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401 CyanideSpirit CyanideSpiritI'm alive. 470,440
Beware the Ides of March in Ryse: Son of Rome
402 Darthmushu DarthmushuAnyone happen to have a ME3 code for "From Ashes" I really don't want to pay $10 for that short thing. 470,137
Belly of the Beast in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
403 bigdaddy1622 bigdaddy1622 469,775
Honor Holds Us All Together in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
404 Humpyrton HumpyrtonDead Rising 3 DLC is just crap, collectibles upon collectibles 468,075
What Pride Had Wrought in Dragon Age: Inquisition
Come Out On Top in F1 2016
406 Mistwalker45 Mistwalker45No idea what i'm in the mood to play *sigh* guess i'll look at my backlog list 467,912
Entryway in DOOM
407 FalconGR LIVE FalconGR LIVEAnyone interested in Rogue kills and then Underground missions in the Division? I am GS 195! :) 467,887
Back in the Day in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
408 Scoot338 Scoot338 467,487
Beyond Good and Evil in Beyond Good & Evil HD
409 DefEdge DefEdgeNumber 1 in completed games in Alabama? When did that happen? 466,422
Maximum in Mad Max
410 xxXI Dave IXxx xxXI Dave IXxx 465,706
Out of the Blue in Minecraft: Story Mode - A Telltale Games Series (Xbox 360)
411 KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARDAnyone want to buy Mirrors Edge Catalyst?? 464,231
BOOM in Madden NFL 17
412 SourKraut1944 SourKraut1944Kasumi is Awesome! 464,205
Candelabra moustache in Agatha Christie - The A.B.C. MURDERS
413 HarrySon9 HarrySon9My opponent in UHH said they aren't able to play this week so I've got time to play KI. Yay. 464,178
Connoisseur of the Arts in DuckTales Remastered (Arcade)
414 Shadow 00 Fox Shadow 00 FoxSatisfying... almost completely rewriting/updating a solution. smile 462,428
Enhancement in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
415 TrueWickedone TrueWickedoneIf anyone is working on the Gems of War game and wants a guild invite for bonus magic, shoot me a message. 5 to all Masteries and 40% bonus gold 462,383
Fungus Victory in Plague Inc: Evolved
416 Jimbob73 Jimbob73 462,361
Penta-Cut in Prominence Poker
417 Omfamna OmfamnaHo Ho Ho Bitches! 461,748
Medal of Altana in Final Fantasy XI
418 Gazmaster3D Gazmaster3DDark Souls 3 100% 461,705
Home Field in Forza Motorsport 6
419 ManMonkeyRules ManMonkeyRules 460,701
I'm A Pro! in SMITE
420 OMG iTz Slov OMG iTz SlovIs anybody gonna be picking up Temple of Osiris for $5?!?! 460,126
Level With You in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition
421 Crimson Drifter Crimson DrifterI knew it would happen eventually, stuck achievement on Goat Simulator. Shows 100% complete, but still locked. Any ideas? 460,089
Dream Team in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
422 Black Buff Black BuffHappy Fathers Day to those Gamer Dads!! 460,077
Be Prepared in Grand Theft Auto V
423 Th3Professi0nal Th3Professi0nalFar Cry 3. You need to get it!! 459,959
Together Again in Halo 5: Guardians
424 Soldier 4 I AM Soldier 4 I AMCompleting my unfinished games. 459,363
Say Cheese in The Penguins of Madagascar
425 Dude Rain Dude RainGideon is a pretty cool Dude. 459,330
Shaper of Stone in Dragon Age: Inquisition
426 Dead Soulja96 Dead Soulja96Steam Summer Sale starts today! 459,307
Take a Break in Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons (Xbox 360)
427 Bozack BozackAF2016 in the books. Another great year. 459,216
Mango Tango in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
428 Squalo FIN Squalo FIN 459,103
Superdrones in Ultratron
429 Cilisien Cilisien 459,075
Flawless victory in Lies of Astaroth
430 Stevivor Stevivorsteve | 458,907
Landfall in The Walking Dead: Michonne
431 Funky Monkee Funky MonkeeThe Fall is only £1.20 right now 458,654
Anything Else in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
432 SilentRich69 SilentRich69Just applied for the TA YouTube team :) 458,579
Godfather in Guns, Gore & Cannoli
433 ElurianRaven ElurianRavenTA - please stop placing full screen popups on mobile devices 458,502
Challenging in Rise of the Tomb Raider
434 Daritan Daritan 458,243
Sparring Spinal in Killer Instinct
