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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 rafaelgrn rafaelgrnEm 2 minutinhos, Conquistaria 8 no Twitch! Conquistas, promoções, sorteios no http://twitch.tv/conquistaria 926,115 Welcome to Your Horizon in Forza Horizon 3
2 ArnaldoDK ArnaldoDKMaratona de 24 Horas de Forza Horizon 3 no Canal: https://www.twitch.tv/arnaldodk 903,625 Seanchaidh in Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
3 AndCardoso8 AndCardoso8No more Xbox 360 games ever... 778,630 What a performance! in NHL 15
4 SiegfriedX SiegfriedXNuka-World for Fallout is a big disappointment. Bugs from start to finish. 622,050 Clever Girl! in Forza Horizon 3
5 SECOUTINHO SECOUTINHOLet´s start SMITE 521,550 You're the Boss in Forza Horizon 3
6 SCOTTISH F0RCE SCOTTISH F0RCE9 months left to get 60k fastest half a mil hype 440,950 Mud Monster in Evolve
7 M4XMOTORMOUTH M4XMOTORMOUTHMinha entrevista para o INSIDE XBOX BRASIL - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDLvEvACoow 385,660 I've Got Box of Steel in The Evil Within
8 xD Dante Ssp xD Dante SspComing Back !! 362,411 Back to the Fuchsia in Hue
9 ALOPRADO BRASIL ALOPRADO BRASIL 343,824 Think of the children in 10 Second Ninja X
10 MCWX MCWX 315,559 Practice Run in FIFA 17
11 cooorpse cooorpsePlaying a lot of Pokemon Go lately. Working on Xbox Fitness when I can smile 271,511 Handyman in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
12 Vingador Brambz Vingador BrambzThe Big. The Bad. The Wolf. 270,607 This My Jam in Forza Horizon 3
13 Leo 7N Ferreira Leo 7N FerreiraTitanfall ONE, quem vai? 260,980 Item Management in The Evil Within
14 Maelive MaeliveExiste a vida e existe o trabalho. :/ 252,110 Chesty Puller Starter Kit in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
15 Kah xp Kah xprumoaos300k 245,608 Smash 'N Grab Superstar in Dad Beat Dads
16 Noaxis Noaxishttps://www.trueachievements.com/gameclip.aspx?clipid=322986... 244,455 Boss Battle in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
17 gabrielguns gabrielguns#RoadTo300k 241,830 Web Slinger in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
18 Dark Evil1975 Dark Evil1975trueachievements.com 237,662 Fancy a Match in FIFA 17
19 JoaoToxic JoaoToxic 231,650 The Science of FUT in FIFA 17 (Xbox 360)
20 AP E JC AP E JC 229,304 Sailing in style in Assassin's Creed Pirates (Win 8)
21 I KRUGER I BR I KRUGER I BRAlimente a treta! 218,475 First Time Buyer in Forza Horizon 3
22 HellsTT HellsTT 212,990 String Theory in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
23 CAVEIRAO CAVEIRAO 197,017 We're Going Home in Resident Evil 4
24 Becker RS Omni Becker RS Omni 181,218 Can't Do It Alone in NBA 2K17: The Prelude
25 Andre BigBoss 2 Andre BigBoss 2Brutal Legend - alguma alma caridosa pode me ajudar ou esta afim de fazer as online comigo ? 175,580 I Can't Quit You Dom in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition
26 vulgobala vulgobala 174,513 ARIA's Endurance in Killer Instinct
27 MARCELO VIPER MARCELO VIPERA CAIXA É SUPREMA! 172,069 League Leader in Forza Motorsport 5
