Raging Animal Gamers

Basically if you have the name of any animal in your Gamertag. i.e. mine is "M0NKEY" R4NGER.

I'm sure with most people that you have the animal name in your Gamertag for a reason. Some form of like/love or fascination with the animal. Or just because it was funny to put. Either way as long as you have an animal in your name, your welcome here. :-)
This leaderboard is based on gamers' Achievements completion %age
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoNThis kid's mom sold me Ryse for $3 at a yard sale this weekend [laugh] 99.66% Liberation in Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One)
2 CrazyDoginOZ CrazyDoginOZI'm back baby!!!! 98.97% Vampire Hunter in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
3 FalconGR LIVE FalconGR LIVEI'm now a proud owner of an xbox one :) 98.74% Heavy Cavalry in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8)
4 HamsterLV HamsterLVForza 5 98.51% Death From Above in Red Faction: Guerrilla
5 Priest Crow Priest Crowwow, my monstafish 185/200 glitch is now fixed years after :) 200/200 97.99% Welcome to Level 7 in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
6 Panda Xpress XP Panda Xpress XPPlaying videogames... 97.15% Kuh, Boom. in Saints Row: The Third
7 CovertDog CovertDog 92.90% Lucky Number Seven in The Golf Club
8 GorillaBuddha GorillaBuddhaNew and fairly difficult achievements in Minecraft XB1! I'm looking forward to diving into that...but Destiny awaits. 92.75% Roll Model in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
9 K1LL3R BEEZ K1LL3R BEEZ 90.10% A Wild Drivatar Appears! in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
10 PackageDonkey PackageDonkey 88.38% 2 Black Star in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012
11 UglyToiletDuck UglyToiletDuck 86.62% Black Ops II Master in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
12 Snake Pliskinn Snake Pliskinn 85.24% Drop It Like It's Hot in The Evil Within
13 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 84.81% Friends with Benefits in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
14 funkym0nkey77 funkym0nkey77Walking Dead episode 3 achievements FINALLY added, time to recover my gamertag and get them again. 81.32% Blow Up the Playing Field in The Evil Within (Xbox One)
15 Seahawk CZ Seahawk CZFar Cry 3 finished. What next? :D 80.30% Aerial Support in Crysis 3
16 Dark Snail Dark SnailJoin the dark side and get a free cookie! 76.47% Relic Hunter in Destiny (Xbox One)
17 Gizmo Monkey Gizmo Monkey 73.80% A glimmer of hope in Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One)
18 Iced Hawk Iced HawkNuevo horizonte al frente! GFWL all the way!!! 71.31% All Dolled Up in Street Fighter IV (PC)
19 M0NKEY R4NGER M0NKEY R4NGERHaven't been on TA in forever, nor played games much in past few months. Still #1 on completed WP7 games in my state!lol 70.70% A Job Well Done in Major League Baseball 2K13
20 NinjaKitty14 NinjaKitty1496,000/1000000 70.68% Wild West Indies in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
21 KingRodedog KingRodedogREALLY liking Wolfenstien: NO for the X1! 70.15% Raider in Destiny (Xbox One)
22 FootTallRooster FootTallRooster 68.31% Warlock Mastery in Destiny (Xbox One)
23 m0nk3y spanker m0nk3y spankerFree games? Don't mind if I do....... 67.86% Lunar Lieutenant in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
24 CommandoBigBird CommandoBigBird100k by 2014 67.84% The Hand is Severed in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One)
25 Sabot Fox Sabot FoxBest way to up the completion %: Start a bunch of new games .... no, wait ... 67.51% DOWN FOR THE COUNT in Bully: Scholarship Edition
26 FoxA83 FoxA83no... i'm not just eating chocolate... :-) 67.37% I Need a Hero in Halo 4
27 MR BIG DOGG 90 MR BIG DOGG 90 67.22% Saviour of Mercury in Warframe
28 N1ghtwolf89 N1ghtwolf89Back on the XBOX!!! 66.26% Death by Poison in Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
29 UndoingDuck UndoingDuckLeague of legends..... 65.16% Valorous in Destiny (Xbox One)
30 burritocat burritocat 64.09% Red Mist in Grand Theft Auto V
31 DragonNinja XII DragonNinja XIIRelax- This Wont Hurt 63.80% Cheque Please! in The Darkness II
32 Raptor 2000 Raptor 2000 62.89% Fully Weaponized in Destiny (Xbox One)
33 MoWxX LiL Bear MoWxX LiL Bear 61.14% The Life Exotic in Destiny (Xbox One)
34 CougarSlayer530 CougarSlayer530Pretty sure Seriously 3.0 is going to kill me 60.58% Bane of the Machines in Destiny (Xbox One)
35 pantherkid2564 pantherkid2564titanfall is pretty awesome 59.97% Horizon Leader in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
