RPG Addicts!

If you love this genre of game for all and everything it has been and is now, you belong in this group. Welcome all lovers, from MMO to Jap RPG
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TrueAchievement
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Bear5 Fan 4Ever Bear5 Fan 4EverUgh... Elder scrolls ONLINE grr... 734,040
Pull! in Titanfall (Xbox One)
2 Remeki Remeki 727,514
RHP Master in Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
3 MysticWeirdo MysticWeirdo 695,395
Beorn Again in LEGO The Hobbit
4 ponypo2001 ponypo2001Enjoying LEGO Freeze quite a bit. 665,077
Team Building in LEGO The Hobbit
5 Dalimbak Dalimbak 651,985
Supreme Vertigo in Blobster (WP)
6 DivineWind72 DivineWind72 651,659
A Burst of Flavor in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Hitting The Big City in Yoostar 2: In The Movies
8 Snitchnose Snitchnosewhy carnt the xone game downloads be in zip files, 606,329
Prize Frenzy in Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do
9 spockroxfaces spockroxfacesTiny break from Venetica(EU). Time for the amazing Eternal Sonata for my 3rd and final time :'( 597,368
First Strike in Tales of Vesperia (EU Ver)
10 D4RK I FuRy I D4RK I FuRy IAnyone interested in boosting Hour of Victory: http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=420967 579,078
Explorer in Asphalt 5 (WP)
11 Clarissalover ClarissaloverGetting a free Xbox One with Forza. 573,548
Fitness Fanatic in Xbox Fitness
12 xX Gambit69 Xx xX Gambit69 XxCaptain America 2: Winter Solider was awesome!! Great Marvel film 571,817
DOA5 Ultimate Master in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
13 Gizmo Monkey Gizmo Monkey 569,690
Brightstone Bonfire in Dark Souls II
14 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 562,588
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
15 DJ RJester DJ RJester7hrs of work left, & then I have 17 days off!!! Time to start training for London to Brighton bike ride (54miles!) 549,243
That's why we need a burglar! in LEGO The Hobbit
16 Thulgrum ThulgrumBurn in hell Joffrey! 544,946
Doilies and your mother's dishes in LEGO The Hobbit
17 Fatal x Blade Fatal x Blade 530,089
Duo Stars in Zumba Fitness World Party (Xbox One)
18 FatalCthulhu666 FatalCthulhu666Blood for the Blood God,Skulls for the Skull Throne 515,799
Family reunion in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
19 Goggs25 Goggs25O my God I killed Kenny with the Stick of Truth 509,517
Pro-Am in Motocross Madness
20 Lethal Hunter Lethal HunterWorking on Mafia 2, Bioshock 2, Walking Dead: SI and Dungeon Defenders. 506,961
Dungeon Defender in Dungeon Defenders
21 Aggressive dog Aggressive dog 491,589
Seasoned Bowler in Kinect Sports Rivals
22 BigNev44 BigNev44There was a patch released April 9 for Arkham Origins, Initiation DLC achievements can now be unlocked online. 482,964
Snowjob in Batman: Arkham Origins
23 hupheryspangler hupheryspanglerWhy do Xbox One achievements and games not show on the xbox.com activity feed? 482,417
To Me, My X-Men in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
24 wbs 101 wbs 101First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100 471,584
Hello World in Fire Pro Wrestling
25 Majinbro Majinbro 469,612
A Little Ambition in Dead Rising 3
26 Van Uden Van Udenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX-QaNzd-0Y 467,219
A Star is Born in Angry Birds Rio (WP)
27 RBX Storm RBX Storm 466,788
Fairily Complete in Peggle 2 (Xbox One)
28 mfeforever mfeforever 465,852
First Survival Mission Win in Pacific Rim: The Video Game
29 Spartan2491 Spartan2491Let the vacation begin...take 2 462,666
Diggin' in the crates in Deadpool
30 EbonHawk01 EbonHawk01 461,413
True Love's Kiss in DreamWorks Super Star Kartz
31 Slash29 Slash29 459,820
SHOOT THE MOON in Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut
32 Riconoclast RiconoclastShining Empire just revitalised my interest in 360. 458,462
Got it! in Halo 4
33 xDartz xNVx xDartz xNVx 450,795
The Dark Soul in Dark Souls II
