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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 weffalump weffalump 1,037,794
Iron of Death in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One)
2 lucas1987 lucas1987Any of my friends want to try and 250 Sanctum 2? i have it done and its very difficult, but i loved it 1,032,007
Everyone is Special in NBA 2K14
3 Totally Krispix Totally Krispix 866,437
I'll Take Cash in Titanfall (Xbox One)
4 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnAcabaram as minhas 6 horas do FIFA... #xatiado 835,354
Buh-bye! in The Legend of Korra (Xbox One)
5 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN / UFC online player matches...any takers? want to get back into it. hit me up on Live. thx 817,920
Rabbit in Metro Redux
6 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4EverLooking for a partner in ridge racer unbounded. 817,660
Elementalist in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
7 Jack Bandit 24 Jack Bandit 24windows phone 8 in hand. Watch out! Time for Jack to kick some ass! 816,983
Veteran in Jetpack Joyride (WP)
8 Omega Deez Omega Deezhttp://www.music-gaming.com/ 793,307
Flawless Raider in Destiny (Xbox One)
9 FAR QZ FAR QZ 793,248
Fence in Borderlands
10 Watty8883 Watty8883Well I tried for 500k dead on but I got suckered into getting more achievements in my session lol 786,918
Lifeguard in Rayman Fiesta Run (WP)
11 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 766,574
Who You Gonna Call in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
12 Emerald Axer Emerald AxerTime to work the old completion %... 62% on Oct 15th/14 761,764
Sin Trainer in Guilty Gear 2: Overture
13 Chunkeh Munkeh Chunkeh MunkehTwitch messed up and I lost 150 viewers =( - Still going for Extra Life http://twitch.tv/chunkehmunkeh 760,816
Shadow Warrior in Shadow Warrior
14 M Scofi3ld M Scofi3ldUhhh no more yanky my wanky the donger need food 741,838
Mouth To Mouth in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
15 LausDomini LausDomini 734,790
Extra Effort in FIFA 14
16 flyingmario5404 flyingmario5404poison ivy is awful. 724,935
Best Player in Deadfall Adventures
17 DeathGuard 123 DeathGuard 123 690,996
Power Playlist in Just Dance 2015 (Xbox One)
18 Capn Doug XBA Capn Doug XBA 674,804
School Reunion in Fantasia: Music Evolved (Xbox One)
19 VVV WHUMEISTER VVV WHUMEISTERWest Ham spanking the Scouse cheats 3-1. Love it! 674,402
Bragging Rights in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
20 ds9ds9ds9 ds9ds9ds9 670,011
The Long Goodbye in The Wolf Among Us
21 Zombified ZombifiedNeed a new zombie game..... 658,845
Ace! in Implode! (WP)
22 Kaens Kaenswon 162 Achievements and 33 Challenges in 21 games, for a total of 2,975 GamerScore! (slow month) 650,893
Overpowered in Duck Dynasty (Xbox One)
23 Croaker111 Croaker111 639,867
Worthy of a Sultan in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
24 KOSTAS A M GR KOSTAS A M GRROB LIEFELD (comic book creator/artist/writer) 633,600
Cop Rank 10 in Need for Speed Rivals
25 MightyMango MightyMangoMy streaks were set to the wrong time zone....still incorrect but better now. 629,468
Stylish Spinal in Killer Instinct
26 Ibanez V7 Ibanez V7Xur, agent of the useless items 628,700
Crowned with Living Light in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Xbox One)
27 Mr Mascal 77 Mr Mascal 77Where is my Anniversary milestone? 622,255
Mr Consistent in F1 2014
28 Buckswana Buckswana 619,105
Leader of the Pack in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
29 kingrich06 kingrich06one more Top Gun for #200... I missed the 5x arty kills today sum1 stole #5 lol, http://imgur.com/5mkwSXr 617,640
Ravager in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8)
30 Fshguy FshguyLooks like it's time for me to play some XBOX... 612,466
Haberdashing in Fantasia: Music Evolved (Xbox One)
31 Pigimiss Prime Pigimiss Primemerry xmas everyone!!! p.s. i love my boyfriend for my new surface!! 596,980
Welcome to Forza Motorsport in Forza Motorsport 5
32 Hotdogmcgee Hotdogmcgee4 raids (1 on hard), loot so far: 2 shaders, 1 sparrow, 1 ship, and a helmet. They are becoming a waste of time with such useless rewards.. 596,961
Raiding Party in Destiny (Xbox One)
33 TAREKEGYPT TAREKEGYPTMy Account is finally back on xbox360 14 Days! Wow MS.. 590,589
In the Darkest of Night in Titanfall (Xbox One)
34 Oriole2682 Oriole2682 589,412
Frontline Admiral in Battlestations: Pacific
