TrueAchievement Ratio

TrueAchievement Ratio Leaderboard
This leaderboard is based on gamers' TA Ratio
Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 WAFFLETRAIN7997 WAFFLETRAIN7997Cloudberry progress 1/2 done level 319 20 houts total 2.9243 Award Addicted in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2 Dark Sonic X6 Dark Sonic X6AFK, I'm in vacation now. 2.8625 Major-General in Raving Rabbids: Alive & Kicking
3 Giantluca Giantlucaloers of ecchi having nearly a 7.0 ratio nice 2.6224 A Perfect Victory! in Street Fighter X Tekken
4 Tropic92 Tropic92Anyone want to do online for Beautiful Katamari, Split Second or BattleBlock? 2.3447 No-Nitrous Victory2: Advanced 06 in Ridge Racer 6
5 BPBPBPBPBPBPBP BPBPBPBPBPBPBPI can't stop playing GTA V online golf! I'm already 2 strokes better then the rest of the TA clan! 2.2822 One of Many in Wolfenstein 3D (EU Ver)
6 Will072 Will072 2.2613 Beat your Frenemies in Wordament (Web)
7 S3baman88 S3baman88F2012 looks very innovative but can't believe the fugly nose 2.2194 Estus Flask in Dark Souls (PC)
8 VanishedStorm VanishedStorm 2.2009 On Your Marks... in Warface
9 Dingo Salad Dingo SaladSwiiiingin' in the rain, just swiiiingin' in the rain... 2.1526 Just Pick Something! in Dance Central 3
10 VofffkaOMG VofffkaOMG 2.1242 Werewolf Mastered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
11 Robot Genius Robot GeniusProtip: I'm not dead 2.1233 Death Wish in Lost Planet 2 (PC)
12 SnelleSjonnie SnelleSjonnie 2.0907 This is no mine... it's a tomb. in LEGO The Lord of the Rings
13 hofosim hofosimDo you know you can use your Iphone to control your Xbox? 2.0809 Take 'Em All Down in Resident Evil 6
14 stefb42 stefb42anyone want a destiny beta code for xb1? 2.0491 Addict in Wordament Snap Attack (WP)
15 TsubakiCalamity TsubakiCalamityUsed to be an 360 gamer, but dealing with M$ is not worth it anymore. 2.0409 Arcade Master in CAPCOM Arcade Cabinet
16 BadTarantula BadTarantula 2.0401 Pro-Pain in Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon
17 Cause CauseI'm stuck at 98.33% in GTA IV [angry] 2.0350 Link Repeater in Battlefield 4
18 ClockWrkPhantom ClockWrkPhantomSniper elite 3 is so fucking broken 2.0340 State-of-the-art. Bang, bang! in F.E.A.R. 3
19 Van Uden Van UdenWordament Snap Attack seems fixed...not the kind of fixed I was hoping for though [cry] 2.0202 Bo-Duke-En in Saints Row: The Third
20 super METAL hea super METAL hea 2.0042 All charged up in Titanfall (Xbox One)
21 SupraDriver SupraDriverPsn Supradriver10 1.9983 Give My Regards in L.A. Noire
22 One id Wi11y One id Wi11yBacon. 1.9935 Busted! in Full House Poker
23 DGC BrotherH00d DGC BrotherH00d 1.9925 A License To Kill in Max Payne 3
24 Jerkkhammer Jerkkhammer 1.9862 Weed Whacker in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (Xbox One)
25 BUGAJ75 RETURNS BUGAJ75 RETURNSNBA 2k11 already shutting down servers! This is getting ridiculous 1.9860 Online Olympian in Vancouver 2010 (PC)
26 bobby trippe bobby trippe100% 1.9745 Difficulties Mastered in Civilization Revolution
27 Axelb9 Axelb9 1.9706 Fruit Annihilation in Fruit Ninja Kinect
28 ArchBehemoth08 ArchBehemoth08Boosting GTA 4 and Defiance. Bejeweled 2 endless mode: 210/280 1.9692 Good Start in Microsoft Sudoku (Win 8)
29 s Lara Croft s s Lara Croft sKnights Contract... my favorite game ever! 1.9657 A Survivor Is Born in Tomb Raider
30 AnimeJunkie AnimeJunkieFinally Finished! 1.9652 Villains of Might and Magic in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes
31 jacky rooster jacky roosterDry July :( 1.9594 Catches Win Matches in Don Bradman Cricket 14
32 ComesBrothers ComesBrothersWe all are brothers and sisters, aren't we? 1.9561 Brainy Bear in Polar Panic
33 DJCrash DJCrash 1.9534 No Parley in Battlefield 4
34 Xbox Skully Xbox Skully 1.9521 JACK Sack in You Don't Know Jack
35 JFish1313 JFish1313 1.9518 The Metropolitan in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
36 Lt Davo Lt DavoI complete games. 1.9502 Crowd Control in Terraria
37 Cuckoolander Cuckoolander 1.9357 Miser in AirMech Arena
38 B1oodedgeReaper B1oodedgeReaperGoodbye Mircosoft while you did show games I can't support any of this drm 1.9267 A Mother's Love in Bayonetta
