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PermalinkDay 2 or Day 1 depending on your point of view
Well I'm going to call it Day 1 and it was a sucess of sorts. Played Transformers : Dark of the Moon and sucessfully finished the 4 online achievements. Oddly there are still people playing this online and quite a few of them at that. I want to say there were maybe 25 random tags that I matched up with with no effort. The 4 online achievements are a joke and you can tell the modes were all after thoughts. Even the "max level" achievement took basically 4 matches to finish up and the only one I had an issue with was dying first in a match. Beyond that I will recommend the game. It plays well and the points come easy.

Played Implode! on the Wp7 and popped a couple but that doesn't count as I already had achievements in it.

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Posted by MightyMango on 10 January 12 at 21:10
Omfamna Go go MightyMango!
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