what is going on, I’ve an idea, but I’m not sure if it is the actual problem and if there is a way to solve it.

The thing is, if you check on TA, each Xbox One game offers also the information about the playing time. Well, if you check my profile, Terraria (and also Fibbage) are the only games where it seems that it doesn’t track my gaming time. When I check those games in everyone else’s profiles, I can see that there is a playtime info, but not in mine case. But, for example, when comparing games on my console with my friends, I can see that there is a playtime comparison too. It’s really weird.

So I came up with the idea that, as it is a time based achievement and the game doesn't seem to track my game time in Terraria, maybe I cannot get the achievement as it doesn't track my air time neither. So I've the feeling that I'm really fucked right now (Thanks MS and all this Xbox One achievement bullshit. Screw you!)

Anyway, I’m trying to find a way to fix it so any information or ideas are more than welcome so I can give them a try.

I’ve been thinking that maybe this problem has something to do with the latest problems that we are having with the disappearing Gamerscore and other stuff. But, I’ve been playing other Xbox One games these days and the time tracker seems to work correctly on those ones. The only one that it doesn’t track my time is in Terraria right now.

Thanks for reading and any help or ideas are more than welcome

Posted by Dr HErB Gudaria on 27 January 15 at 16:29 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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Welcome to 2015! Wishing you all a great year my friends, hopefully it’s going to be a good one.

I’ve stolen the title of this blog from the Sigur Rós third album from 1999, one of my favorite all-time bands. They’re from Iceland and they usually sing in their mother language. The title means “A pretty good start”. I’ve chosen it because it explains pretty well how my year starts.

Today’s hang-over hasn’t been too terrible and I really had a good-time yesterday with my family and friends. Tomorrow I’m going to watch the third Hobbit movie. I’ve a group of 12 friends who are very big fans of the JRR Tolkien’s universe. We used to play RPG games when we were teenagers. We’ve seen all Peter Jackson’s movies together but it’s been harder each year to gather the whole group. We watched the first movie when we were studying at the university and now we are all working, married, kids and pretty much all the adult stuff. As we grow older and everyone has their own separate life’s (some of them even in other countries) it’s becoming harder to find the right moment. We usually watch the movies and then go out for a dinner and talk for a while. This is going to be probably the last time we are doing it (as they are not making more movies, at least, for a while). I’m really gonna miss it.

Then, I’m going for a short ski trip to France from the 3rd to the 6th to the beautiful ski-resort of St. Lary with 3 other friends. Wasn’t really expecting it, we talked about it yesterday and hired the apartment today. I really like this kind of surprise trips. Really hope to have a good time. Then the 7th I’m going back to work, not really sad news, just real life. I’m actually digging it so I’m not going to complain.

A couple of weeks ago my GF and I moved into my brother’s house because we are doing some serious housework’s and it is impossible to live there. Changing the whole living room, terrace, balcony and main corridor. My brother is touring in the US till February so we are going to spend the next month here. Hopefully we can go back home then when everything is done. I really cannot wait to prepare my new gaming set-up. Not as crazy as before but this time I’m trying to make it a cable-free room.

I’ve only brought the Xbox One to my new location, really didn’t want to bother moving more stuff. I actually only brought Halo: TMCC here as I thought I was going to be playing it the whole month of January, but luckily I’m done with it so I can play other stuff. It’s been nice going back to Halo and really glad to see that I’ll be able to complete it. It got me back to the completionist mood and want to try to clean my Gamertag a bit more and once and for all. 99.5% is my final goal. If I get there, I’ll probably never go back to cleaning old stuff.

But the truth is that right now don’t have much to choose from and I’m not interested in playing most of them as, for example, most of the free games I got with Games with Gold. But I’m not going to have much time to play so I’ll probably have enough till February when I can play back with the X360 where I can clean my completion %. I’ve already started Zombie Driver UE and I’ll probably play Limbo, Strike Suit Zero and Super Time Force too. My GF bought me the Telltale Series compilation so I’ve also got to play both Walking Dead and The Wolf among us back, and start with Borderlands and Game of Thrones too. Also some easy stuff like Monopoly, D4, Contrast, Tomas was alone, Stick it to the man…

I think that I should have more than enough so I’ve discarded playing Guacamelee, Chariot, Crimson Dragon, Worms, Warframe or Titanfall for now, to name a few. I also bought the collector’s edition of AC: Unity but I left it at home so I’ll play that later.

I can also play some phone or Win 8 stuff. Both phones hard drives are full so I should try to clean them a bit. Well, now that I think, I’ve got a lot of stuff to play. Damn! I’ll never be able to catch up with my backlog. laugh I’m not buying many games lately, but with all the GWG games that I’m getting and other free stuff here and there, I’ve accumulated many games the past four months were I’ve been working a lot and basically played Halo and GTA.

I’ve also been watching The Wire. A great TV show made the past decade that I actually missed. My GF gave me the whole show collector edition as a Christmas present and we are both watching it together. We are already on the third season. Cannot recommend it enough. Amazing show!

So that’s all. Hope that 2015 is great for all of you my friends. Let’s hunt those Xbox achievements but don’t forget about struggling for them also in your real lives.

Take care!

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