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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83Titanfall Xbox One $24.89 - http://tinyurl.com/ljlmopm 45,340 Breathless in Dance Central: Spotlight
2 weffalump weffalump 30,155 Warlock Mastery in Destiny (Xbox One)
3 Bond OO7 Bond OO7Looking for a 2nd raid team to run potentially this weekend. lvl 26 25,106 Bane of the Emperor in Destiny (Xbox One)
4 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN / EA SPORTS UFC : 9 Division titles & 1 Tournament won / and back on 100% MMA completion 21,790 Collecting Silverware in FIFA 14 (Xbox One)
5 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91if any or you guys play on PS3 add me my Psn id is so_cal_brex_91 20,406 Boob-Tuber in Crackle
6 AceStAyWilDiN AceStAyWilDiNDestiny - If you love me, you will be mines tonight 19,937 W.Tournament Champ in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2
7 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehMy assault on the XB1 Leaderboard is currently at a stand still. Enjoying Destiny far too much right now 19,448 Titan Mastery in Destiny (Xbox One)
8 Xenodolf XenodolfNow active on PS3 / TrueTrophies.com 19,386 Triple Play in Destiny
9 acedawg4 acedawg4Lets win this $$$ Mayweather!! I need a TKO! LETS GET IT ON!! 19,059 Why Are My Pants Cold and Wet in The LEGO Movie Videogame
10 Pigimiss Prime Pigimiss Primemerry xmas everyone!!! p.s. i love my boyfriend for my new surface!! 17,603 Welcome to Forza Motorsport in Forza Motorsport 5
11 the nayster the naysterif carlsburg made men...... 17,286 Focused Willpower in Crimson Dragon
12 jjbcbus jjbcbusonline madden sucks ass.2 straight games i was about to win as the lowly browns and both times the assholes quit 17,148 One Shot Hero in F1 2012
13 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 300If you buy a digital copy of destiny on 360 you get the xbox one version for Free. Seems like a pretty good deal. 16,893 Rising Vanguard in Destiny (Xbox One)
14 SHIN GRIMM SHIN GRIMMMortal Kombat X trailer looks good. As always waiting on TA to catch up & post it on news feed Only nearly 2 days behind 16,603 Socket to Me in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
15 wbs 101 wbs 101First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100 15,955 Communication Fail in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
16 Bomber37 Bomber37 15,944 Bane of the Dead in Destiny (Xbox One)
17 TricKyRicKy xD TricKyRicKy xDbank holiday monday!!! another day off work YYEESSS! 15,876 Online trucker in Truck Racer
18 JieXY JieXYThe DLCs for Sniper Elite 3 are a prime example of ripoff. 15,875 Bunker Buddies in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
19 Heaven In Vain Heaven In Vainanyone up for helping me with the ender dragon, the end and cure zombie villager achievements? 15,848 Giant Slayer in Destiny (Xbox One)
20 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 15,834 Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
21 Auston53 Auston53 14,923 Second Gear in Parking Mania (WP)
22 Jason8uk Jason8uk 14,852 A Friend Indeed in Destiny (Xbox One)
23 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 14,847 Streak Masters in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
24 misterman08 misterman08After playing the Destiny Beta for past 3 hrs my mind still is undecided day one or not 14,467 Power of Faith in Enemy Front
25 Atrocity F Atrocity FPlease give me a GoW 1 remake for XB1. I'll play nothing but Gears 1 again for years. 14,394 Change of Heart in Destiny (Xbox One)
26 SmokenRocket SmokenRocketFinally completed a retail game lol 14,373 Lost Treasure in Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8)
27 ToadStyleVenom ToadStyleVenom 14,359 It's Still Easy in Madden NFL 25
28 MANGLER MANGLERToo many games, almost no time to play!!! 14,353 Gunner in Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One)
29 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 13,890 Passing the Time in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
30 Valioukha ValioukhaProchainement : défi personnel : avoir au minimum 10 jeux terminés sur TA en 24h. 13,847 Change of Heart in Destiny
