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Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Minioger MiniogerI have a copy of Hour of Victory (PC) to sell if anyone is interested. 941,289
Archeology in Halo: Spartan Assault
2 FAR QZ FAR QZ 751,625
What's This Button Do in Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2010
3 SO CAL BREX 91 SO CAL BREX 91Sounds like XBOX is slowly folding, supporting it would be like buying a ticket for the Titanic 668,803
Gingivitis in South Park: The Stick of Truth
4 JuniorMT JuniorMTGot NBA Live 14 and Fifa 14 for the next week to boost. If your down to boost hit me up. 575,828
5 Wallace Suka Wallace SukaNew gamertag is No Wallace Suka 563,334
Pure Gold in Sleeping Dogs
6 dreamweaver1984 dreamweaver1984...who wants to sniper elite 3 campaign with me... 554,336
Prepared for any eventuality in Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)
7 MoRICH MAN 300 MoRICH MAN 300Follow me on twitch at 533,089
Beyond the Trees in The Walking Dead: Season Two
8 IXI FalcoN IXI FalcoN 491,259
Tightening the Noose in Murdered: Soul Suspect
9 wbs 101 wbs 101First in the world to complete Naughty Bear & reach Rank X also first to complete NB Panic in Paradise & get Level 100 479,779
Mer-man in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One)
10 NiteJokester NiteJokesterNeed motivation. So much to play sitting here. Real world slowing up controller time. 413,534
Blasters! Blasters! Blasters! in Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
11 Ralph The Rogue Ralph The Rogue 406,459
Weed Whacker in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
12 SG Steelhead SG SteelheadHave you checked out Gamertag Nation yet? 400,420
Conquered Canyons in LocoCycle (Xbox One)
13 OldSmoke dawg OldSmoke dawgI held first on xb1 for months in South Carolina now that ive finally been passed i can put it up and play 360 more 382,478
Double the distance in Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)
14 Joshnorm JoshnormSo much great TV on losing out on game time. 370,786
Ghost Stories in Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)
15 Partydudes Partydudes 351,448
I'm Going All-in! in Payday 2
16 DJ Backstab DJ Backstab 336,452
Just One More Episode… in Netflix
17 XxJesusNinjaxX XxJesusNinjaxX Follow me!!!!! 335,314
World Tour in Microsoft Jackpot (Win 8)
18 JORDAN 2x3 JORDAN 2x3Looks like i'm the only one without an Xbox One. :'-( 327,894
Payback in Major League Baseball 2K12
19 CheeszNIPS CheeszNIPS 322,850
Nailfile Cake in BattleBlock Theater
20 RenegadeANIM4L RenegadeANIM4L 315,127
Dark Awakening in Transformers: War For Cybertron
21 YazFromAlcatraz YazFromAlcatrazRIP Tony Gwynn, greatest San Diego Padre of all time! 309,647
Cast Member in BattleBlock Theater
22 Badson42 Badson42I've made another 942,000,000km circuit around the sun for a total of 42,390,000,000km. So how old does that make me? 45 296,364
Novice Runner in Temple Run 2 (WP)
23 FragEmAndSmile FragEmAndSmileUpdated 6/21/14 - Xbox 360 games for sale (all 3 regions) check TA blog 290,886
Out of the snow in Deadfall Adventures
Who Is Raymond Kenney in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
25 snake42069 snake42069285k TA Barrier Passed! 176k GS Barrier Passed! 285,625
Master of the Arsenal in Fallout: New Vegas
26 vipergK9 vipergK9Gaming for Life 258,095
Come Sail Away in Deadlight
27 MadvilNE MadvilNESay hi to the bad guy. . . 241,567
Don't tell the Elf... in LEGO The Lord of the Rings
28 NoaAltwynn NoaAltwynnThe Microsoft E3 presentation was better this year than last year at least. 226,033
Five Finger Discount in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
29 omgeezus omgeezus 225,738
Guest of Honor in Tropico 3
30 Sherman91587 Sherman91587Not enough time to get all these GFWL done. Why did I have to horde them?! 217,834
