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Posted on 22 February 10 at 16:05, Edited on 18 November 11 at 09:49
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Ah, Sonic Unleashed. Where to start?

This is by far the FASTEST Sonic title up to date, with unleashed, Sonic can move the way he was meant too.

Some issues with level design though.... lots of glitches, and unfair shortcuts that can completely ruin leaderboards if made... Regardless, if you like to move fast, are a Sonic fan/ or newcomer to the series, you can easily find something to enjoy in this game.

This game has many pros and cons, and in some ways can be considered one of the better games of the series, and in some ways..... one of the worst. First off. Werehog. Big Mistake.....
Though the combat system is fluent, fighting can become quite repetitive, though you can run through most missions. Also, there is a very 'jazzy/unfitting' music while fighting. Not very true to the Sonic series if you ask me.

However, the pros are what make up for whatever sadness the Werehog may bring upon you. smile

Story: 3/5

Though SEGA has never really managed to make a grasping sonic story, it's very easy to follow and makes sense. Not really a spoiler, but expect a big boss fight in the end. *Surprise!* laugh

Graphics: 5/5

Outstanding for a Sonic game, the speed has never looked better. Sonic has a great design still, level design is semi-top notch. They look so good you almost want to slow down, but probably won't... cause you're going too fast, right? wink

Sound/Music: 4/5

Sonic the Hedgehog has a history for making very good game music, and this game doesn't necessarily deliver nor disappoint. As I mentioned, Werehog battle music. cry
Stage music, some okay, some good, some amazing. Don't expect to hate it or anything. :)

Playability: 5/5

This is NOT an easy game by any means, but it isn't hard either. If you've played enough Sonic games, you'd know how they work. Controls are pretty solid when you get used to them. This can be a very fun game once you know how things works. Needless to say, all 3D Sonic games manage to throw in weird camera fixations and flips, so don't be surprised if you die to the camera sometimes.

Achievements: 4/5

Something you should know about this game, it's NOT an easy completion. Don't take this game in hopes of an easy 1000 G, unless you have a lot of Sonic experience. Even with that, you will be challenged. Most achievements for the game are easily obtainable however, you're likely to get somewhere between 600-700 gamerscore by the time you beat the game. A good portion of the achievements require some patience and near perfection of every Act 1 Day AND Night. These are the hotdog achievements. Two of these are likely to give you some trouble... 1. Adabat (Last stage in the game, fairly long stage but nothing too difficult) and 2. Eggmanland..... The longest stage in Sonic history, I'm sure of it. And to get your completion, you must beat it THREE times without dying. Ever. Sounds easy? Sure. Is it? NO. An average run of this stage will take you at LEAST 10 minutes or more. Though it has been done in less, don't think you're gonna do it too. roll It's nowhere close to easy.

Overall: 4/5

Overall... this game is worth the buy if you have an extra 20 dollars and the patience to put up with the Werehog. Some of you may like the Werehog, as unlikely as it seems... but you will have to put up with using him if you want to fully experience the game.

I can't see why I would get a negative vote for this review, but IF you feel the need to, please comment below as to why you did. (Last I checked, I do have the highest TA ratio for this game in the review area) So, I kinda have an idea as to what I'm talking about with this game... I put up with too much from this game to not let people know how it really is. This was based on the opinion of a respectable/longtime Sonic The Hedgehog fan.

Thanks for reading. compute
Given 4 stars by Raisukai
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Posted on 27 May 09 at 11:54, Edited on 04 June 09 at 09:13
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I just wanted to point a little something out, as this game as been horribly slated over the course of it's release, and to be honest it does my head in.

I think this game is brilliant, with it's sickingly fast Hedgehog stages, and it's super slick combo busting Werehog platforming goodness, I personally find it difficult to go wrong. And even when you think you are mindlessly rushing through another Hedgehog stage, they throw a little maneuvre in or a slow portion to keep you interested.

These, sadly, seem to be the reasons that reviewers dislike the game, saying its lost it's sonic roots. Well considering these roots were planted around the time i was born, It's about time he finally branched out.

