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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 The Dauntless The DauntlessStill. Not. Bitten. 1,444,334
Make It Rain in NBA 2K15
2 BIGSXY1 BIGSXY1 1,376,343
Carry heavy machinegun in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
3 True Marvellous True Marvellousam. Missing a setting or something how come when I go on twitch it doesn't post in my feed the majority of times? 1,089,831
The Long Walk in Hitman GO (WP)
4 allhands238 allhands238 1,011,607
Waves Complete in WE ARE DOOMED
5 Pteppic42 Pteppic42 1,005,898
Creepy Crawler in Hitman GO (WP)
6 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnEsse title update do Project Spark ferrou GTASC! 989,253
Kampfpistole ammo storage upgrade in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
7 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN / UFC 184 now available on UFC fightpass. Also Fight library with all PPV's , Fightographies and all Fight Night PPV's live 902,490
Graceful Exit in Battlefield Hardline
8 Maveric 360 Maveric 360Siemens SN56N592EU neu installiert und funktioniert 897,476
But Did You REALLY Finish in Tower of Guns
9 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 895,166
Feed the Fairy! in Rayman Origins
10 Watty8883 Watty8883Tesco are selling refurbished X1 s on ebay for 200 quid if anyone still hasnt bought the 360s ugly alternative 880,927
Erased fingerprints in Make It Rain: The Love of Money (WP)
11 Omega Deez Omega DeezI hear this nub Rand al Thor 19 is giving away a copy of The Old Blood (XB1) on our twitch channel tonight. http://www.twitch.tv/drm_gamecast 877,666
Apples and Beans in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
12 MechaHertz MechaHertzAnybody wanna do ZAT on Elite Sniper diff? Get 'em done! 872,247
Taste some of Mama's home cookin', Adolf! in Zombie Army Trilogy
13 Milo is Horror Milo is HorrorGiving away Assassins Creed black flag for xbox 1 to the first friend to say I want it. 846,796
Escape! nightmare in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
14 Craig Furious Craig Furious 816,672
Friends in Large Places in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition
15 Protocol Droid Protocol DroidVescere brasis meis 799,582
Expensive Taste in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)
16 qpWhiteDevilqp qpWhiteDevilqpfrench elite team !!! 790,954
Glittering gold in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
17 Mr Rodster Mr RodsterMy father is visiting from out of town, so I think I will croak out of Leap Frog. It was fun while it lasted... 785,934
Try Hard in Goat Simulator
18 Flava1975 Flava1975Can someone help me with the 50 Tornaments on Table Tennis? Need 1 more, thanks!! 778,211
Stayin' Frosty in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
19 Good Old Nick Good Old Nick#1 in Sweden. 771,574
Where Do We Go From Here in The Evil Within (Xbox 360)
20 ponypo2001 ponypo2001Is Wolfenstein downloading mega slowly for anyone else? 763,308
Armor upgrade I in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
21 Mjolnir 69 Mjolnir 69Got my free Xbox One 11am Day One..Awesome Microsoft 2 Xbox Ones Day One 762,848
What a Nightmare in Warframe
22 DivineWind72 DivineWind72 750,051
Maxed Out in Terraria (Xbox 360)
23 Dalimbak DalimbakSamurai vs Zombies Defense: 364/4950 lvls. 02/50 lvls @99 748,858
Silver Wings in Happy Wars
24 ds9ds9ds9 ds9ds9ds9 740,374
Moving On in The Walking Dead: Season Two
25 The Fury I84I The Fury I84IWhat's with this new map stuff in Angry Birds Stella? shock 735,445
Circuit Breaker in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
26 II Kazz II II Kazz II 718,866
A New Beginning in Mortal Kombat X
27 Kaens KaensAnyone willing to pop into a Borderlands 1 game with me to pass me the viral achievement? Last one I need. 717,570
Dangerous Destination Decider in Spider-Man: Edge of Time
28 DJ RJester DJ RJesterClaire is driving me bat shit crazy on invisible mode of episode 2 Resident Evil Revelations 2 717,110
Garrisons in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
29 mukamuk mukamuk 712,817
Match Game 25 in Project Spark
30 CovertDog CovertDog 711,759
Slippery When Undead in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
31 AceMcCoy73 AceMcCoy73Time to sit back and watch my score plummet. Like a rock. 711,646
Drift to Win in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360)
32 Mr Mascal 77 Mr Mascal 77Overclocker in The Crew (Xbox 360) 710,099
V8 in The Crew (Xbox 360)
