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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA Kingpin / Havin' a ball on my Xbox1. Loving EA UFC . picked up BF4 today. 788,348
To the Top! in EA SPORTS UFC
2 Doominatorx6 Doominatorx6"Midgetinactive" thinks I'm an unemployed loser. 640,086
The Modfather in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
3 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRROB LIEFELD (comic book creator/artist/writer) 614,943
Neutralizer in Mirror's Edge (WP)
4 A 0 E Monkey A 0 E Monkey 608,088
ネガティブ人間 in Chaos;Head: Noah
5 The Fury I84I The Fury I84I 605,092
Heart Of Darkness (Legendary) in Ryse: Son of Rome
6 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 563,295
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
7 Cinderkin CinderkinBeen awhile since I signed in on here. Wow did I have a bunch of unread messages. Sorry everyone. 554,271
Welcome to Fabletown in The Wolf Among Us
8 gamerboyTHXtss gamerboyTHXtss 529,994
Tooled Up in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
9 Da Mitch Man 90 Da Mitch Man 90It's nice to see my games are slowly getting finished and I can start playing some of my backlog now [smile] 526,216
Short Circuit in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (Xbox One)
10 A 0 UB3RLOZ3R A 0 UB3RLOZ3R 456,425
Karaoke Superstar in Sleeping Dogs
11 Valioukha ValioukhaSur Origin : tapez I-LOVE-THE-SIMS en code pour obtenir The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. 455,052
Went Five Rounds in Borderlands 2
12 Jedlyn JedlynCouch co-op games that aren't Lego. Go. 420,986
Remodelling in Fable III
13 Plasma SKX Plasma SKXWill The Circle Be Unbroken? 413,610
Florence Nightingale Award 2.0 in Operation Flashpoint: Red River (PC)
14 Grobanite Grobanite 399,793
Sky's the Limit in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8)
15 keung360 keung360 - Time to act before WP/W8 gaming follows GFWL to the grave 387,034
There’s always tomorrow Flo in Diner Dash
16 Ali060 Ali060Alternative to Ebay? I've heard of a site called called Ebid but unsure. Any recommendations? 386,805
Juggernauts and Crosses in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
17 UncleSam139 UncleSam139UncleSam139 won 239 Achievements in 10 games, for a total of 10,925 TrueAchievement points (5,340 GamerScore). 372,037
Survivor in I Am Alive
18 Ueki420 Ueki420I have a code for Gears of War 2 All Fronts Collection if someone would like to trade/buy it for $5. It is all the DLC. 366,971
Trash Picker in Call of Duty: Ghosts
19 Dropkick Hope86 Dropkick Hope86I am off out tonight for 2 friends bdays. It is a bioshock party. So tonight you can call me subject delta 359,712
Down in the Briney in BioShock Infinite
20 VixyNyan VixyNyan 354,540
Rent Money in Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
21 WAFFLETRAIN7997 WAFFLETRAIN7997Cloudberry progress 1/2 done level 319 20 houts total 352,424
Award Addicted in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
22 Stifler4Life Stifler4Life 349,234
Leave No Man Behind in Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY
23 knifehim knifehim 335,525
Log Off in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
24 Trombonafide TrombonafideFinally got a Bluetooth keyboard for my Surface RT. I am typing from across the room. Oooooh. 333,640
Dog's Life in Kinectimals Unleashed (Win 8)
25 danpsfx danpsfxthanks to belgian train strikes i am having to take a bus to france just to get the eurostar -.- 327,123
Head of State in Fallout 3
26 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomSniper elite 3 is so fucking broken 309,551
Town Hall Beating in F.E.A.R. 3
27 drabik drabik 296,096
Happily Ever After in The Wolf Among Us
28 Cartoon Ghost Cartoon GhostCongratulations sn1Xen! [clap] 294,703
finally together in ilomilo (WP)
29 Austin9993 Austin9993PS Plus destroys Games for Gold. 289,860
As A Scalpel in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
30 Acapnic AcapnicToo many games.......Too little time 288,052
Stellar in Bejeweled Live + (WP)
Sniper in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition
32 finallife6 finallife6 Fuck This 273,898
Send Me Out... with a Bang in Halo: Reach
33 XboxFreak36 XboxFreak36 265,420
Small Tournament in Borderlands
34 Irondan316 Irondan316I just found out that my old Navy ship, The USS Ingraham "AKA, the Ham" is being decommissioned in March next year!! 258,865