28 xDzin xDzin#Chief www.xboxmilgrau.com.br 159,283 Screaming through the Valley in Forza Horizon 3
29 RafaelNeneco RafaelNeneco 158,555 Racer's Paradise in Forza Horizon 3
30 Jehoshaphat BR Jehoshaphat BRJust for fun 152,510 Best. Horizon. Ever. in Forza Horizon 3
31 MorcegoZombie MorcegoZombie 149,898 Funk over Pop in Funk of Titans
32 DarthMaulBR DarthMaulBR 148,684 You Gotta Represent in NBA 2K17: The Prelude
33 HenriiqueBR HenriiqueBRYeah! sou o primeiro brasileiro à completar Naruto Storm 4 143,010 Chapter 9 Speedrun in Mirror's Edge
34 SidnelsonKiller SidnelsonKiller 141,725 Concubine Savior in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China
35 Patativa Assare Patativa Assare 140,856 Take aim in FIFA 16
36 GameStrike BR GameStrike BRApenas limpando status! 137,046 Champ in Forza Horizon 3
37 Tobias Drake Tobias Drake 135,820 Krati, Krati, Krati! in Far Cry Primal
38 ooAndre3000oo ooAndre3000oo 131,754 Poetic Justice in NBA 2K17
39 xSTREET MANIACx xSTREET MANIACx 131,261 Friend For Life in NBA 2K17
40 gregalexander00 gregalexander00Preciso de um tempo para poder fechar meus jogos pendentes do 360. :( 130,810 Purple Reign in Forza Horizon
41 joairess joairess 130,452 Just warming up in FIFA 17
42 Baroni Baroni 128,857 Champ in Forza Horizon 3
43 Ronan Vieira Ronan Vieira 127,979 The Skilled Driver in Mad Max
44 DRz ZACHRY DRz ZACHRY 124,604 200 Stories of Sheer Adventure! in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
45 EuscorpiusG EuscorpiusG 123,757 Rescue Ranger in 2020: My Country (Win 10)
46 Farrael22 Farrael22Fechar o ano com 200k??? 122,470 Telepathic in FIFA 17
47 ARTUR XBOX ONE ARTUR XBOX ONE 121,696 Drop in the Bucket in Forza Horizon 3
48 Yuki Uehara Yuki Uehara 119,498 Secure the Ballistics in Resident Evil 4
49 xcapim360 xcapim360Family First. Rock N Roll. XBOX. #XCAPIM membro Xbox Mil Grau - www.xboxmilgrau.com.br 118,332 Relic Hunter in Forza Horizon 3
50 Ricaom RicaomViajei na Epoca do UHH2 =( 117,534 Sand Scratcher in ReCore
51 MulekAtentado MulekAtentado 117,295 The Tough Guy in Prominence Poker
52 matpinsdorf matpinsdorf 116,625 Cat Scratch in SMITE
53 Marco 8Bits Marco 8BitsRumo aos 200 mil o/ #XboxLifestyle 114,492 Telepathic in FIFA 17
54 WarTank69 WarTank69Still Playing... 108,780 Racer's Paradise in Forza Horizon 3
55 Filipe Freitas Filipe Freitas 106,450 Heaven's Knight in Lies of Astaroth
56 ForgottenWolf x ForgottenWolf x#Inativo cry ... Até algum dia, Gamerscore !!! 105,810 You Owe Me One in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition
57 S7ephano S7ephano 104,771 Tonight We Ride in Forza Horizon 3
58 Nightheaven sky Nightheaven skyPlay more xD 104,740 You're the Boss in Forza Horizon 3
59 leandrus duff leandrus duff 104,533 Two on Two in The Evil Within
60 x NILL RAYDEN x x NILL RAYDEN xNatural Born Killaz (; 104,410 Maxed Out in Forza Horizon 3
61 HonoratoG HonoratoG 103,094 One of Us in Forza Horizon 3
62 AGW Aguia BR AGW Aguia BR 102,205 Loremaster in Dragon Age: Inquisition
63 AlezidioX AlezidioXChe coosa? 102,090 Bushcraft in Forza Horizon 3
64 LnkSurf LnkSurfTentando voltar ao ritmo ... 97,829 Bejeweled in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition (Xbox 360)
