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Posted on 18 March 10 at 15:02
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In the early year of 2006 there wasn't a lot of shooters for the 360, good ones atleast but Ubisoft decided to help us out with two action games that year. One being the praised and loved G.R.A.W. and the other was, well, FC: Instincs Predator. Now Far Cry was a good game on PC back when it was new and exciting back in 2004, but the time that the expansion story was out so was gamers attention towards the game. Far Cry was ported to the original Xbox twice, one being Far Cry Instincts and the other Far Cry Instincts Evolution. The ladder game is the expansion story. The Xbox360 version is basically those two games combined with a smoother frame rate and overall better gaming experience. There's no doubt that this game is a hate-it-or-love-it type, and i freakin loved it! (Hence the generous 3 stars)

Jack Carver is an ex-marine with an attitude. You learn more about his personality by his reactions to plot twists and his colorful conversations with Crowe, who is the games bad guy. After the intro you're stuck in an island with guys shooting at you so of course you shoot back. Then you hook up with this guy Doyle and you become his little puppet without the "would you kindly" shit. Once you learn the name Dr. Krieger things start to get interesting. I won't spoil it for those who haven't played the game. The story is ok, not the strongest part of the game but interesting enough to keep you going. Sike.

Well this game came out in '04 so it looks like a game that game out in hmm.. '01 maybe? Besides the beatiful water effect, the game looks average. I mean i swear Final Fantasy X looked better than this. Now some people might say that this game is basically a launch game so people haven't learn the power of the next-gen console. To that i say kiss my ass, Dead or Alive 4 was a launch game and it still looks good 5 years later. So the game doesn't look all that good we all get that so let's keep it moving.

Weapons sound like shit. Point blank. Water splashes sound normal, rainforest sounds normal and the dialogue, oh the dialogue, is the best part of the sound section. Enemies talking to each other during firefights can be hilarious at times, don't know if it's intended or not but gotta give props regardless.

Anybody whose played an FPS before know the drill. Feral abilities become second nature in combats and you will learn not to try feral punch a guy with a shotgun. The binocalurs are great to use, so is the air glider until some bastard snipes you down. Back attacks are only useful in the beginning of the main story, after that you propably won't use it except the multiplayer. Ain't nothing like sneaking up on a sniper that's killed you several time's and just stab that guy in the back. Well maybe shooting him with a shotgun. I dunno. I hate snipers. Dammit moving on.

The best part of the game easily. Map editor allows you to create your own perverted version of "a good map" and then u can play god as you kill of helpless gamers that don't understand the map at all. If this game should be noticed for something else that Jack Carver's punclines it's the map editor.

Pretty easy for the multiplayer part but for the single-player it's awful. You gotta play through both the main and the expansion story 3 freakin times in different difficulties! I mean you can't simply go for the gold by playing the on the hardest difficulty level and assume it unlocks previous difficulty achievements (ahem, Halo 3, Gears of war 2). Damn that's just messed up. But you can use cheat codes (so very ninetys, i know) to unlock unlimited ammo health etc. so it aint that bad.
Given 3 stars by FittedCab
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