34 Dark Rocky X Dark Rocky XRocky's Video Game Music of the Day! Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry - http://youtu.be/RvGSNHb5jy0 442,344
100 hours in WarTech: Senko no Ronde
35 Apocalypse Kane Apocalypse KaneThe long lonely road... 2.0 441,488
GLASS DISMISSED in Bully: Scholarship Edition
36 Maximus Rage Maximus Rage 433,806
Please sir, may I have some more in YouTube
37 Lil Miss Cherry Lil Miss Cherry 431,555
Conservationalist in Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One)
38 Valioukha ValioukhaPour les possesseurs de Lumia 1520, 1320, 1020 et 625 : 425,622
No "i" in Team in Warface
39 Five1oh Five1ohSlow Down, You Know You Can'T Catch Me I Move To Fast On The Gas Don't Chase Me. Slow Down 424,194
Feeding Hand in Feed Me Oil (WP)
40 Omfamna OmfamnaOne week until moving day. So much to do still. 423,125
10 Kills in Cold Alley (Win 8)
41 Suko Suikoden Suko Suikoden 419,967
The Ura in Bastion
42 Paul Doyle Paul DoyleQuarter of a million gamerscore 418,162
Committed in Forza Motorsport 5
43 versatile747 versatile747Health & Science Marine Corps 415,027
Last Giant in Dark Souls II
44 o Heres Jonny o o Heres Jonny oTitanfall. Amazing. I dont care that i suck. 412,451
Motorcycle ace in The Adventures of Tintin
45 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Stopped and moved a turtle out of the road today - just for you drabik [smile] 408,801
I Could Sing This Song For Hours in The LEGO Movie Videogame
46 Morrigan2350 Morrigan2350Damn it to hell. Lost a 144 streak due to BST clock shift. Achievement after midnight bere counted as the day before. ?? 408,432
Silver Scissors in Cut The Rope (WP)
47 o Solid Ghost o o Solid Ghost o 407,145
The Final Round in Pinball FX2
48 xMANNY FRE5Hx xMANNY FRE5Hx 397,938
Lucky! in Rayman Legends (Xbox One)
49 Roku750 Roku750I've barely had any time for xbox in months... 397,366
Calorie Minimizer in Cut the Rope (Win 8)
50 PeteOzzy PeteOzzy 395,895
Stone Giant Stomp in LEGO The Hobbit
51 Plaguewielder87 Plaguewielder87 392,905
Get Some Grub in The Orange Box
52 ProjectJeff85 ProjectJeff85 387,921
Enter the Arena in Pinball FX2
53 Veteran Forever Veteran Foreverthe new dragon age looks so good 387,118
Duty is its own Reward in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II (PC)
54 OBLIVORAT3RxUKx OBLIVORAT3RxUKxPS4 It Is, Its Been a Good Run Guys :) 386,700
Sybarite in Gears of War: Judgment
55 Tachikoma Shell Tachikoma Shell 386,004
What hit me in Batman: Arkham Origins
56 albajos albajosIt's not a bug, it's a feature. 385,982
The Rules of Consecution in The Last Remnant
57 Rey Punisher Rey Punisherhttp://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-446564509-videojuegos-en-remate-xbox-360-desde-los-100-pesos-_JM 385,938
Do The Darwin in Jet Set Go (WP)
58 Boost17 Boost17The single weirdest thing about today's Tomb Raider boosting session has to be when the Lego Movie achievement popped. 381,734
King Of The Castle in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
59 EvilTommy44 EvilTommy44 375,076
The Dark Soul in Dark Souls II
60 DECSTAR 1 DECSTAR 1lets put away the xboxes and play outside 367,719
Ain't That a Kick in the Head in Fallout: New Vegas
61 Devious Jedi Devious JediIm not one to usually say any game is shit but......Rambo IS SHIT 365,911
The Hero Of Time in Fable Anniversary
62 KillieExile KillieExileGot to wait another 2 days for dark souls 2 as zavvi.com messed my order up, never using them again. 365,499
Fit for a King in Warface
63 Finnan FinnanApparently Xbox Fitness fixed their progress loss bug from 2 days ago, but any stamps you got in the meantime are gone 365,180
All Hands on Deck in Microsoft Solitaire Collection (WP)
64 Fatal RusH Fatal RusHSplinter Cell ! 365,044
Maxed Out in Crimson Alliance
65 VoltFieber VoltFieber"Xbox, Go Home!" (I spy with my little Kinect-Eye^^) 364,967
Legendary Find in Resident Evil Revelations
66 Red Master 11 Red Master 11 362,659
Perfect aquarium in Fishdom 3: Special Edition (Win 8)
67 HD Addict HD Addict 359,304
Same Old Song and Dance in Xbox Music
