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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Womi Womi2014: won 3,634 Achievements in 112 games, for a total of 169,157 TrueAchievement points (89,000 GamerScore). 1,175,481
Bombardment in Ridge Racer Unbounded
2 TomoyoN TomoyoN...Record of Argarest War... (30/50) [520/1000] 943,065
Veteran Gear in Gears of War 2 (JP Ver)
3 flyingmario5404 flyingmario5404start my new position of my high school's swim coach next week. cant wait. to be fun 760,108
Cold Caravan in Skylanders SWAP Force
4 DaRealShady DaRealShady 752,366
Ooo A Piece of Candy! in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
5 DRUNKZ 27 DRUNKZ 27Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition new for $19.99 - 725,064
You betrayed Shiva! in LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
6 WhiskeyWarriors WhiskeyWarriors2014- I won 3,522 achievements in 199 games played for 136,468TA.. 85,293Gamerscore, and completed 124 games, bring on 2015 !!! 688,047
Grand Prix Veteran in Forza Motorsport 5
7 MightyMango MightyMango428 Achievements to reach 33% hah 668,891
Knighty-knight! in Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal (EU Ver)
8 EXIA 1080 EXIA 1080Disk Drive of Doom, Disk Drive of Doom everywhere... 659,623
Comedy in Child of Light
9 Markyshizzle Markyshizzleoh cool, so they took away VC, tournaments, and the ability to buy silver/gold players in NBA 2K14, good thing im 100 players away.... 564,206
Eggstra Nemesis! in Call of Duty: Ghosts
10 nfgmusicPaul nfgmusicPaulhmmm. What should my 600th played game be??? 545,215
Life of the Party in Saints Row: The Third
11 SmokenRocket SmokenRocketFinally completed a retail game lol 534,942
Jet Setter in Microsoft Bingo (Win 8)
12 Spartan2491 Spartan2491Have a great New Years everyone...please be safe! 528,918
Heartbreaker in BioShock Infinite
13 NUBDGE NUBDGE 517,017
Trash Picker in Call of Duty: Ghosts
14 T4llboy T4llboyDon't forget to play Halo 1 today for the A Day To Remember achievement for Master Chief Collection. 477,939
Doctor in the House in Warface
15 ChickenBoyBryan ChickenBoyBryany 473,232
I'm Always Angry! in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
16 acaraba2 acaraba2ESO No Sub req. Now when will it release on X1. 471,777
Just Another P.I. in D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die
17 NBA Kirkland NBA KirklandLooks like the free Season Pass if you buy Ep 1 of Game of Thrones "deal" is still working. 461,556
Not the First in Alien: Isolation
18 Mideus Rav Mideus RavCurrently Playing (on Xbox One) - Assassin's Creed Unity, Geometry Wars 3, Sunset Overdrive, The Crew, WWE 2K15 448,055
Flight of the Crane in Dying Light
19 Dead Soulja96 Dead Soulja96GTA: San Andreas HD is out now on Xbox 360, with Achievements for $3.75: 446,279
Go for the Silver in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)
20 I Hazer I I Hazer IPuerto Rico! 432,627
A Preference for Pain in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
21 Larvi Larvi 419,508
King of the Volcano in Digimon All-Star Rumble
22 Ultima22 Ultima22Question, friends: Shadows of Mordor or Wolfenstein? 417,607
Welcome To Kyrat in Far Cry 4
23 SpeleoFool SpeleoFoolSpace Chimps reminds me why I stopped playing games like Space Chimps.... 417,035
Discoverer I in How to Survive
24 The Snapple Cap The Snapple CapI'm bad at Resident Evil lmao 412,834
Saintified in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
25 Baby Shibs Baby Shibs 411,392
Chapter I in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
26 Gogore WoD Gogore WoD 409,844
High Commander in Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox 360)
27 Full Sillouette Full Sillouettei guess getting an achievement on ios doesnt count toward you streak 392,141
Eternal Flame in Murdered: Soul Suspect
28 SPECTREON SPECTREONI have a Forza 5 Digital download code. Anyone wanna trade me a $25 M$ gift card for it? 384,915
Door to Door in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition
29 Joshnorm JoshnormGood for MS to give Halo ODST and a month of XBL free to those early adopters of the game. 384,624
A Guardian's Duty in Killer Instinct 2 Classic