Welcome To The Jungle in Fight Night Champion
31 lX CaptHowdy Xl lX CaptHowdy XlGO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 217,019
Exploratory Laboratory in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox One)
32 Mo the Surfer Mo the SurferTempus Fugit - Carpe Diem 209,441
That Hagisi Lied in Defiance
33 Majik 666 Majik 666Behind you with a knife 209,149
Siege Hammer in Dead Island Riptide
34 Big Anubis T Big Anubis T::___::{-----}:___: 206,480
In Sync in Toy Soldiers: Cold War
35 Gcash81001 Gcash81001I need to get some gaming in 202,582
RC Assassin in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
36 xSTAGGERxLEEx xSTAGGERxLEExLeaing 7/25 till 8/15, Sturgis here I come... again 199,794
Unfinished Business in Tomb Raider - Definitive Edition
37 Drunk3nDuffman Drunk3nDuffman 197,632
Simple Pigs and Nonsense in Angry Birds Star Wars (Xbox One)
World Record in Sniper Elite V2
39 CMorrigu 194,970
Reach Lordran in Dark Souls
40 Sly Strategist Sly Strategist 186,811
Last Straw in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One)
41 xBONEDADDY83x xBONEDADDY83xBought Splinter Cell and I couldn't be happier. 180,186
Pull Harder! in Titanfall
42 HueyUsaIdiot HueyUsaIdiotIm Bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 170,347
Having a Blast in Rock Band Blitz
43 PureEvil x21 PureEvil x21next up, Lego Star Wars II for Rissa 170,296
Good Memory in Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8)
44 Shadow1474 Shadow1474Achievements... achivements... achievements... 156,553
Novice Artist in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
45 nWo Skyline nWo Skyline 151,128
Candygram in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
46 Tapion TapionJust relaxing and playing some Live, yay 150,923
Viva La Resurrección in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One)
47 El PR1NC1P3 El PR1NC1P3 149,898
Big 50 Badge in GoPro Channel
48 silencer018 silencer018Finally done with the DW7 grind! 143,091
Locked On in WWE Network
49 SIGma Stake SIGma Stake 137,625
Hang in There in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)
50 Milk Helmets Milk Helmetswhat it is jive turkey 137,439
Eye of the Storm in The Walking Dead: Season Two
51 BinaryGlitch BinaryGlitch 136,254
Champion in Kinectimals (WP)
52 The Serge24 The Serge24 133,532
Archeology in Halo: Spartan Assault (Xbox One)
53 Four Channel Four Channel 129,826
No Man's Land in Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)
54 Nv Defines Nv DefinesJust DESTROYED Halo 4 LASO... a bucket of gamerscore and a sexy new LASO emblem :p 127,567
Bros to the Close in Halo 4
55 Kamikaze8 125,560
Cutting It Close in Dust: An Elysian Tail
56 Silvery Death Silvery DeathBioshock Infinite blew my mind....... 125,126
Jack of All Trades in Hitman: Absolution
57 WildMan AK WildMan AKMy quest for 100k continues..... 112,304
Revoking Client Privileges in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
Completed game in King Kong
59 Ab intestato Ab intestatoI am on a gaming hiatus it was real fun guys.... 105,679
Words of Power in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Consolation Prize in BattleBlock Theater
61 Hoffman HoffmanDebating on getting the Xbone. wait for Halo edition in November? 99,452
My first rescue in I Am Alive
62 Sweet Rvng Sweet RvngBad Company kills: 2,731/10,002 Awards: 104/120 98,421
Lost and Found in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (Xbox One)
63 E Rock 31 E Rock 31 93,271
Living Legend in Dance Central
64 MRODRIG1213 MRODRIG1213Need some more Achievements! 91,560
I Like A Challenge in Titanfall
65 SkyLord45 SkyLord45 88,857
It's Just Money in Forza Horizon
66 BrenTS23 BrenTS23 80,014
"Insert Coin" in Call of Duty: Black Ops