68 Ueki420 Ueki420Sorry guys been getting an error message half the time I sign in..MS doesn't know whats wrong with my account... 357,815
The Holmesian in The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
69 EvilAndre EvilAndre 356,083
Twice Shy in The Walking Dead
70 ChasIII ChasIII 350,632
The Stars Were Right in Glacier Blast (Win 8)
71 The Cripplers The CripplersThanks to Rogers, I won't have to buy any games for a loooong time. 350,502
Mastery in South Park: The Stick of Truth
72 WJS Osiris WJS Osirisgained 10 000 ta score cuase of dlc change thanks ta 350,232
The Unbreakable Horn in Defiance
73 rayvenus 2 rayvenus 2 348,683
Bring On All Comers! in James Cameron's Avatar
74 JMJimmy JMJimmyWay too addicted to Titanfall... almost Gen4, 50MVPs, 164 top 3, 162 won of 333 played 347,384
I Stand Alone in Titanfall
75 Danny Dubs 86 Danny Dubs 86Oh, man! Microsoft Bingo is probably the most fulfilling game I've ever played! 342,430
Collect'em All in Hexodius
76 Grimace221 Grimace221What is next in my great % journey? Really want to hit 96% 339,263
Even. More. Cheevos. in Peggle 2 (Xbox One)
77 Evil Sasuke XT Evil Sasuke XThttp://www.super-tanne.de/supertanne_new.jpg 336,595
Time to Strike! in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition
78 LORDOFDOOKIE69 LORDOFDOOKIE69Got borderlands(50 points left), Surfs Up, and Megamind from gamestop online. Now time to go to the store. 336,507
Kingmaker in ArcaniA: Gothic 4
79 Mazter0fPuppetz Mazter0fPuppetzLooking to add more friends! 335,966
Covenant: Darkwraith in Dark Souls
80 Swinny Costello Swinny CostelloPut off starting Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom in favour of Fallout: New Vegas. An improvement, methinks! 333,844
Mall Award in Sally's Salon: Luxury Edition (WP)
81 RazorPriest RazorPriestlol new Defiance DLC again 330,414
Come Sail Away in Deadlight
82 The Snapple Cap The Snapple Caprecently on a play station kick add me on truetrophies. 329,577
Journeyman Librarian in The Wolf Among Us
83 ll W I K U ll ll W I K U llhttps://www.youtube.com/user/HobZer 325,032
Flag Happy in Microsoft Minesweeper (Win 8)
84 DwB Joker DwB Joker 323,223
Military Base in Dead Island Riptide
85 Pip The Unholy Pip The UnholyMy GTA V crew is called Monkey Squad! 322,661
Dungeon Crawler in Dungeon Defenders
86 Terrani Terrani 322,444
Auto Fanatic in L.A. Noire
87 m4rc4nt0ny m4rc4nt0nyT,G,Joint 321,980
Striker Winner in Kinect Sports Rivals
88 Sniper JZA80 Sniper JZA80Achievement Unlocked! "Trifecta" #1 Oceania RPG: TA, GS and Completions 321,272
Armed to the Teeth in Diablo III
89 Karashion KarashionSo many games so little time. 319,858
Push the button in YouTube
90 Gearbolt013 Gearbolt013Looking to Boost Dungeon Defenders (Challenges Insane). 315,731
Murder Most Fowl in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
91 MissingC3C4 MissingC3C4The "Black Box" keeps me SANE 315,671
More than a thunderstorm! in LEGO The Hobbit
92 VitaminAmy VitaminAmyAdd me to the list for broken gamerscore today... earning achievements but GS doesn't move. 315,086
Rebooted, Resuited in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
93 DEADPOOL289 DEADPOOL289There can be only one ! 307,264
Boot Camp in Warface
94 sonydex sonydex 306,937
Bounty Hunter in Borderlands 2
95 EvilResidentUK EvilResidentUKwell was supposed to be back online today but they cocked it up so cant get on till April ! 305,682
Two Minds, Fighting As One in Street Fighter X Tekken
96 Iced Hawk Iced HawkPerfect Dark Zero Down, Ahora... a por PGR3, Quake 4 y American Wasteland y año 2005 Retail N finalizado :D 303,303
Dodge and Weave in Men In Black: Alien Crisis
97 Lewd Llama 69 Lewd Llama 69 300,511
Stun Specialist in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD
98 XxBlutgottxX XxBlutgottxXwww.theplayerz.com 299,273
Gesture Maestro in Dark Souls II
99 Anaxaminder AnaxaminderRYU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 298,146
O Daughter of Babylon in Fallout: New Vegas
100 Qonok Qonok 298,129
The End Of An Odyssey in Toy Soldiers: Cold War