65 Chocolat3 PAN Chocolat3 PAN 95,010 Workbench Adept in ReCore
66 Du777 Du777 94,868 Baby Backfire in Dad Beat Dads
67 blas1980 blas1980 94,347 The Next Big Thing in Forza Horizon
68 FAREP Bunitin FAREP BunitinGAMELOFT FILHA DA PUTA!!!!!!! RESETOU MEU AVANÇO NO MINION RUSH! FILHA DA PUTA DO CARALHO!!! 94,143 Consume This in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
69 VilemarPhantasm VilemarPhantasmTomando Café !!! 93,015 Sticky Fingers in ReCore
70 RaphaaMarins RaphaaMarins 91,604 Astral Assistance in Killer Instinct
71 LURA FARK LURA FARKTchau Querida!!!!!! 91,185 Home Safe in The Final Station
72 Fachincone Fachincone 90,771 Look Mom, I'm on TV! in YouTube
73 Caio0202 Caio0202 90,095 Stuck Up in Mafia II
74 Danielff14 Danielff14 89,946 Always IMProvising in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
75 A1oneinthed4rk A1oneinthed4rkAlan Wake, agora a porra ficou séria. Vários achievements bugados.... 88,625 A New Ally in Dragon's Dogma
76 Mordread 2 Mordread 2Casado, com filhos e gamer old school! 88,273 No filter in Need for Speed
77 ACBL80 ACBL80 86,916 CLEAR 10 LEVELS in Mahjong
78 danewylde danewylde 86,100 'Tis but a scratch in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
79 PaladinoBranco PaladinoBrancoLet' Play Halo 86,000 The Young Wolf in Destiny
80 LeandroNaruto11 LeandroNaruto11 84,690 Welcome to Gotham in BATMAN – The Telltale Series (Xbox 360)
81 VITTOKOROKO VITTOKOROKOHappy Old Year!! 82,711 Seven Deuce Abuse in Prominence Poker
82 semcebola semcebola 81,314 Self Dad-struction in Dad Beat Dads
83 Feiffer05 Feiffer051st in Xbox One Role-Playing GamerScore Leaderboard for Brazil 2015! 80,555 Stormcaller in Destiny
84 lGumal lGumal 79,515 Ooh, Shiny! in Forza Horizon 3
85 Faagner Gamer Faagner Gamer 79,150 Million Dollar Granddad in Coffin Dodgers
86 thiago digao thiago digaoRumo ao 100K 77,565 Get Over Yourselves in Splosion Man
87 LelinhoGamer LelinhoGamer 76,661 Auction Fever in Forza Horizon 3
88 daniel2153 daniel2153 76,570 Reboot in Tron: Evolution
89 Maxximoff Maxximoff 76,165 Champions! in FIFA 17
90 BlackSoulBoss BlackSoulBossCome On 74,930 Notorious in Forza Horizon
91 Deco Ryoka Deco Ryoka 74,400 Bring a Friend in Forza Horizon 3
92 Evangelico Evangelico 74,265 Corporate Recruiter in Dungeon Punks
93 Rasstrel Santos Rasstrel Santos#XBOX - #TRICOLOR - #AvanteMeuTricolor 72,489 The More The Merrier in ReCore
94 esgava esgava 72,237 Home Sweet Home in NBA 2K17: The Prelude
95 Frank ODST Frank ODSTTry Again... 71,425 Depth in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
96 Dan Giannotti Dan Giannotti 70,740 Wide Angles in Life Is Strange (Xbox 360)
97 JosueJho JosueJho"Sans lingua franca, the world will be torn asunder, and then, it shall be free." 70,696 Halo in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
98 LFernandoGarcia LFernandoGarcia 70,392 Get Over Yourselves in Splosion Man
99 DarkRasengan96 DarkRasengan96 69,822 Parasite-Seeing in Call of Duty: Black Ops III
100 Horllando HorllandoPai de Família que Joga. :) 68,610 Exchange student in FIFA 17