35 BrutishMuffin BrutishMuffinI'll be giving away the virals in Split/Second all next month. Come join a session when they get set up. 584,905
Be the Leaf in The Legend of Korra (Xbox One)
36 Gizmo Monkey Gizmo Monkey 583,520
A glimmer of hope in Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One)
37 JJBDude48 JJBDude48Just finished shift 5 out of 7 days in a row. Xbox withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in :( lol 582,676
Year Three in Little Acorns (WP)
38 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984NBA live sucks balls. Haha improvements.... 579,377
No Nacho Taco for You! in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)
Georgia's First City in The Walking Dead (Xbox One)
40 grubbE grubbEDoes anyone know if you have the disc version of minecraft can you still get the xbox one version for $5? 574,635
Sabrewulf Apprentice in Killer Instinct
Drying in The Sun in Shark Dash (WP)
42 CRAZE KILER CRAZE KILERI have finally got Onyx on my Gnasher, I think I am going to work on my fire kills next, only 2900 to go for Onyx 569,075
Turtle Dove Perfect Wing in Cabela's African Safari
43 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 564,865
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
44 RunSmith14 RunSmith14Check out Gamertag Nation. It's great. Heres my referral link http://www.gamertagnation.com/?referrerid=4352 560,628
Taming the Herd in Zoo Tycoon Friends (Win 8)
45 Bomber37 Bomber37 556,789
The Birds Will Be With You in Angry Birds Star Wars (WP)
46 TuSeMorte TuSeMorteWorking on EDF 2025/EDF 4 555,082
First One's Free in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Win 8)
47 ToadStyleVenom ToadStyleVenom 551,075
It Takes a Lot of Guts! in The Smurfs 2
48 Jason8uk Jason8uk 547,191
If it's hostile, you kill it. in Metro 2033 Redux
49 BigNev44 BigNev44Goodbye streak, wanted to hit 365 Days and now i'm happy, can concentrate on longer games now. 541,411
A Life with Meaning in Diablo III
50 Kovy88 Kovy88It didn't save the weapons... Play the entire mission again. 538,319
Climbing the Rockies in Man vs. Wild
51 Auston53 Auston53http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=15748 536,577
Social Caterpillar in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
52 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 300Follow me on Twitch at twitch.tv/morich_man_300 534,989
FOX Power Watcher 50 in FOX NOW
53 JB330 JB330 531,760
Slimer in Terraria
54 Heaven In Vain Heaven In Vainanyone up for helping me with the ender dragon, the end and cure zombie villager achievements? 529,652
Best Laid Plans in The Walking Dead: Season Two (Xbox One)
55 griffey95 griffey95Nice! My 2 glitched achievements in AoE:CS just pooped. 522,938
Over the Bridge in The Walking Dead: Season Two (Xbox One)
56 Sashimi X13 Sashimi X13Note to self: don't play dance games with professional dancers. I'm getting murdered! 522,747
Devil Inside in Skulls of the Shogun (WP)
57 Jose Bear Jose BearReally can't be fucked any more. 521,795
We Meet Again! in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
58 ROGUE 1992 ROGUE 19922 hours until me and bregan D'earthe start our extra life come say hi! I have my various attire chosen 519,782
All The Dead Lie Down in The Walking Dead: Season Two
59 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoNThis kid's mom sold me Ryse for $3 at a yard sale this weekend [laugh] 519,570
A Heavy Burden in The Walking Dead: Season Two
60 SmokenRocket SmokenRocketFinally completed a retail game lol 518,733
Lost Treasure in Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures (Win 8)
61 ComesBrothers ComesBrothers 518,615
Laser Eyes in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
62 Wicelow Wicelow 513,314
Beyond Thirteen in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
63 DEADCOLT 360 DEADCOLT 360Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction anyone? 511,653
The Life Exotic in Destiny
64 wbs 101 wbs 101First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100 510,182
State of the Art in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Xbox One)
65 Oo Ty s R us oO Oo Ty s R us oO 508,328
Zone 18 Victor in Titanfall (Xbox One)
66 MetallicaGhost MetallicaGhost 507,222
One More Time, With Feeling in Game Chest: Logic Games (WP)
67 FlyersFan20 FlyersFan20And because achievements are awesome, the master chief collection will ship with 4000 gamerscore 506,513
A Moment of Greatness in NHL 15 (Xbox One)