These people, if I can rightly call them so, seem to believe that Sonic has to be predominately a run in a straight line game, which is frankly boring after a while. I love the running, it looks cool. I love the fighting as well, and I love the levelling structure, allowing you to better yourself with more combos or, believe it or not, more speed.

And while you're speeding through a level not paying attention to that blur around Sonic, slow down and take it look, you'll be surprised, the terrain is beautiful.

Although a Master of none, this game is a Jack of all Trades. Ignore the reviews (except this one) and give it a go, you never know, you could be pleasantly surprised.
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Posted on 24 February 10 at 02:09
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When an old friend drops in to say hi, it is not uncommon to hear things like “Oh you haven’t changed a bit” or “you’re just as I remember you”. In most cases this is meant to be a compliment—and is generally taken as such. An old friend of the Sonic titles would have to say this with fingers crossed as the jump to the third dimension was less kind on the Blue hedgehog. Sure there were some close misses—Sonic Adventure 2 was nearly perfect, but since then there’s been one after another mediocre title to ruin the trend.

Sonic Unleashed marks the beginning of the franchise’s return to glory while simultaneously condemning it to mediocrity. The game opens with Sonic being inexplicably turned into a “werehog” that turns part wolf at nighttime to wreck havoc with its huge claws and stretchy, rubbery arms.

The daytime stages are the traditional fast dashes through linear settings complete with loops and spirals—and are exactly what a 3D Sonic game SHOULD play like—the controls are smooth and the addition of “quickstep” buttons which allow Sonic to make a quick sidestep left or right, something that really brings the whole ordeal together—and makes the 3D gameplay just seem right.

Now, since this is a Sonic title it is expected that players will spend countless hours frustrated to the point of tears trying to successfully beat a single level—which normally boils down to a single nearly impossible jump or series of jumps—Sonic Unleashed is no exception here. But as it turns out most of these ultra-frustrating portions are in the optional “extra” levels not required to beat the game. Only the players with great patience (or time like me) should play the game to 100% completion.

I have heard complaints about the games “linearity” and the fact that portions of the game are performed without real input, but I would like to strike comments like these down right off the bat by pointing out that the primary objective of the sonic titles has always been “proceed to the right”.

Now, sure the daytime levels are both fun and well-designed, but eventually the sun falls and the gameplay changes completely. As Sonic the Werehog, players use strength, slick jumping, and grabbing abilities to fight scores of darkling baddies, negotiate skinny tightropes, and meander through jumping puzzles. These levels are repetitive and vastly similar and all follow the same formula—a series of big brawls with enemies which find players mashing the same buttons to attack, a smaller “move the blocks” puzzle, and a big jumping puzzle which can range from pretty easy to nearly impossible.

However, to be completely honest I didn’t hate these portions of the game—they brought a fun twist to the title, and were just the cure for the jitters I got from the adrenaline after the speedy daytime levels.

Accessing these stages requires traversing a sprawling Hub world split into different “countries” each with its own style and characters. I honestly didn’t hate this part either. Barring the large amount of loading screens necessary in traveling from one country to another, I never felt that this took away from the gaming experience.

After beating the first Act of a stage, challenge trials open up where players compete in that same Act with extra objectives or stipulations that make it more difficult. These tend to get repetitive, but with some tweaking it could have been a viable feature.

All of these, the werehog levels, the hub world, the frustrating extra levels, the challenge trials are all individually fine, but when added together, create something much greater than their sum. The result is a general feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration. Players will recognize that they are enjoying the game, but these ill feelings will also persist—and only the quickest will realize that while individually these things are fine, when put together, they tend to ruin the experience. If only one or two of these were changed (or simplified or removed) the game would be absolutely amazing.

As a final conclusion, Sonic Unleashed is a wonderful title at times. The daytime stages play exactly as a 3D Sonic game should. The Nighttime stages, while enjoyable, are repetitive and frustrating at times. The only thing keeping this game from an excellent rating would be the amount of annoying repetitions you will have to make to play the title to its fullest. Namely, if Sega had just changed one or two things like fixing up the challenge section and giving more variety to the werehog portions this would be a perfect 10.