33 MightyMango MightyMangoPreview Program on the x360 allows up to 2TB harddrive external storage for 360 stuff....bout damn time. 702,701
Survival Hisako in Killer Instinct
34 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRROB LIEFELD (comic book creator/artist/writer) 699,905
24 hours is too long in MotoGP 14
35 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91I'm back 698,056
Going Strong in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
36 II SkyLander II II SkyLander IIOnly True Achievements. Contempt to cheaters. 696,429
Armed to the Teeth in Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel
37 RAD90 RAD90 696,142
Powering Up in World At Arms (WP)
38 Banco Billy Banco BillyAnyone up for co-oping Borderlands (Jp Ver)? 685,995
Survived Nightfall in Call of Duty: Ghosts
39 Croaker111 Croaker111 684,179
Pay 'n' Spray in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
40 Ibanez V7 Ibanez V7Ibanez V7 won 0 Achievements and 0 Challenges in 0 games, for a total of 0 TrueAchievement points and 0 GamerScore 683,792
Pot Planter in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
41 the nayster the naysterif carlsburg made men...... 679,565
For My Father in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition
42 Liquidmoves LiquidmovesFinally, no. 1 in south carolina 670,449
The Duelist in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
43 jjbcbus jjbcbusjjbcbus won 3,129 Achievements and 6 Challenges in 302 games, for a total of 109,333 TrueAchievement points (73,309 GamerScore). 663,569
Jet Setter in DiRT 2
44 Tag Im It Tag Im ItKinect > Wii and Playstation Move 657,934
Beware the Ides of March in Ryse: Son of Rome
45 Dr S Needlez Dr S NeedlezMinecraft XB1 Friday!! Woohoo! 648,638
Power Grind 1 in Total Conquest (Win 8)
46 grubbE grubbEspending the day transferring all my hardrives and memory units on my 360 to my new 2 tb. hd! 647,325
Unlocking 101 in Boom Ball for Kinect
47 Petturi PetturiShovel Knight next week, awesome! 646,709
Again! in Shovel Knight
48 SILVERsifDURFER SILVERsifDURFERwon 235 Achievements in 16 games, for a total of 10,933 TrueAchievement points (6,456 GamerScore) 644,396
Pork Chop in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
49 TAREKEGYPT TAREKEGYPTXbox live services down? 641,678
Look Out in Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8)
50 Killer dr Ko Killer dr KoSeems window phone achievements wont sync to Xbox Live recently! Suck!! 636,080
Jewel Heist in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition
51 ToadStyleVenom ToadStyleVenomAnyone want to play some Monopoly Deal tonight? 634,320
Tightening the Noose in Murdered: Soul Suspect
52 IL1971 IL1971IL1971 won 248 Achievements in 10 games, for a total of 12,341 TrueAchievement points (5,970 GamerScore) 632,558
Undercover in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
53 planting42 planting42Can only access site on phone... recap delayed. 629,964
Emotion Ninja in Mush (WP)
54 BemusedBox BemusedBoxgot the internet back on wasnt due until friday bounes 624,656
Agent of Justice in Dead Rising 3
55 Jason8uk Jason8uk 623,987
Crowd Control in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition
56 Clarissalover ClarissaloverCan anybody gift me an Eastern Black Rhino in Zoo Tycoon? 621,773
Flipping Out in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8)
57 RAVIOLICAPONI RAVIOLICAPONIShadow of Mordor Game of The Year 621,717
In It for the Long Haul! in UNO & Friends (WP)
58 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERwon 272 Achievements in 28 games, for a total of 6,807 TrueAchievement points (4,485 GamerScore). 615,926
Underground Walker in Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles HD (WP)
59 WileyOldFox WileyOldFox 614,103
This is going to be a bumpy ride in Zombie Army Trilogy
60 Bulfmaster BulfmasterIf anyone wants to knock out some Insane in Horde, Beast or Arcade in GoW3 - let me know. Would like to get them done! 608,853
Plague Tower in Neverwinter
61 Gizmo Monkey Gizmo Monkey 606,918
Beware the Ides of March in Ryse: Son of Rome
62 CauldronOfDeath CauldronOfDeathScream, Aim and Fire as the Cheevo Total Grows Higher!!!!! 606,366
Sim’s Best Friend in The Sims 3 Pets
63 Sephir0 Sephir0Be' a Dix !!! Live is fun!!! Play For Fun But Not Break Balls!!! 603,259
Revolutionary in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3
64 TuSeMorte TuSeMorteWorking on EDF 2025/EDF 4 602,833
On the Fly in The Amazing Spider-Man
65 Hyo Tae Hyun Hyo Tae Hyun 602,833