68 Spazpol SpazpolShamed by the Kiddie Games - #22 (GTASC 2014) Awesome work team! 503,246
Try Tri in Game Chest: Solitaire (WP)
69 MidgetsInactive MidgetsInactive 500,101
It's a Sign! in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
70 mga74 mga74could somebody please help me with the zombie doctor achievement in Minecraft? 498,058
Ohhhhhh....Pretty!!! in TrueAchievements
71 ghostlymostly ghostlymostly 490,074
Once upon a time... in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
72 Van Uden Van UdenI asked this here before but here goes again. How do you turn on achievement notifications in Windows 8? 490,003
Taming the Herd in Zoo Tycoon Friends (Win 8)
73 Undead Seph Undead SephWell, the rage has claimed it's first Xbox One controller. First time I've raged with it as well! 488,995
Perfectionist in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments
74 Rocha12 Rocha12Damn, Bloodbourne is awesome! Think I'm gonna have to buy a PS4... 483,330
Beaten Thorn in Kameo: Elements of Power
75 elSmitmyster elSmitmyster 482,556
I Have A Story To Tell (Legendary) in Ryse: Son of Rome
76 patches4711 patches471150 hour support medal unlocked in BF3 481,313
Mpph Mpprhhh! in South Park: Tenorman's Revenge
77 Valioukha ValioukhaWeek-end Gold. 480,305
Hunter Mastery in Destiny
78 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 476,332
Share in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
79 Majinbro Majinbro 471,461
Car Go 'Splode, Just In Time in LocoCycle (Xbox One)
80 SilentBobsClone SilentBobsCloneWho hates working 6 days a week - this guy! 465,812
Fledgling in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
81 Zylo Grey Zylo GreyNeed to start clearing games off my windows phone have far to many 462,362
Royal Flush in Burn the Rope (WP)
82 Fatman2008 Fatman2008Come get some xGSFx Zombie and St Tony22. You can't catch up to me. LOL. Bye Xbox 360, Hello PS3. 461,275
One of Us in Far Cry 3
83 Riconoclast RiconoclastShining Empire just revitalised my interest in 360. 460,607
Moving on Up in Warface
84 apac69 apac69psn..... 456,994
Fashion Elite in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
85 MILINKYO MILINKYO20gb update for Halo MCC here comes the hate, don't bother me only problem I have is release date for Uk 455,678
I'm Number One! in TrueAchievements
86 T4llboy T4llboyHoly fuck, 402 achievements for Master Chief Collection. :O 455,611
Horizon Fan in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox One)
87 Bill 13 Bill 13Went to play event 20 in GoW:J. Now I have 1/30, rank went from 46 to 4, lost all unlocked skins and any DLC progress. 454,647
Decoyception in Stick it To The Man
88 XxChiCubs32xX XxChiCubs32xXDead Island. Yay!!! Just for you Simon. 454,527
The Bright Lights in Madden NFL 15
89 HorrorPastry HorrorPastryIn 2012 HorrorPastry won 1,734 Achievements in 93 games, a total of 50,292 TrueAchievement points (33,840 GamerScore) 453,681
Loose Ends in The Walking Dead
90 Darkened Night Darkened NightTitanfall jumping to 2000 gamerscore tomorrow. To feature missable achievement. 453,151
SNAPPED!!! in TrueAchievements
91 WhiteShadow994 WhiteShadow994Let's Rock-N-Roll=)))))!!!!!! 451,791
Gas attendant in Rabbids Big Bang (Win 8)
92 TaygetaVendetta TaygetaVendettacan someone in Gen 10 send me a Ranked Play beta invite? 451,602
Stars Shine Brightest in Titanfall (Xbox One)
Ship Ahoy! in Max & the Magic Marker (WP)
94 MANGLER MANGLERToo many games, almost no time to play!!! 447,581
Guilty Brotherhood in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox One)
95 Fnerk FnerkHeading towards the big 300K in the sky 447,248
Rookie in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
96 Slim Pizza Boy Slim Pizza Boyya know what, I don't care ;] so go touch yourself 447,177
Raider in Destiny (Xbox One)
97 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 446,788
Super Secret Stash in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
98 David Skitzo David SkitzoPrevious TA: 290,305 Current TA: 304,458 (14,153) Previous Ratio: 1.6797 Current Ratio: 1.7616 (0.0819) 443,076
The Bigger They Are... in Disney Universe
99 misterman08 misterman08After playing the Destiny Beta for past 3 hrs my mind still is undecided day one or not 442,856
Pay It Forward in Darksiders II
100 Snowsux SnowsuxWow! Toy Story 3 is glitched to hell. Don't know if I have the heart to start over.. 439,554
Bring on the Bling in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012