30 neudog neudogGTASC-CONFIRM-36-20111103173344 373,480
Kaos Mode Master in Skylanders Trap Team (Xbox 360)
31 Wolfzkrieger WolfzkriegerGame On, n00bs! 363,294
Champion in Riptide GP2
32 Black Buff Black Bufftoo many games and so little time to play 348,900
Enemy Strongholds in Nutjitsu
33 NoisySighlence NoisySighlence 338,949
Diamond Hard in Grand Theft Auto V
34 Mike United 007 Mike United 007Love it when people leave you bad feedback cause they didnt show!! hows that work you little cum bubble 333,367
Runoff Connoisseur in Titanfall (Xbox 360)
35 Elmo TeH AzN Elmo TeH AzNSo Anyone For Halo CE Co-Op? 320,533
Reputation Boost in DiRT 3 (PC)
36 WestsideSxE WestsideSxEall aboard the random bullshit train! TOOT TOOT! 311,962
Flag Runner in Quake Arena Arcade
37 smashngrab77 smashngrab77Finally bought an xbox one. Looking to boost Forza 5 307,524
Time to Strike! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
38 the Woodmeister the WoodmeisterBig backlog, I has it! 306,328
Completed Stage 7 in Pure
39 Pro Pterodactyl Pro PterodactylFormerly Austin9993 302,577
All Dressed Up for San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
40 stusjb137 stusjb137 301,530
The Big Time in EA SPORTS UFC
41 FragEmAndSmile FragEmAndSmileUpdated 12/12/14 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog 298,865
Are you even trying in Tiny Troopers (WP)
42 RollinStone24 RollinStone24Playing Saw 2: Flesh and Blood, Crysis 2 289,765
Master Architect in Assassin's Creed Unity
43 Manifest95 Manifest95Should I jump on the Mortal Kombat game and season pass or just get the retail version? Been wanting the game, just dont know which to get. 287,567
The Quick and the Dead in The Evil Within (Xbox 360)
44 BigMes BigMes 286,877
Dr. Feelgood in Far Cry 4
45 KARMAgoesHARD KARMAgoesHARDAre there prizes in this years GTASC? 286,702
Gnarly Wave in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
46 The Ju1ce The Ju1ce 285,277
Weight of the Beast in The Cave
47 M0NTE FUEG0 M0NTE FUEG0Does anyone have modded rings / weapons for Diablo 3 RoS that you can dupe for me? 274,405
Tunnel runner 2 in Contra
48 digitaI ink digitaI inkFlawless Raider is done! 267,765
Kick the Bucket in Forza Horizon 2
49 LordChabelo13 LordChabelo13PAX South one week to go! 263,660
Sparkling Defeat in The Simpsons Game
50 Ross Wyatt Ross WyattAnyone have a Playstation 3, 4 or Vita? 257,170
Riot Control in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox 360)
51 Arachnicide Arachnicide2...More....pizzas....damn 253,291
All The Dead Lie Down in The Walking Dead: Season Two (Xbox 360)
52 LegendK7ll3r LegendK7ll3rI am better than Dan Peck. 249,599
Piece of Cake in Crimson Dragon
53 bs000 bs000 248,395
Counter Feat in Costume Quest 2 (Xbox 360)
54 SunfireDragon SunfireDragonSunfireDragon won 970 Achievements in 32 games, for a total of 35,473 TrueAchievement points (20,850 GamerScore). 247,478
Hero of Mel Senshir in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
55 Kanownik Kanownik 245,702
Suited for War in Destiny
56 mancide mancideThe Crew beta code emails have started rolling out. 243,621
Safety First in Asphalt Overdrive (WP)
57 Yort9 Yort9The glass is always half full! 242,881
Warlock Mastery in Destiny
58 onemorechanc onemorechanc 241,934
Bear Necessities in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009
59 HappyCampersII HappyCampersIILittle Happy was born at 10:23a EST on 12.22.14. The best achievement I will ever have! 240,617
The Evil Eye in Despicable Me: Minion Rush (WP)
60 cancermatt2 cancermatt2 240,307
A Lord's Depute in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series (Xbox 360)
61 MulticronX MulticronXTF #2/9/3 GTA4 #823 MSHS:TIG #17 Skylanders #23/25/4/2 de Blob 2 #37 40K:SM #198 240,152
Space suits you, Sir! in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
62 Runch Optimus Runch OptimusNew website: 239,903
Stay On Target in Wreckateer
63 FrivolousRhyme FrivolousRhymesend me an invite if you want to boost 239,406
Teacher's Pet in NBA 2K15
64 alklein92201 alklein92201Fruit Ninja Kinect 2? I've never used my One Kinect, this game will change that. 238,954
Da Bomb! in Warface