Contact in Project Root
66 Lathandertg Lathandertg 602,359
One Down, One to Go in Watch_Dogs
67 Goggs25 Goggs25 600,791
Couch Socialite in Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise
68 DEN EDDY DEN EDDY 591,114
Death Of A Salesman in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox 360)
69 TOBI the GEEK78 TOBI the GEEK78won 292 Achievements in 19 games, for a total of 22,240 TrueAchievement points (10,450 GamerScore). 587,917
Survivor in State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition
70 Slash29 Slash29 585,699
Paperboy in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
71 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 584,007
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
72 alanp9 alanp9Prediction: by the end of 2015 we'll have new-gen remastered Borderlands, Mass Effect, and Gears of War collections. 577,782
Knowing Is Half The Battle in Borderlands 2
73 Wicelow Wicelow 574,817
This Should Work in Alien: Isolation
74 xSHAD0WxWRAITHx xSHAD0WxWRAITHxMoving to a night shift next week.. Did not think that through clearly :/ 573,957
Body Guard in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
75 wbs 101 wbs 101First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100 572,252
Turn around... in Battlefield 4 (Xbox 360)
76 Flapjack waldi Flapjack waldi 572,063
Oh, No Snap! in Duck Dynasty (Xbox 360)
77 Spazpol Spazpolwon 250 Achievements in 17 games, for a total of 9,527 TrueAchievement points (6,035 GamerScore). 569,410
I Freaking Love Goats in Goat Simulator
78 RBX Storm RBX Storm 568,598
Chip Off the Old Block in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition
79 MAIZCORN MAIZCORNHalo 2: 2:28 minutes and two missions left, Regret and Gravemind. Not looking good! 564,115
Stick With It in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
80 SmokenRocket SmokenRocket350,000 GS with exactly 15,000 achievements!! 562,383
Over the hill in Tiny Troopers (WP)
81 Taillear Dubh Taillear Dubh 560,948
Throwback in Forza Motorsport 4
82 elSmitmyster elSmitmyster 560,560
Bleeding Edge in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
83 x PAYLOAD x x PAYLOAD xHappy Star Wars Day! May the 4th Be With You! 560,318
The End. in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
84 mfeforever mfeforever 559,805
Pro Sniper in Sniper Elite V2
85 JB330 JB330 557,676
Defeated The Mob in Terraria (WP)
The New World in MotoGP 14
87 Spartan2491 Spartan2491So I haven't had my xbox on in days and I've unlocked 3 achievements in Ryse. How does this happen? 556,127
Trolls in Neverwinter
88 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 300Follow me on Twitch at twitch.tv/morich_man_300 553,851
That's How You Do It in Mortal Kombat X
89 DIMEBOY DIMEBOYI'm thinking about doing Warframe. 553,343
Shadow of Your Former Self in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (Xbox 360)
90 inFAMOUS VECS inFAMOUS VECSYou Guys are like the finish line, I cant wait to run into YOU!! 551,357
Undercover in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
91 Zen Vendetta Zen Vendettadance 549,032
Well Connected in Mass Effect 3
92 Matty to tha G Matty to tha GHey, whatever happened to the weekly sale article that TA used to post every week? I'm lookin for some deals :) 548,332
Import master in Disney Infinity
93 bigsmok3r bigsmok3rOk today may be the last for leap frog, Enjoying Wolfenstein way too much to play a crappy easy game!! 546,208
First Draft in Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious (Xbox 360)
94 Riconoclast Riconoclasthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xESrx1EFj6I 544,450
Online Master in The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
95 ukinspro ukinsproukinspro won 2,493 Achievements in 131 games, for a total of 110,269 TrueAchievement points (54,926 GamerScore). 542,705
Golden Artifacts in Gears of War: Judgment
96 Boubakar Boubakar 542,225
My Generation in Titanfall
97 PLANET13 PLANET13I hope I can bring my xbone world back over to the 360 for Minecraft. 541,315
Lieutenant Hook in Duck Dynasty (Xbox 360)
98 Sashimi X13 Sashimi X13Note to self: don't play dance games with professional dancers. I'm getting murdered! 540,989
Better Off Dead in Plants vs. Zombies (WP)
99 MILINKYO MILINKYOMILINKYO won 257 Achievements in 13 games, for a total of 12,630 TrueAchievement points (7,512 GamerScore). 539,668
Paperboy in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
100 Pookie T Pookie TEverything Is Permitted 539,115
Boot Camp in Wolfenstein