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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 SixSticks SixSticksGTAV - my second life for who knows how long... 337,083
In Contention in Home Run Stars
2 brent1221 brent1221Anyone looking for a copy of AC4 on the 360? Cant seem to sell it on eBay. Willing to make a deal! 299,264
Never Gonna Give You Up in Deadlight
3 NatasNaes NatasNaesIf you have a windows phone 8 you can download the wp7 version of fruit ninja right now 287,965
A Cold Wind Blows in Strider (Xbox One)
4 dill icious dill iciousfuck gfwl. seriously. 30 hours worth of fable 3 down the drain. this shit hardly ever happens on consoles. 278,438
Pebble Dash in Crackdown 2
5 SpiralGamerpro SpiralGamerproWhy is Fatal so obsessed with young Japanese girls? 262,001
Humanist in Hitman HD Pack
6 GringoNumeroUno GringoNumeroUnoIf at first you don't succeed, F**k it. 247,681
Covenant of the Fittest in Dark Souls II
7 ExceptedSeven ExceptedSeven 244,541
Elite Defense in XCOM: Enemy Within
8 Lobo Samhain Lobo SamhainRIP Warrior 219,952
Remarkable Red! in UNO & Friends (WP)
9 x jjaldana 2 x x jjaldana 2 xDoes anyone have an unused rock band export token? ill be willing to pay 210,333
Lost to the Ages in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
10 Erwo the Elder Erwo the ElderGot myself a Fitbit Force and started a True Achievements Fitbit group! Join up if you are into it! Yay! 209,973
Hoarder in Zuma's Revenge!
11 J BIGGS SFV OG J BIGGS SFV OGfuck dat shit and do dat shit! 208,728
Entrapment in Tomb Raider
12 SeMi KiD SeMi KiDThinking about selling my xbox again... :o but resisting because of borderlands 2, and bioshock infinite.... :/ 207,352
The Challenger in Halo 4
13 x l Santos x l Santos5 more gens and TitanFall will be complete. Then I'll probably work on Ryse multiplayer. 202,084
Malpractice Needs More Practice in Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
14 williemonster76 williemonster76games games games.. I love games. 196,736
Orange Crusher in Peggle 2 (Xbox One)
15 UrbanAdvantage UrbanAdvantage[XBOX ONE] 194,735
Welcome To Bricksburg in The LEGO Movie Videogame (Xbox One)
16 machmota9 machmota9Peace out CS:GO 192,943
8 Ball Champion in Pool Nation
17 Brawler rocks Brawler rocksLocation: Kalos; Status: 714/718 183,447
Quadratic in Trials Fusion
18 opposer1 opposer1 178,586
Tooled Up in Crysis 2
19 Evilplyr Evilplyr 173,577
Pulitzer material in Far Cry 2
20 LGmastermind9 LGmastermind9SOFA KING WEE TARD ED 169,157
Fanatic in Forza Motorsport 5
21 Big Killa C Big Killa CAchievement Unlocked: Baby Killa C is here 8 lbs 8 oz :-) 135,066
No Parley in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
22 rabidinfection rabidinfection 131,559
Still Alive in Portal 2
23 LostNomad47 LostNomad47 126,966
Played for more than 1 hours in Puzzle by Nikoli X Sudoku (Win 8)
24 ALNXX92 ALNXX92 119,317
Road Trip in Far Cry 3
25 DJDiscoStu69 DJDiscoStu69Time to get back to playing some games in my free time again. Yeah! ;-) 116,943
I Killed Them All in Titanfall (Xbox One)
26 Templar Punk Templar PunkOh c'mon that was premature. I'm betting on Sersi. 113,560
Calamity Kid in Bastion
27 HitHardTactics HitHardTacticsI stood up for my right to privacy. I deleted ALL my google accounts. You should too! 105,518
Treasure Hunter in Kinectimals (WP)
28 Uchiha Shinobi Uchiha ShinobiIts Mahvel Baybee 103,233
Coins in the Cushion in BioShock Infinite