65 neifirst neifirstVery proud of his Avatar: TBE achievements 238,192
Foe Hammer in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
66 jionekanji jionekanjiKinda went overboard this holidays, got myself a Xbox One and Wii U! 235,708
T.I.O.D. Disciple in Dead Rising 3
67 Strikehammer Strikehammer 234,918
Bro's before Gold in LEGO The Hobbit
68 Euph0ricMisery Euph0ricMisery64646 04649 231,315
Narcissistic in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
69 Sonic Sleuth Sonic SleuthCheck out! Game reviews and debates! 225,642
Makin' a Livin' in Madden NFL 15
70 FITZ 188 FITZ 188Decided it was time to get the XboxOne Kinect Unity Bundle.... now what games to get? 222,700
Rampaging Reviewer in Netflix
71 CraziestSock CraziestSockOf course microsoft would release the new dashboard update when destiny comes out. What the hell microsoft! 221,202
Don't Look Down in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
72 BlueWingX BlueWingX 217,110
All in a days work in Secrets and Treasure: The Lost Cities (Win 8)
73 SSmasterONE SSmasterONECAG! 216,392
Determination in Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition
74 Double O Slevin Double O Slevin 215,592
Home is Where the Hospice is in The Evil Within (Xbox 360)
75 simmias42 simmias42Gotta work on that completion percentage! 213,147
Loose Ends in The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)
76 PRE5K777 PRE5K777 212,346
Europe Against It in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (Xbox 360)
77 Gcash81001 Gcash81001I need to get some gaming in 212,046
Cluster Luck in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
78 Sovereign in 3D Sovereign in 3DFriends, unite with me and let us complete Titanfall! 209,683
I Stand Alone in Titanfall
79 Vulcan7905 Vulcan7905 207,095
Hello Mr. President in NHL 15
80 Bizarro13 Bizarro13It is time to catch up on 2012 releases I think. 207,018
Dig Site Victor in Titanfall
81 Avisole Avisole 205,281
A Man of Action in Spec Ops: The Line
82 Hermeto37 Hermeto37Must recover from Bean Dive and resist urge to play master chief...failed 204,916
Consumption Junction in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
83 MrNEWZ MrNEWZ 203,180
Multi Face-eted in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)
84 Cleaner7x Cleaner7x 202,851
Tightening the Noose in Murdered: Soul Suspect
85 Big Bad Big Bad 202,410
Soul in One in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
86 forced2change forced2changeHate discontinued achievements. 199,459
Clean Sweep in Collapse! (WP)
87 CMorrigu 198,901
Reach Lordran in Dark Souls
88 DarwinX DarwinXPicked up an XBox One yesterday. Setting it up tonight! 198,196
Plummeter in The Bridge
89 i am just legs i am just legshere take the lemons! 197,420
Do Not Shoot the Water! in Resident Evil 4 HD
90 wP Brother Daz wP Brother Daz 195,184
Level One Demon in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
91 Dirtybyte DirtybyteEveryone needs to go to and sign up! 193,620
There Is No Pancakes in Saints Row IV: Re-Elected
92 thehuskerfan05 thehuskerfan05After 5 years of achievement hunting, my time has come to "hang up" the controller. It was great playing with you all! 192,488
Bass-Box in Rocksmith
93 TheFifthEssence TheFifthEssenceOh loot . . . 192,278
I'll be back in Amazon Instant Video
94 DJP519 DJP519Good riddance to kinect. 190,829
SSSSlide in Peggle 2
95 Predator Ranger Predator RangerStill need a co-op partner for Devil's Cartel. Anyone?? 190,432
Decked Out in Borderlands 2 (Xbox 360)
96 Bardan Jusik Bardan JusikI grabbed Dark Souls II and Evil Within on BF. XB1 will probably wait until next year when there's a better game library 184,592
Personal Trainer in Batman: Arkham Origins
97 DJ Drty Chapstk DJ Drty ChapstkI repopulated my to do list with the 173 xbox 360 achievements I'd like to get in 2015 183,887
Inspector in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
98 TheOtherBarber TheOtherBarberIf you're in a Session with me, leave me Feedback or you will get none. Thanks! 183,256
Orville Champion in Feeding Frenzy
99 MangoRyu28 MangoRyu28Street Fighter 5 Hype!!! 181,339
Ouch in MX vs. ATV: Alive
A Long Time Ago in Assassin's Creed Unity