39 StinkyGreenBud StinkyGreenBudWell i hit 80% a couple of times and now im 1.9 t.a. ratio fuck a 2.0 im going back to gaming!!! 1.9249 Into a Jam in Microsoft Jigsaw (Win 8)
40 Ronno09 Ronno09 1.9216 Enkindle in Dark Souls (PC)
41 King Chizzy King Chizzy 1.9174 Honor Roll in Boom Boom Rocket
42 Le Lone Wolf Le Lone WolfFit-Ness Monster achievement has been fixed? Sucks for the people who haven't done it.. 1.9174 One of Us in Far Cry 3
43 x M 4 T T x M 4 T TBoosting Far Cry 2, Gears of War 1 & 3. 1.9131 Unstoppable in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
44 mitkohalo3 mitkohalo3seriously and quake 4 leaderboard boosting what a winning combination 1.9089 Viking Conqueror Hard in Viking: Battle For Asgard
45 ASic777 ASic777 1.9012 Phatty in You Don't Know Jack
46 DOBOYX2 DOBOYX2 1.8888 City of Assassins in Batman: Arkham Origins
47 rordor rordor 1.8860 Jack of All Trades in Hitman: Absolution
48 AquaFalc AquaFalcEndless 2 down! whew. 1.8859 The Perfect Drug in Rock Band 3
49 DECSTAR 1 DECSTAR 1lets put away the xboxes and play outside 1.8852 Judge, Jury, Executioner in Duke Nukem Forever
50 Roachclip NL Roachclip NL2nd Xbox/account / dummy account/boosting account of ComesBrothers 1.8834 A Gift Lure in SEGA Bass Fishing
51 Thuepo ThuepoCompletely honest player !!! 1.8776 Rucks in Trucks in State of Decay
52 Avata AvataNot really feeling Destiny so far. It's not that it's bad. I think it's just gonna require a leap of faith... 1.8740 Lore Master in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Xbox One)
53 kiomx kiomxGOW3 Onyx: 57 Gold: 8 1.8717 Capital Punishment in Gears of War
54 JOHNNYKAT JOHNNYKATAchievement Unlocked: Married The Talking StrapOn 1.8708 Bulletproof. Sort Of... in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
55 No 1 Richy No 1 RichyAnyone up for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier co-op/multiplayer sessions ? 1.8702 Corporal - Multiplayer in Quake 4
56 cold iron duke cold iron dukeasdf 1.8693 Arms Addict in Star Ocean: The Last Hope
57 OlsAbsss x OlsAbsss xJust bought both Arkham city and metro 2033 for a total of £17.48, bargain! 1.8602 Elite in Forza Motorsport 4
58 Leedeth LeedethBefore DLC TA Ratio change: 123,327 (65,776) - 1.8750 1.8578 Death Of A Salesman in Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
59 SoulKatana SoulKatanaPhantasy Star Online 2 for 360 NOOOOOW!!.. 1.8564 Genuine Complete Breakdown in Radiant Silvergun
60 ToKi N O HaKaI ToKi N O HaKaIDeus Ex Human Revolution [h ]3 1.8551 First Aid in Dead Space 2
61 Swiep Swiep 1.8549 Paragon in Dust: An Elysian Tail
62 Rusty187 Rusty187Still very much alive, my return is on the way! 1.8542 Hello World in Watch_Dogs
63 rocky1bomb rocky1bombForza horizon is awesome 1.8535 Tick tock tick tock... in MotoGP 14
64 demons out demons out 1.8532 Extermination in Halo: Spartan Assault (Xbox One)
65 TATO BR TATO BRChegando a 50.000G! 1.8531 Beginner in Xbox Fitness
66 Mecha Richter Mecha Richter Get hyped. 1.8507 Grand Finale in Eternal Sonata
67 nuloid nuloidFinally recieved the new power supply and got my 360 running again! 1.8467 Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon in Alice: Madness Returns
68 Dat dat Sker Dat dat SkerPatiently waiting for Tropico 5. 1.8466 Team Player in Dead Rising 3
69 BlackTitan666 BlackTitan666That's what she said! 1.8442 Welcome to Arcade Mode in Gears of War 3
70 masoaoki masoaokiNew xbox in June 1.8381 Welcome to the Club in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
71 Prad BEAT Prad BEATBack in business 1.8373 Movin' On Up in Halo 4
72 SK Diabolic SK DiabolicSeriously... 6,096 / 10,000 ? 1.8316 Bad Therapist in Dust: An Elysian Tail
73 VioLeNcE NLC VioLeNcE NLCI always thought GH games were hardest of the hard. THEN I played DDR. 1.8250 Legend in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
74 The Dead Dragon The Dead Dragon 1.8216 Street Fighter in Battlefield 4 (Xbox One)
75 OfficerBarbrady OfficerBarbradyI thought I'd have like 20 games at the most to dive but apparently I have 47. This might take a while. 1.8211 Rabbit's Son in Painkiller Hell & Damnation