67 BJKBLAZE BJKBLAZEDale Murphy belongs in the Hall Of Fame. 79,396
Completed Chapter 1 - 1 in Resident Evil 5 (PC)
68 Gaanjaa Gaanjaa 72,987
A Revelation of Man in Civilization Revolution
69 xoURMOMxo xoURMOMxoGTASC-CONFIRM-127-20111116090243 71,769
What Once Was There in Prince of Persia
70 InspiredNoob10 InspiredNoob10Needing to finish up BLOPS 2!! Any takers on helping??? 69,109
This is my rifle … in Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One)
71 BlueDragon0908 BlueDragon0908 68,588
Midnight in Halo 4
72 feedmecyanide feedmecyanideAll i do is win. im on my charlie sheen 68,454
Gettin' It Done in Forza Horizon
73 lightsup55 lightsup55 68,120
The Hunted in Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox One)
74 VVipeOut VVipeOut 65,978
Annie's Wardrobe in Dead Rising 3
75 ShotgunProwler ShotgunProwler 60,251
Pilgrim in Dragon Age: Origins
76 Bill a Bob Joe Bill a Bob JoeI'm up to stuff 47,788
Family Man in Watch_Dogs (Xbox One)
77 Jennamarae Jennamarae 40,183
A Warrior Born in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
78 AaronTWright AaronTWright 35,313
Unbreakable in Warface
79 Strand33 Strand33 31,493
Mr. February in NCAA Football 07
80 Green1Chaos Green1ChaosM.I.A from gaming, Not wanting to be found yet. 28,746
Fixer-Upper in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
81 ManiacMacedo ManiacMacedoCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!!! 20,653
First Class Ticket in BioShock Infinite

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JuniorMT Outlast CLAUSTROPHOBE JuniorMT won the CLAUSTROPHOBE achievement in Outlast for 353 points
JuniorMT Outlast PUNISHED JuniorMT won the PUNISHED achievement in Outlast for 146 points
JuniorMT Outlast EMANCIPATED JuniorMT won the EMANCIPATED achievement in Outlast for 71 points
E Rock 31 Dance Central Living Legend E Rock 31 won the Living Legend achievement in Dance Central for 138 points
Strand33 NCAA Football 07 Mr. February Strand33 won the Mr. February achievement in NCAA Football 07 for 39 points
Mo the Surfer Defiance That Hagisi Lied Mo the Surfer won the That Hagisi Lied achievement in Defiance for 22 points
wbs 101 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One) Mer-man wbs 101 won the Mer-man achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One) for 12 points
Strand33 THIEF Lockdown Strand33 won the Lockdown achievement in THIEF for 5 points
Strand33 THIEF Child of the Shadows Strand33 won the Child of the Shadows achievement in THIEF for 14 points
Strand33 THIEF Two Faced Strand33 won the Two Faced achievement in THIEF for 7 points
Mo the Surfer Defiance Office in Back Mo the Surfer won the Office in Back achievement in Defiance for 20 points
Strand33 THIEF The Drop Strand33 won the The Drop achievement in THIEF for 5 points
wbs 101 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One) Adrift wbs 101 won the Adrift achievement in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Xbox One) for 26 points
Mo the Surfer Defiance EGOTistical Mo the Surfer won the EGOTistical achievement in Defiance for 30 points
wbs 101 PAC-MAN Museum Stamp Lover wbs 101 won the Stamp Lover achievement in PAC-MAN Museum for 23 points
OldSmoke dawg Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One) Ghost of Tobruk OldSmoke dawg won the Ghost of Tobruk achievement in Sniper Elite 3 (Xbox One) for 15 points
wbs 101 PAC-MAN Museum Game Sampler wbs 101 won the Game Sampler achievement in PAC-MAN Museum for 11 points
Minioger Halo: Spartan Assault Archeology Minioger won the Archeology achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault for 18 points
Minioger Halo: Spartan Assault Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 Minioger won the Vidmaster Challenge 2.0 achievement in Halo: Spartan Assault for 31 points