435 stuffmixer stuffmixerBusy with: The Crew, Dirt Rally and Mirrors Edge! 457,458
P.I. Connors in Mirror's Edge Catalyst
436 TBonePhone TBonePhoneThe race to finish Project Spark begins tonight! 456,870
One Apology and Explanation Later in Tumblestone
437 Dimmock DimmockCall of Duty 2 is now backwards compatible, happy days. 456,608
Brand Loyal in Forza Motorsport 5
438 Pedle Zelnip Pedle ZelnipRocket League -- DONE! 456,593
Certifiable in Rocket League
439 Cobraguy CobraguySo I got rid of the 555. Should I change it back or is this better? Not sure myself. 455,715
The Champion in Madden NFL 17
440 CanaDa Fwend CanaDa Fwend 455,217
Omniscient in Layers of Fear
441 KEOLIVEatHOME KEOLIVEatHOMElooking to do co op pc gears 1 as dom. willing to do 2 quick playthroughs if anyone needs it. 454,683
My Body Is A Temple in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
442 Angus Gavin Angus Gavin 453,814
Weapon Specialist in Mass Effect 2 (JP)
443 MaseJ MaseJ 453,747
Librarian in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta
444 TheJoeDean TheJoeDeanDues ex human rev is trash. Aweful AI 453,489
The Power Cosmic in Marvel Ultimate Alliance
445 NeonInVermont NeonInVermontJust wanted to say congrats to my amazing girlfriend (g0dess 0f l0ve) on her 200 day streak. Im very impressed by it. Great job babe. 452,110
Emperor's Gauntlet in Ben-Hur
446 RadicalSniper99 RadicalSniper99So I'm guessing there isn't going to be a TA Summer Olympics event this year? Was looking forward to it since the Winter event 2 years ago was great 451,802
Choices Choices in Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
447 NightRider82 NightRider82 451,676
Turning Left in Forza Motorsport 6
448 MattyHustedUk MattyHustedUkBring On WWE 2k16 451,301
Daily LoginⅡ in Lies of Astaroth
449 MeesterBjangles MeesterBjangles 451,152
The Crimson Corsair in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens
450 Zefph ZefphXbox One ftw 451,135
The bigger they are… in Homefront: The Revolution
451 The Pusher The PusherBe forewarned... The Pusher-man effing cometh! -- Gearing up for an epic comeback. The 300k barrier needs to be demolished... and soon. 450,435
First Win: Competition in Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (Xbox 360)
452 Hybridchld HybridchldI was trying to figure out how my TA score shot up the last few days and then I noticed that the ratio for Warriors Orochi 3 has doubled! 450,177
Decorated Veteran in Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
453 KeLvInD KeLvInDIf you know all the answers, you simply misunderstood the questions 449,965
Tuned for Excellence in Need for Speed
454 Captain Redeye Captain RedeyeThanks to everyone who downloaded Warriors Orochi 3. You doubled the score in 2 days. Winner. 449,516
Core Driller in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
455 II Mr Mestor II II Mr Mestor II>>Multikonsolero<< 448,957
The Tree and the Apple in Layers of Fear
456 Petey247 Petey247All Clear 448,613
Peak Jumper in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 10)
457 ElmoRedColor ElmoRedColor180 Completed Games | 95 % | 8,812 Achievements wave 448,448
Big Bucks! in DiRT 2 (PC)
458 Phil0s0pher Phil0s0pherPSN ID: philossopher 448,435
Senseless in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
459 Edybersch Edybersch 447,984
One on One in Prominence Poker
460 Unholy Ardency Unholy Ardency 447,482
Rain City in Touchdown Hero: New Season (WP)
461 shortbubble shortbubbleFinishing up Zoo Tycoon Finally. 446,610
Assassin of Kings in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
462 yamayamayaamaa 446,365
Doctor Walker in Syberia 2
463 orichi1977 orichi1977 446,110
Orb Hunter in Crackdown
464 UltimateHero128 UltimateHero128Let's go Team Cap! 445,453
Catch This in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
465 versatile747 versatile747Health & Science Marine Corps Patrick Lawrence Wheeler Sr. 444,647
Selfless Giver in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
466 KillieExile KillieExileGot to wait another 2 days for dark souls 2 as messed my order up, never using them again. 443,867
Phantom Limb in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