76 Extrapolates Extrapolates 1.8211 How Did You Know in Jeopardy!
77 Infamous Sylar Infamous SylarXbox One : Pas grand chose à se mettre sous la dent niveau gameplay... 1.8188 21 bouquets in Le Tour de France 2014
78 FvkkRex FvkkRexFar Cry 2 is having server issues. If you want to complete it, do it now 1.8148 Arcade Master in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
79 JOHNNY C4NUCK JOHNNY C4NUCKWhy are there 124 people that want to boost Skyrim? *face palm* 1.8123 Split Decision in The Walking Dead: Season Two
80 GaME DESTRoYERr GaME DESTRoYERr88,888 gamerscore. Damn, it feels good. 1.8117 War Hardened in Call of Duty 2
81 LuBu Oni LuBu OniI am the greatest warrior this world has ever seen! ....Lu Bu 1.8114 Welcome to Fabletown in The Wolf Among Us
82 Legendkill3r86 Legendkill3r86doctor of the peggle arts achievement is such a pain in the arse, took nearly 3 hours for the second to last level glad 1.8095 Now That's Impressive in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
83 LosersVoteParty LosersVotePartyFriends, please read my new blog. It details a portion of the bullshit Xbox Support has put me through. 1.8067 Sky's The Limit in Borderlands 2
84 tractakid tractakididk what happened to my gamerscore obsession. i blame planting. 1.8061 Double Double in Wordament Snap Attack (Win 8)
85 Kemar le OUF Kemar le OUF 1.7993 Return to Sender in Far Cry 3
86 xX EL DlABLO Xx xX EL DlABLO Xx 1.7981 Down in the Briney in BioShock Infinite
87 xStanleyy xStanleyy 1.7948 Purple Necklace in Peggle
88 don manolito don manolitoBack from Spain! 1.7945 Tactical Toggler in Medal of Honor: Warfighter
89 sacredskullkid sacredskullkidEA can go to hell!!! 1.7916 Social Butterfly in BattleBlock Theater
90 XI Hell IX XI Hell IX 1.7915 A View to a Kill in 007: Quantum of Solace
91 IUHoosiers323 IUHoosiers323just great 1.7894 Gotta Break Em In in Saints Row: The Third
92 AlmightyGio AlmightyGioTime to get back to gaming! 1.7875 Music Historian in Rock Band Blitz
93 Nipp x3h Nipp x3hAny of guys going to play dungeon defenders? It looks really good 1.7862 Ingenuity in Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
94 Ramon4815162342 Ramon4815162342GTA V Game of the century anyone? 1.7857 Beyond the Trees in The Walking Dead: Season Two
95 CHRI5T0PH5R CHRI5T0PH5RBack on Friday at 23:00 GMT. Don't no one bother me til then! 1.7834 Keeper of the Creed in Assassin's Creed
96 Aveus Aveus 1.7714 Angelbane in Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
97 Riispawn Nation Riispawn Nation 1.7672 Eat my DiRT! in DiRT 3 (PC)
98 v CoMpLiCaTiOnZ v CoMpLiCaTiOnZ 1.7650 C&C Optimized in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist
99 Legit Spam Legit SpamReally wish I could buy UFC Undisputed 3 on demand right now:( 1.7629 The Desk Job in Deus Ex: Human Revolution
100 matdan12 is a useless PoS now. At least mores so then it was. 1.7616 Overrun in Halo: Spartan Assault