36 happypeachbear happypeachbearGirls' Generation~~~ 59.86% Federation Day in Call of Duty: Ghosts
37 hunterturtle hunterturtle40/100 on GoW2 for seriously 2.0 58.57% Ultimate Matchmaker in Microsoft Mahjong (WP)
38 xXPaleDragonXx xXPaleDragonXx 58.27% Stockpiler in Pinball FX2 (Xbox One)
39 DJMONKEY44 DJMONKEY44 58.14% Side Quest Student in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
40 o0 JdogJ 0o o0 JdogJ 0oWell just pre-ordered the new COD. lets see how this years is i guess 56.58% Suited for War in Destiny (Xbox One)
41 Wyldcat34 Wyldcat34Note to all players of Alien Isolation. When using headphones make sure you have them on the right way, this helps you to run AWAY from the Alien! 54.80% Came to Play in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
42 Thunder Cat 1 Thunder Cat 1 53.89% Getting Started in AirMech Arena
43 theonlydragonsi theonlydragonsi 52.96% Opt-in in Peggle 2 (Xbox One)
44 Da M0nkey Da M0nkey 52.82% A Challenge a Day in Project Spark (Xbox One)
45 DonkeyTheBard DonkeyTheBard110k soon! 51.78% All The Dead Lie Down in The Walking Dead: Season Two
46 OMGaBEAR OMGaBEARHorsez with a z. 51.22% Long Service Medal in Mass Effect 3
47 SCORPION XVIII SCORPION XVIII 51.09% Giver in Madden NFL 15
48 Tiger Mayhem Tiger MayhemYorkshire 'God's country' 51.04% Exploratory Laboratory in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
49 Rhino Van Dam Rhino Van DamGarden warfare is way more fun than Titanfall. 49.08% Starter in Rayman Fiesta Run (Win 8)
50 ShadowMonkey987 ShadowMonkey987Don't know whether I should start on my GFWL Games. I've got quite a few to do. 47.70% Estus Flask in Dark Souls (PC)
51 FoxRed3Delta FoxRed3Deltawww.gamingbrotherhood.com 46.45% Getting Out There in FIFA 14 (Win 8)
52 Greenchicken13 Greenchicken13 45.04% Flawless in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One)
53 Cobrashark507 Cobrashark507 44.76% Liberator in Risen 3: Titan Lords
54 a box of fish a box of fishSo my xbox is showing that I have 5K less gamerscore then I should :/ 44.08% Free Fall in Far Cry 3
55 Tactical Rapt0r Tactical Rapt0r5/3 = 21000 exact gs 42.19% Outsmarted in Fallout: New Vegas
56 FOXHOUND MGS4 FOXHOUND MGS4. 40.93% The Gazala Gallop in Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)
57 REALFOX81 REALFOX81The Evil Shit Within keeps raging me. So frustrating this game. Want my money back 40.12% I'm Number One! in TrueAchievements
58 Shady LandShark Shady LandShark 39.50% A House Divided in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
59 DKTheArcadeRat DKTheArcadeRatAnyone want to play Damnation Multiplayer? Need 2 more players for boosting, have one already. 39.14% I'm not your friend, buddy! in Pinball FX2 (Xbox One)
60 AZ Mongoose AZ MongooseI have n...... awwwww dang. 38.35% Act Your Age, Joanna in Perfect Dark
61 m0nk3yboy m0nk3yboyNick toons MLB for $3? If you're in the GTASC that's a pretty good score to $ ratio. 36.77% Space traveller in Rabbids Big Bang (WP)
62 X ScorpionNL X X ScorpionNL XKeep Up The Pace! 33.20% Crow Carrion in Darksiders II
63 DarkWolf071 DarkWolf071Love everyone! 26.29% Crow Carrion in Darksiders II
64 MiffedPlatypus MiffedPlatypusMy fiancee has been playing a lot of CoD. :-) 20.61% Who Dares Wins in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

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a box of fish Far Cry 3 Free Fall a box of fish won the Free Fall achievement in Far Cry 3 for 7 points
a box of fish Far Cry 3 Higher Than a Kite a box of fish won the Higher Than a Kite achievement in Far Cry 3 for 24 points
FalconGR LIVE Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8) Ravager FalconGR LIVE won the Ravager achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8) for 22 points
IXI FalcoN Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) Liberation IXI FalcoN won the Liberation achievement in Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) for 128 points
IXI FalcoN Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) Hardened IXI FalcoN won the Hardened achievement in Wolfenstein: The New Order (Xbox One) for 42 points
IXI FalcoN TrueAchievements Simul-TA-neous IXI FalcoN won the Simul-TA-neous achievement in TrueAchievements for 0 points
pantherkid2564 Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) Horizon Leader pantherkid2564 won the Horizon Leader achievement in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) for 34 points
pantherkid2564 Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) Horizon Champion pantherkid2564 won the Horizon Champion achievement in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One) for 83 points