467 Chris Bradford Chris Bradford 443,163
Let's Get This Party Started! in Resident Evil 5
468 Jason S Jason SEverywhere and nowhere. 442,917
Shining Bright in HITMAN
469 McAtee MADNESS McAtee MADNESSForza 6 somehow popped up on my ready to install. Free full version. Thanks microsoft! 442,727
Welcome to Forza Motorsport in Forza Motorsport 6
470 JGravert 442,710
Do You Even Lift in Prominence Poker
471 Dale Norris 25 Dale Norris 25Well thats halo5 done again until the next time 442,152
How we say goodbye in Germany. in LEGO Indiana Jones: Original Adventures
472 Viper7 Viper7Achievements yummy 441,721
Mutineer in Prominence Poker
473 DetroitSSteele DetroitSSteeleReally sick and fucking tired of glitched achievements. Do they fucking test these things? 441,490
Practice Makes Perfect in Doodle God Blitz (WP)
Sir Punch A Bunch in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
475 The Big Cooker The Big Cooker 440,174
Smokin' and Drinkin' in Prominence Poker
476 don manolito don manolitoBack from Spain! 440,070
Tactical Toggler in Medal of Honor: Warfighter
477 xGodIsNotRealx xGodIsNotRealxBest thing about NSW? The entry to QLD sign on the Pacific Motorway. QUEENSLANDER 439,876
Day in Guitar Hero Live
478 Achvment Freak Achvment FreakBattleborn with my bro code jefe.m always nice to play a good competitive game.. lol win streak like 50 too good i guess 439,135
Battleborn in Battleborn
479 Pinski Pinski141414 gamerscore on 3/30/2015 437,813
Gang Banger in Dead Rising 3
480 ll Vendetta ll ll Vendetta ll 437,585
Restoring Order in Fallout 4
481 Sniper JZA80 Sniper JZA8010,000 achievements, 182 completed games, 137 completed DLC packs, 1.90 TA ratio, 94.65% completion. Thanks to everyone that helped along the way! 437,557
Dancer of the Boreal Valley in Dark Souls III
482 Huginho19 Huginho19'I Am Legion' New Neverwinter Guild iv Created open to TA Members, active guild looking for more people to join 437,386
Teamwork is Fun in WWE 2K16
483 Trogdor345 Trogdor345 437,248
Hunk of Junk in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
484 TBreit TBreitFortnite unlocked today, talk about cutting it close! 437,216
Business master in MONOPOLY Deal
485 Syko Al Syko AlTurd Eradication Agency* 436,251
Not One Inch in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
486 TangerineGamer TangerineGamer73% towards Peak Performance in Xbox Fitness with no effort thanks to Solution for Peak Performance in Xbox Fitness 436,169
Weapon Proficiency in South Park: The Stick of Truth
487 Lord Forbes Lord ForbesBroke 250,000 well before goal of year end! 435,994
Touchdown! in Fallout 4
488 Fatal RusH Fatal RusHWell, FFXV demo was a load of shit... 435,846
The Gun In The Stone in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
489 danpsfx danpsfxGot dispatch confirmation for my rock band 4 orders, the hype is real. 435,475
So it is possible! in SUPERHOT
490 Miss Baby Kim Miss Baby KimYou know when your backlog is high when you have the 360 and xbox one switched on at the same time 435,266
Green Emissary in Lies of Astaroth
491 MuscularTea MuscularTeawon 166 Achievements in 18 games, for a total of 3,186 TrueAchievement points (2,130 GamerScore). 434,910
A Myriad of Merry Minions in Happy Dungeons
492 Surfer2308 Surfer2308 434,703
PWNT! in Puzzle Quest 2 (WP)
493 x1001x Puppys x1001x PuppysGuitar Hero III: Complete. 434,479
Mummy’s Boy in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 10)
494 Ashurimitsu AshurimitsuGaming since 1990 434,326
Joker in Uno
495 Ralph The Rogue Ralph The Rogue 434,137
Accessorize in Homefront: The Revolution
496 Funnnkyyy FunnnkyyyNext to complete Turok, Rage and Quantum Theory 433,604
Wishing this was Vegas in Bodycount
497 Tripy73 433,300
Keep on Truckin' in Super Street Fighter IV
498 Stinkman68 Stinkman68HALO Master Chief Collection 599/600 Achievements 433,030
One on One in Prominence Poker
499 danksy9 danksy92 games down in one day! What to do next.......... 433,017
Fish From Hell in Dynamite Fishing - World Games
500 RadiantViper RadiantViperFound an Xbox Live Vision Cam ... time to get some old achievements? smile 432,891
Was it Good For You in Gears of War 3