Victory! in Angry Birds Rio (WP)
35 King Chizzy King ChizzyAnyone having trouble signing into xbox live? 257,332
Honor Roll in Boom Boom Rocket
36 Devil Vergil XT Devil Vergil XT 255,316
War Games Connoisseur in Titanfall
37 AMoDo94 AMoDo94Hey fellas, Is there a group on Facebook\website where you can challenge others in fifa and the loser pays off coins? 253,322
Tonic Collector in BioShock (GER Ver)
38 xEaglExAssassin xEaglExAssassinsorry to upset the people who actually thought i was leaving the site .....lmao but nope back to gaming lol 247,112
Soldier in Lost Planet 2
39 KILLING5PR33 KILLING5PR33Sniper ghost warrior 2 very good game!!! 245,912
Karma Chameleon in Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
40 Demon Liar Demon LiarDidn't know resident evil 6 was worth 3000 TA score thats pretty good... 244,306
Armed and Dangerous in BattleBlock Theater
41 Will072 Will072 233,006
Beat your Frenemies in Wordament (Web)
42 QuickMythril QuickMythril 224,792
Came to Play in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
43 techie76 techie76trials fusion challenges 104/120 they are starting to take the piss now... 218,396
Date with Daphne in Dragon's Lair
44 Ross Wyatt Ross WyattLooking to boost Assassin's Creed Revelations. If anyone knows how it's done, please help me out. 217,809
Vive la resistance! in Wolfenstein: The New Order
45 Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Bk LuCKY ChaRMSwhy dishonored are you such a good game but had to get such a shitty dlc 216,940
Completed Chapter 2 - 2 in Resident Evil 5
46 Ki11erLawnGnome Ki11erLawnGnome 214,080
Beyond the Trees in The Walking Dead: Season Two
47 CR4GG3RS CR4GG3RS 204,830
That's one big Gato Frito in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One)
48 Disturbed XBA Disturbed XBAFinally got my amazon voucher, thanks TA!!! 197,165
Family Man in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
49 moogless mooglessff14 is much better than ff11 :) although i think the moogle stealing some guys booze and drinking it helped my opnion 195,127
Dedicated Player in Angry Birds Rio (WP)
50 Ax7 BEAST Ax7 BEASTYou know, I've had quite enough abuse from people on this site. I can't game a lot anymore, because I work all the time. 191,443
Most Valuable Player in Battlefield 3
51 LiopetriBeast LiopetriBeastHate Online Achievements! 183,217
Master of Hexes in Dark Souls II
52 Black Heart V Black Heart V 180,715
Rank Up in Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duels
53 RuukuSukotto RuukuSukottoDo any of my TA good buds have a Wii U? I have one friend and could do with more! 180,559
Serving Science in Dead Island Riptide
54 Maelstorm95 Maelstorm95Knowing how to think empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think. 179,296
Mer-man in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One)
55 ShottyEddie ShottyEddieCS Global Offensive: God of War: 10.000/10.000 176,725
Get Ahead in SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
56 Cereal Offenda Cereal OffendaNo comment.. 171,912
Gravel Factory in Angry Birds Trilogy
57 Pr1nce0fDarknez Pr1nce0fDarknezFinally over the breakup and besides having a beard now, it's time I return to gaming 169,550
Veteran of Fortress Stalingrad in Call of Duty 2
58 dijonketchup13 dijonketchup13Looks like it's Karaoke grinding for a while... 165,118
Bo-Duke-En in Saints Row: The Third
59 Capta1n0bvious3 Capta1n0bvious3Batman Arkhan Asylum, 23/24 predator challenges. Then it's on to combat challenges. Damn those are hard 163,218
This World is a Harsh Place in Civilization Revolution
60 xSinisterStrike xSinisterStrikeThe Destiny beta made me tingle in my underwear. 159,096
Delivered Daedric Artifact in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
61 DJ Drty Chapstk DJ Drty ChapstkPAX South Jan 23-25 2015 in San Antonio! 149,441
Trained Up in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
62 TsubakiCalamity TsubakiCalamityUsed to be an 360 gamer, but dealing with M$ is not worth it anymore. 146,949
Arcade Master in CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet
63 fam25 fam25no motto, no matter (what's the big deal?) 144,527
Gladiator school in Dead Island
64 SzilardUK SzilardUKBack to university. :) Yeeey. 139,346
Prolific Hacker in BioShock 2
65 xDevilsMagiic xDevilsMagiicBFBC: 8,118/10,002 Kills 130,523