29 Geomancy GeomancyCan’t believe Bungie let Martin O’Donnell go. Wonder what’s behind that? 102,277
Hear me roar in Game of Thrones
30 PsybrnetiCToasT PsybrnetiCToasTGot my first 100% completion on Xbox One with Ryse: Son of Rome! Here's to a new generation and lots of achievements! 94,620
Gun Shop in Zombie Apocalypse
31 AShiningAngel AShiningAngel 57,059
Plunder in Age of Booty
32 xVENGEANCEx714 xVENGEANCEx714 56,450
Good While It Lasted in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
33 Drunk 18yr Girl Drunk 18yr GirlGetting trophies on ps3 to get ready for ps4. My psn is NutellaOrgies, add me 50,026
An Educated Lanista in Spartacus Legends
34 Balin71 Balin71It's 2013, bring it 42,161
Do you come here often in YouTube
35 porpoisemonkey porpoisemonkeyI completed the web version of wordament but it isn't showing up... 34,614
Need a hand in Dead Island
36 SISYPH7S SISYPH7SCheck out my reviews!!! 19,940
Production in Major League Baseball 2K13
37 Scheme in Rhyme Scheme in Rhyme 18,317
The Workhorse in Fable II

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SISYPH7S Major League Baseball 2K13 Production SISYPH7S won the Production achievement in Major League Baseball 2K13 for 44 points
SISYPH7S Major League Baseball 2K13 Fanning the Flames SISYPH7S won the Fanning the Flames achievement in Major League Baseball 2K13 for 30 points
SISYPH7S Major League Baseball 2K13 Home, Sweet Home SISYPH7S won the Home, Sweet Home achievement in Major League Baseball 2K13 for 22 points
x jjaldana 2 x The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Proud Parent x jjaldana 2 x won the Proud Parent achievement in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for 16 points
brent1221 Deadlight Never Gonna Give You Up brent1221 won the Never Gonna Give You Up achievement in Deadlight for 7 points
brent1221 Deadlight Jump brent1221 won the Jump achievement in Deadlight for 22 points
NatasNaes Strider (Xbox One) A Cold Wind Blows NatasNaes won the A Cold Wind Blows achievement in Strider (Xbox One) for 27 points
NatasNaes Strider (Xbox One) Red Dragon Awaits NatasNaes won the Red Dragon Awaits achievement in Strider (Xbox One) for 26 points
NatasNaes Strider (Xbox One) Untouchable NatasNaes won the Untouchable achievement in Strider (Xbox One) for 38 points
NatasNaes Strider (Xbox One) Master of Unlocking NatasNaes won the Master of Unlocking achievement in Strider (Xbox One) for 20 points
brent1221 Deadlight Let there be rock! brent1221 won the Let there be rock! achievement in Deadlight for 30 points
williemonster76 Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Orange Crusher williemonster76 won the Orange Crusher achievement in Peggle 2 (Xbox One) for 15 points
SpiralGamerpro Hitman HD Pack Humanist SpiralGamerpro won the Humanist achievement in Hitman HD Pack for 26 points
SpiralGamerpro Duke Nukem Forever Annihilation SpiralGamerpro won the Annihilation achievement in Duke Nukem Forever for 44 points
williemonster76 Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Coolest Clear williemonster76 won the Coolest Clear achievement in Peggle 2 (Xbox One) for 78 points
ALNXX92 Far Cry 3 Road Trip ALNXX92 won the Road Trip achievement in Far Cry 3 for 11 points
williemonster76 Peggle 2 (Xbox One) Objection! williemonster76 won the Objection! achievement in Peggle 2 (Xbox One) for 44 points
williemonster76 Peggle 2 (Xbox One) I'd Hit That williemonster76 won the I'd Hit That achievement in Peggle 2 (Xbox One) for 15 points