31 Matty to tha G Matty to tha Gcan't wait to see the ratio decay next week, muwahaha 13,774 There Goes The Neighborhood in Captain America: Super Soldier
32 Kovy88 Kovy88Hit 200,000 TA score on shooters as 97th on site. Meh, need more. 13,752 Rabbit in Metro Redux
33 HilariousHarvie HilariousHarvieHard Mode has glitched out on Guacamelee right near the end :( NOT HAPPY 13,565 Titan Mastery in Destiny (Xbox One)
34 evil terrorr evil terrorrTrueAchievement Site Rank: 625 out of 236,352 hmmm not bad 13,451 Notorious in Destiny (Xbox One)
35 CrispyReaper CrispyReaperfinally set my kinect up. i've had it for well over a year OMG im so unfit 13,439 Show-Off in Assassin's Creed: Revelations
36 DaddyP Not3D DaddyP Not3D300,000. 13,379 Use of Weapons in Destiny (Xbox One)
37 DX Jedi DX Jedi 13,122 Warlock Mastery in Destiny (Xbox One)
38 Riconoclast RiconoclastShining Empire just revitalised my interest in 360. 13,118 Moving on Up in Warface
39 SITH RICK SITH RICKOceans 10 can bite me! 12,594 Frequent Flier in Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities (WP)
40 ChasIII ChasIII 12,409 Snicker-snack! in Alice: Madness Returns
41 dvdmanpa dvdmanpa 12,319 Kalamity Averted in Skylanders SWAP Force (Xbox One)
42 mfeforever mfeforever 12,303 Best Friends Forever in FIFA 14
43 Frostbite FrostbiteWith 360Voice dying, follow the community over to Gamertag Nation: http://www.gamertagnation.com/?referrerid=3125 12,099 Armed and Dangerous in BattleBlock Theater
44 New Paralyzer New ParalyzerPants Party discovered XBLA Arcade games can now have 400G or 1000G.... Guacamelee! and Legend of Kora hold 1000G. 11,915 Giant Slayer in Destiny (Xbox One)
45 bps21 bps21 11,857 Enchanter in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
46 Sky360 Sky360GS Completion Hunter >> ¡Hala Madrid! <> XCOM << 11,848 Southern Mexico Expedition in Tomb Raider: Underworld
47 Miss Baby Kim Miss Baby KimYou know when your backlog is high when you have the 360 and xbox one switched on at the same time 11,721 Sub Skill Expert 2 in Crimson Dragon
48 N18p73pwn3r N18p73pwn3rLooking for one or several partners for scott pilgrim wallace DLC achievements (can help with others in exchange) 11,683 Survivor in The Raven
49 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IXWhat's your favorite soundtrack in a game? 11,648 Solved World 3 in Braid
50 Chilli Thunder Chilli ThunderDo I really want to go back and finish off Battlefield Bad Company ? 11,481 Window Garden in Flowerz (WP)
51 MyFryHole MyFryHoleStill alive... for now 11,440 Bane of the Emperor in Destiny (Xbox One)
52 Gogore WoD Gogore WoD 11,359 Giant Slayer in Destiny
53 BwF SmokeBudnSF BwF SmokeBudnSF 11,318 Infiltrator in Battlefield 4
54 EdibleChunk EdibleChunkI wish I never started Farming Simulator. I'm missing 1 horseshoe. 11,298 Master Negotiator in Madden NFL 15
55 donut77 donut77HARBL 11,271 Change of Heart in Destiny
56 cra x360a cra x360aWoooo Strider release 14.2 :D and looking forward towards Dark Souls 2 :D :D 11,189 Up All Night To Get Lucky in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
57 Jakeythedude Jakeythedude 11,067 Welcome to The Club in The Club (PC)
58 FragEmAndSmile FragEmAndSmileUpdated 6/21/14 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog 11,012 Part II Complete in Max Payne 3
59 Jedlyn JedlynCouch co-op games that aren't Lego. Go. 10,958 Gotta Save Them All! in Super Time Force (Xbox One)
60 Badson42 Badson42I've made another 942,000,000km circuit around the sun for a total of 42,390,000,000km. So how old does that make me? 45 10,903 Got to catch them all in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
61 Joshnorm JoshnormSo much great TV on losing out on game time. 10,826 Gotta Save Them All! in Super Time Force (Xbox One)
62 Cer3bra1Asassin Cer3bra1AsassinAlmost time to play destiny!! 10,810 Photo Observer in Cut the Rope: Experiments (WP)
63 Lamboliochen Lamboliochen 10,743 Decryptologist in Destiny (Xbox One)
64 Mrsod Mrsodsofa king wasted 10,694 Steel Wall in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
