Real Completionists

This leaderboard is for the people that didn't hex edit, glitch, hack, or take games off of their gamercard, or cheat. If you like to complete your games, then join this leaderboard.
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Achievements completion %age
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 xEndriux xEndriuxRoma 99.92% Achievement Farming 101 in Tower of Guns
2 Avata AvataAny opinion on/experience with the Ubisoft Club app? Used to do everything through Initiates, but that doesn't appear to be an option anymore :( 99.84% Smith for Life in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
3 Emperor Hans Emperor HansGahh I want Elderscrolls 6 !!! 99.31% Master of Miracles in Dark Souls III
4 Nan Nan 99.20% Redrum in Hitman HD Pack
5 Extrapolates Extrapolates 98.63% Curious Map in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin
6 RainBear28 RainBear28Perfect Dark Zero makes me dizzy :( 98.04% Completed Single Agent in Perfect Dark Zero
7 dertswa687o dertswa687oHi guys! 96.55% Shocking in Halo 4
8 Silver Salvo Silver SalvoIn need of N64 games to add to my home collection. Any retro gamers have some ideas? 95.46% Got The Band Back Together in Borderlands 2
9 PsychoPappy5 PsychoPappy5 95.36% Sorry, we’re DEAD in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
10 damessmeister damessmeisterHaven't been into it but ima try to come back 92.86% Pedestrian in Goat Simulator (Xbox 360)
11 XtremeKia2112 XtremeKia2112... 91.84% Fashionista in Hitman GO (WP)
12 Tandar1 Tandar1Whatever happened to LIVE service the last two days I couldn't play :/ 90.97% Disarmament in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
13 gamesmaster9001 gamesmaster9001Seriously 3.0 Complete 65/65 onyx medals 88.13% The End in Trials Fusion
14 Robot Genius Robot GeniusProtip: I'm not dead 88.10% The Dark Soul in Dark Souls (PC)
15 JsNuke JsNukeAdd me on Steam! 84.12% Can't Touch This in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)
16 Perdipt PerdiptI really need to get it together and start wrecking GoW3. 81.89% Natural Selection in Gears of War 3
17 kungfu77 kungfu77 79.44% Doused But Not Out in Tekken Tag Tournament 2
18 Templar Punk Templar PunkMiss gaming & hanging with the TA fam. Happy holidays guys! 78.44% Splinters in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
19 JUNCTION ARISTO JUNCTION ARISTONo Hardcore tdm on Awakening DLC......WTF! 77.01% Snowbound in Battlefield 4
20 Steve Redman Steve RedmanNext up Walking Dead Survival Instinct going to hate this one 73.62% Ooh, Shiny! in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
21 Grumblejay GrumblejayBeen seduced by my Vita so TrueTrophies is good timing 70.50% Caos Chaplain in Ascend: Hand of Kul
22 Nitoriism NitoriismAdd me on TrueTrophies: TrueTrophies %5Bsmile%5D 67.35% Cosplay in Injustice: Gods Among Us
23 Stalis2185 Stalis2185please just send me a message to my account if u wanna boost somethin 63.89% Coast To Coast in NHL 15 (Xbox 360)
24 Chariot Choogle Chariot Choogle"I'm a god. I'm not 'the' God... I don't think." 58.88% Finally Full in Prototype 2 (Xbox 360)
25 CDonns CDonnsI'm back everyone 53.75% Into the Unknown in DOOM
26 Que Lo Que xD Que Lo Que xDI'm back :D 50.92% Ranger Corps in Fallout 4
27 ShadowMonkey987 ShadowMonkey987Guess who's back!!! I just got myself an Xbox One.. :D 45.26% On the Job in Battlefield Hardline
28 RichRichie1989 RichRichie1989flappy goat is too hard 27.87% Sphere of Light in NERO
29 FragEmAndSmile FragEmAndSmileUpdated 1/11/2016 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog 27.40% No Hands! in Monster Jam Battlegrounds

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Nan Hitman HD Pack Redrum Nan won the Redrum achievement in Hitman HD Pack for 47 points
xEndriux Tower of Guns Achievement Farming 101 xEndriux won the Achievement Farming 101 achievement in Tower of Guns for 71 points
xEndriux Tower of Guns Start With a Jump… xEndriux won the Start With a Jump… achievement in Tower of Guns for 161 points
RichRichie1989 NERO Sphere of Light RichRichie1989 won the Sphere of Light achievement in NERO for 10 points
Nan Hulu Small In The Family Nan won the Small In The Family achievement in Hulu for 0 points
RichRichie1989 OXENFREE It's A Me RichRichie1989 won the It's A Me achievement in OXENFREE for 21 points
Nan Hulu Miami Mice Nan won the Miami Mice achievement in Hulu for 0 points
Nan Hulu Two's Company Nan won the Two's Company achievement in Hulu for 0 points
Nan Fallout 4 Docile Nan won the Docile achievement in Fallout 4 for 40 points
Nan Fallout 4 Trapper Nan won the Trapper achievement in Fallout 4 for 54 points
RichRichie1989 F1 2012 Technical RichRichie1989 won the Technical achievement in F1 2012 for 27 points
RichRichie1989 F1 2012 FORMULA ONE Pro RichRichie1989 won the FORMULA ONE Pro achievement in F1 2012 for 32 points
Steve Redman WWE 2K15 (Xbox 360) Storm out Steve Redman won the Storm out achievement in WWE 2K15 (Xbox 360) for 146 points
RichRichie1989 F1 2012 Let's Try That Again RichRichie1989 won the Let's Try That Again achievement in F1 2012 for 5 points
JUNCTION ARISTO Battlefield 4 Snowbound JUNCTION ARISTO won the Snowbound achievement in Battlefield 4 for 16 points
Chariot Choogle Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) Finally Full Chariot Choogle won the Finally Full achievement in Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) for 73 points
Chariot Choogle Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) Icarus Chariot Choogle won the Icarus achievement in Prototype 2 (Xbox 360) for 19 points