VERDICT: I gave this game 7/10. This is an amazing game that is plagued by repetition and a lack of variety in the werehog portions. I recommend it to anyone who thinks that Sonic can’t get along in three dimensions…just don’t expect it to be getting any game of the year awards.
Given 3 stars by SmokingBmbr465
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Posted on 23 February 13 at 21:41, Edited on 23 February 13 at 21:42
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I originally posted a review of this game, but I deleted it and completed the game to see what my final impressions of it would be.

Sonic Unleashed is a interesting game to say the least. It's not a masterpiece, but I think this is probably the most underrated game of the Sonic series. That being said, they were parts I loved, and parts that nearly made me throw my controller out of my window.

Story: The story in my opinion is good, but nothing I haven't seen before. The game starts with Sonic pursuing Dr. Eggman until Eggman traps him in a machine which takes all of the power out of the Chaos Emeralds and results in Sonic turning into a Werewolf at night. Eggman also breaks open Earth and awakens a powerful force inside the planet called Dark Gaia. When Sonic lands back on Earth, he thinks he has fallen on a creature named Chip and thinks he caused Chip to develop Amnesia and forget his memory. Sonic volunteers to help Chip get his memory back, and Chip helps Sonic as they bid to stop both Eggman and Dark Gaia by returning Earth back to normal by travelling to each of the seven continents and placing a Chaos Emerald inside that continent's temple.

I give the story a 10/20.

Graphics: In one word: Stunning. Especially in the Day stages, the environments look beautiful and realistic. There are a few frame rate issues in the Night stages, but the Graphics and Presentation pleasantly surprised me and I think Sonic Team continues to excel in this category.

I give the Graphics a 18/20.

Music: Not bad, but I can't remember any of the themes. I think the main theme of the game is very emotional and it inspires you. The music could have been better, but it defiantly could have been worse.

I give the music a 12/20.

Gameplay: The game is split up into two sections: daytime and nighttime. I loved the day stages! The controls can be a little delayed sometimes, but the sense of speed and amazing graphics make the day stages worth playing.

However, the night stages is where I lost interest a bit. They aren't terrible, they just needed more time and effort. I'm a huge fan of beating the pulp out of enemies and you can do that in this game. However, the combat controls could have been better and the stages can become really frustrating, especially in the last zone of the game, Eggmanland. The normal Sonic parts for this stage are fine, but the werewolf parts require lots of practice and patience to get past them. Only one problem, the stage goes on for half a hour! How I got past it still baffles me. I like challenge, but this game went way overboard near the end!

The bosses were good, but they can be REALLY hard, especially the final fight with Dark Gaia. Actually beating that meant the world to me as it was spilt up into 3 different sections and they really pushed me to the limit! I loved the final fight with Eggman because you get to pay Eggman back for causing this mess haha!

I give the Gameplay a 12/20.

Replay Value: Once you beat the game, you won't go back to it. However, the game gives you Sun and Moon medals which you must find to progress in the game. I like Sonic Team's thinking, but finding these things was a real hassle! It took me about 12 hours to beat the game because off the medals when I'm happy with only half off that!

I give the Replay Value a 13/20.

So let's recap:
Story: 10/20.
Graphics: 18/20.
Music: 12/20.
Gameplay: 12/20.
Replay Value: 13/20.

Final Score: 65/100
Grade: C+

Summary: While this game annoyed me at times, I enjoyed it. Would I go back to it? No. Is it hugely underrated by sites such as IGN and Gamespot? Of course. I think they only judged the game on the nighttime stages. They weren't great, but I liked how Sonic Team at least tried something different. This game isn't a great game, but is at least worth a rent. With more time and effort, it could have been better, but it's certainly better than the Sonic 06' disaster that came before it. This game is good, let it pass.
Given 3_5 stars by CraftyChris1234
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