65 Acapnic AcapnicToo many games.......Too little time 10,513 True Space Bird Fan in Angry Birds Space (WP)
66 bigdaddy1622 bigdaddy1622 10,432 Triple Play in Destiny (Xbox One)
67 SparkyMP SparkyMP27 days since I played a game. The streak will probably end today thanks to the new Wolfenstein. 10,395 Hammerhead Shark in Hungry Shark Evolution (WP)
68 JoRo20 JoRo20If this XBOX is A Rockin' Don't Come A Knockin' 10,341 Undisputed Champion in NHL 2K9
69 LUFC WEAVE 87 LUFC WEAVE 87Finally hit 200,000G :) 10,340 Like A Vacation in Titanfall (Xbox One)
70 VixyNyan VixyNyanhttp://bit.ly/1sYFIGm = Sakura Flamingo Archives, STG Collection: Karous, Radirgy, Chaos Field, Radirgy Noa and Illvelo~ 10,296 Big Win in Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader
71 RyU913 RyU913 10,247 CH a CH ING in Wordament Snap Attack (WP)
72 Znorx Znorx 10,135 A Friend Indeed in Destiny
73 BrutalGuitar BrutalGuitar%$*#! I died at level 67 in Diablo: R.O.S. I was just 3 levels from the level 70 in hardcore achievement. 10,129 Blaze of Glory in Killer Instinct Classic
74 DevilWithin08 DevilWithin08Liking the new Dark Theme :) 10,054 Rising Vanguard in Destiny (Xbox One)
75 Redders 1984 Redders 1984EDF E-D-F! 9,983 Instrument of Hope in Final Fantasy XIII
76 ll W I K U ll ll W I K U llStill no Exotic achievement in Destiny on X1 ! Please Wait... 9,973 Strength of the Pack in Destiny (Xbox One)
77 Crunk McCrunk Crunk McCrunkhttp://twitter.com/beatmason 9,947 Rising Vanguard in Destiny (Xbox One)
78 meatman75 meatman75Quest to 200K, 3 years to the day of achieving 100K - done 05-12-2014. Now completely lost my will to game. 9,936 All The Dead Lie Down in The Walking Dead: Season Two
79 brjr1005 brjr1005 9,889 Tightening the Noose in Murdered: Soul Suspect
80 HumbledManiak HumbledManiakWhen you can't even use Xbox.com or Windows Phone to send messages, you kind of realise how shit Xbox Live Silver is. 9,868 Trophabulous! in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise
81 ChaoticReign747 ChaoticReign747 9,809 All Come To Ruin in Dishonored
82 antho60430 antho60430serieux 3.0, j 'arrive!! 9,789 Never Seen that Before in Diablo III
83 Singularity69 Singularity69Hmm...Destiny and Warframe. I'm going to be busy for a while... 9,672 Sentinel Proficiency in Warframe
84 ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L ESS3NC3 0F 3V1Lpicking up the sunset overdrive xbox one. Been waiting for a white console. Also gamestop promoted me so thats good. 9,632 Warlock Mastery in Destiny
85 BonesEKR BonesEKR 9,568 Lonely Vengeance in Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
86 KennedyAK47 KennedyAK47GO BIG RED- OMAHA NE 9,415 Swamp Secured in Skylanders SWAP Force (Xbox One)
87 Tekiinoaru TekiinoaruJohn 3:16 9,412 Lucky Draw in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution
88 PrimeBigTime PrimeBigTimeSince everyone is playing Destiny, what's the verdict? 9,374 Lucky 7's in Microsoft Sudoku (JP Ver) (Win 8)
89 spyrobo spyrobo 9,369 Bookworm in Sacred Citadel
90 CaMmY95 CaMmY95Why do i even bother looking at that other achievement based website. That really ugly and full of retards one. :( 9,339 Bane of the Dead in Destiny (Xbox One)
91 DECSTAR 1 DECSTAR 1lets put away the xboxes and play outside 9,331 Unclean and Uncool in Lollipop Chainsaw
92 Austin9993 Austin9993PS Plus destroys Games for Gold. 9,302 Something to Live For in Prototype 2
93 Hitman881103 Hitman881103 9,258 Hunter Killer in Destiny (Xbox One)
94 PiCkLE SQU1D PiCkLE SQU1DLook for a booster for Top Spin 2 and also some boosters for Quake 4. :) 9,107 Pick-Free in NCAA Football 09
95 ULTIMATE BTD ULTIMATE BTDFinishing old games and starting new ones. 9,054 Clumsy Me! in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One)
96 soxfan13 soxfan13 8,986 Video Teleporter in YouTube
97 x SC0TT FREE x x SC0TT FREE xJohn 14:6 8,891 Lucky 7s in Destiny
98 xGunna 94x xGunna 94xHey fags hows it going? ;P 8,888 Dunwall in Chaos in Dishonored
99 Wizzbang6 Wizzbang6Polish Sausage 8,881 Stayin' Frosty in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
100 Hydrolex HydrolexComing soon...nothing. I quit. R.I.P Hydrolex 8,874 Pop Goes the Weasel in Call of Duty: Black Ops II