An Extraordinary Man in Assassin's Creed III
66 WOOF X7 WOOF X7got all achieves in DMC3HD! 126,798
Revolutionary in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3
67 dennoman dennomanSURVIVAL MASTER!!! Phew, now just some title and online grinding left for that DOA5 1,000. 116,988
A Fight to Remember in Dead or Alive 5
68 Sleepwalker18 Sleepwalker18Finally got a new 360. Thank you so much Nick! I love you <3 115,043
Bought One Slot in BioShock
69 i7xz i7xz 110,522
Hero of the Tribe in Brave: A Warrior's Tale
70 Cause CauseI'm stuck at 98.33% in GTA IV [angry] 109,737
Link Repeater in Battlefield 4
71 Perdipt PerdiptI really need to get it together and start wrecking GoW3. 105,140
Natural Selection in Gears of War 3
72 Bassnectarr BassnectarrJust completed Geometry Wars 1 :) man, that Survive 1mil cheevo was a bitch. 92,039
Check Out My Ride in Trials Evolution
73 B1oodedgeReaper B1oodedgeReaperGoodbye Mircosoft while you did show games I can't support any of this drm 79,085
A Mother's Love in Bayonetta
74 DieCobros DieCobros"You knocked him down, why don't you try knocking me down now?" 75,535
Transcendent in Super Street Fighter IV
75 CrowderPleaser CrowderPleaserThink it's time to get back on my Xbox! Been to long.. 71,686
Best of the best! in MXGP The Official Motocross Videogame
76 The Tyler Farr The Tyler FarrWell, my XBONE is fucked up. I have to send it in. Looks like i'll be playing 360 for a little while. 70,253
It's Safer Here in Titanfall (Xbox One)

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Irondan316 Angry Birds Rio (WP) Victory! Irondan316 won the Victory! achievement in Angry Birds Rio (WP) for 19 points
DJ Drty Chapstk Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trained Up DJ Drty Chapstk won the Trained Up achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops II for 22 points
A 0 E Monkey Chaos;Head: Noah ネガティブ人間 A 0 E Monkey won the ネガティブ人間 achievement in Chaos;Head: Noah for 55 points
keung360 Diner Dash There’s always tomorrow Flo keung360 won the There’s always tomorrow Flo achievement in Diner Dash for 4 points
keung360 Diner Dash Endless, Schmendless keung360 won the Endless, Schmendless achievement in Diner Dash for 15 points
Irondan316 Angry Birds Rio (WP) Multi-Millionaire Irondan316 won the Multi-Millionaire achievement in Angry Birds Rio (WP) for 19 points
keung360 Diner Dash Secret Diner Award keung360 won the Secret Diner Award achievement in Diner Dash for 56 points
Valioukha Borderlands 2 Went Five Rounds Valioukha won the Went Five Rounds achievement in Borderlands 2 for 34 points
A 0 E Monkey Chaos;Head: Noah 【daydream】 A 0 E Monkey won the 【daydream】 achievement in Chaos;Head: Noah for 54 points
Grobanite Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) Sky's the Limit Grobanite won the Sky's the Limit achievement in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8) for 37 points
A 0 E Monkey Chaos;Head: Noah おにぃのバカ! A 0 E Monkey won the おにぃのバカ! achievement in Chaos;Head: Noah for 11 points
Bk LuCKY ChaRMS Resident Evil 5 Completed Chapter 2 - 2 Bk LuCKY ChaRMS won the Completed Chapter 2 - 2 achievement in Resident Evil 5 for 16 points
ClockWrkPhantom F.E.A.R. 3 Town Hall Beating ClockWrkPhantom won the Town Hall Beating achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 for 17 points
ClockWrkPhantom F.E.A.R. 3 That's a lot of Zeros ClockWrkPhantom won the That's a lot of Zeros achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 for 62 points
Ueki420 Call of Duty: Ghosts Trash Picker Ueki420 won the Trash Picker achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts for 60 points
ClockWrkPhantom F.E.A.R. 3 Pain, In Bulk ClockWrkPhantom won the Pain, In Bulk achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 for 16 points
ClockWrkPhantom F.E.A.R. 3 Cannibal Run ClockWrkPhantom won the Cannibal Run achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 for 43 points
ClockWrkPhantom F.E.A.R. 3 Score Monger ClockWrkPhantom won the Score Monger achievement in F.E.A.R. 3 for 59 points
Ueki420 Call of Duty: Ghosts Cabin Fever Ueki420 won the Cabin Fever achievement in Call of Duty: Ghosts for 17 points
Doominatorx6 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) Rim Shot Doominatorx6 won the Rim Shot achievement in Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) for 42 points