liner bronson's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA Kingpin / Here we go again... looking for 2-3 decent players for garden ops on crazy. no more randoms 4 me 790,373
Rocket Man in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
2 allhands238 allhands238 765,463
Wyatt saved in Wolfenstein: The New Order
3 Korrupted Kloud Korrupted KloudDid work today boi!!!! 662,345
Took a Bullet for the Team in The Gunstringer
4 HWNDarkside HWNDarksideNo comment. 648,390
My favourite color in Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
5 STYL4Z STYL4ZThis game requires an update : 16Gb.....thats one big fucking update fair play.... 643,368
Archeology in Halo: Spartan Assault
6 TAREKEGYPT TAREKEGYPTlococycle worst game ever made? 570,154
I Killed Them All in Titanfall
7 AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83Studing, working and training, time to play just disappeared [cry] 567,153
Crushed rock in Castlevania: LoS 2
8 Nikke84 Nikke84Can't wait for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 :D 546,526
Silent shot in Wolfenstein: The New Order
Experienced Talker in VoiceStudio
10 ComesBrothers ComesBrothersWhen the Power of Love overcomes the Love of power, the world will know peace... 506,899
Into legend in Tour de France 2014
11 Jayour JayourLike Robben I'm a notorious diver. I promise though that I'll never dive again. 496,916
Abominable in Puzzle Quest 2
12 ciornyiMD ciornyiMDhorizon 2 for x360&x1 cool 482,034
Talon in Mass Effect 3
13 Van Uden Van UdenWordament Snap Attack seems fixed...not the kind of fixed I was hoping for though [cry] 478,506
Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains in Saints Row: The Third
14 izret102 izret102Thanks Bickman! 475,475
It's Not Easy Being Green in Amazing Alex
15 AP 8T8 AP 8T8 471,772
The Price for Vengeance in AFRO SAMURAI
16 Dead Soulja96 Dead Soulja96If anyone wants a coupon for $10.00 off a year of PS plus let me know. (It will be $40.00) 433,861
Wins At Your Back in Microsoft Minesweeper
17 Koding KodingWhat I wouldn't give for a "collect all" button in Ice Age Village! 422,410
That'll do it... in LEGO® The Hobbit™
18 redsales redsalesHappy Canada Day, everybody! Oh, one gives a $hit 422,165
Veteran Racer in Kinect Joy Ride
19 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3check out the trading thread if your interested in trading any 360 games 410,478
Football champ in Tintin
20 Astariah Astariahjust found this awesome site that adds achievements to retro games like sega genesis, super nintendo, msg me for more 392,073
Honorary Barbarian in Small Arms
21 T1PP3RN4T0R T1PP3RN4T0Rhow is everybody? man its been a while, what are ppl playing i need to get back into something 377,726
Bulletproof. Sort Of... in Battlefield 4
22 UNiT Rebourne UNiT RebourneBeast Mode [ON] 377,019
Healing Hero in Valiant Hearts - The Great War
23 Frostyzzz FrostyzzzDark void. Am I missing anything if i send it straight to the trade pile without playing it? 365,574
Beat Enterprise Capture in Star Trek
24 liner bronson liner bronson 360,756
Completed Tokyo Time Trial in Tomb Raider:Legend
25 STM Rambq3 STM Rambq39 etoiles sur 10 niveau legende 30% sur 100% tour de france 2014 358,197
Winter transfer in Tour de France 2014
26 T VIRUS 4 LIFE T VIRUS 4 LIFEAnyone getting the Evil Within and is it on the 360??? 354,716
Big Dipper in Family Guy: BTTM
27 DGC BrotherH00d DGC BrotherH00d 354,181
Master in Skyrim
28 StridentPizza StridentPizzaWhat a great day. My xbox360 HDD had to be formatted. Lost everything! 346,076
Investigator in Murdered: Soul Suspect
29 BBW Mack1983 BBW Mack1983Fuck completion!!! The GS whore is back!!!!! 344,025
Ace from the Spot in FIFA 14
30 RzrsS RzrsSAin't that a kick in the head! One more story line to go! Then bye bye New Vegas! 333,697
Savior of Shandalar in Magic 2015
31 madmankevin madmankevinEvery time you force scan your account, a puppy dies. 329,059
Master of Hexes in DARK SOULS II
32 Foerl Foerlis anyone of you guys eating Skittles®, Starburst® or Life Savers® in the us? 324,586
Silent Victory in Hour of Victory
33 ChadMarc ChadMarc 323,465
A Meeting of the Minds in Fallout 3
34 BloodwCinnamon BloodwCinnamon 308,380
Weapon Collector in PAYDAY 2
35 Virtuous Panda Virtuous PandaRemember. 295,620
Looking for Trouble in Tomb Raider
36 Rabbska Rabbska 289,841
Crime Scene Investigator in The Raven
37 Pete 924 Pete 924It's that time of year - Haricot plongee!! 282,024
Flawless Groove in Rock Band Song Pack 2
Fireman in Amazing Spider-Man 2™
39 ivegotalobon ivegotalobonVeteran on Ghosts is a joke 264,338
Getting Started in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
40 cfasand cfasand 264,218
Licensed to ill in NFS: Most Wanted
41 Rusty Nail zh Rusty Nail zhThinking of buying a US XBOX 360....What would be a good price on ebay? 260,928
Super Tramp in Stacking
42 Tropic92 Tropic92Anyone want to do online for Beautiful Katamari, Split Second or BattleBlock? 256,997
Class 4 Machines - Complete in Ridge Racer 6
43 Sera Di Siah Sera Di SiahI don't have much of a social life, but Destiny is killing it even more. 246,592
Catcher in The Bridge
44 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxLara croft, Done ! 243,606
THE REAL DEAL in Left 4 Dead 2
45 InsaneFlame InsaneFlame 242,316
Atlantian Tomb Raider in Tomb Raider:Legend
46 Kamelbarn KamelbarnRetired 234,600
Sprinter! in Rayman Origins
47 Boney Pants Guy Boney Pants GuyEnough Scott Pilgrim for now... 230,322
He is The One in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
48 Evil Genie Evil Genie 229,782
Seriously in Motocross Madness
49 TopClassNeek TopClassNeek 228,682
Tri-Rotor Functionality in SplinterCell Blacklist
50 darkling1542 darkling1542always on the hunt.. hunting achievements 228,022
Free Radical in WATCH_DOGS™
51 ianroper1 ianroper1no xbox for 2 weeks 224,256
The Angelic Ruins in Borderlands
52 ViaFix ViaFixDestiny BETA - Love it! 221,187
Support Efficiency in Battlefield 3
53 JunkfoodVeggie JunkfoodVeggieThat new display people's game rating feature? Instant removal. You'll have to stick with my mini reviews. :-) 217,440
The Whole Story in BioShock Infinite
54 stoketom1986 stoketom1986Buying more DLC than games atm just to finish off old games... and the odd bit of extinction!! 212,622
Brand Awareness in GRID Autosport
55 System of a Dom System of a DomHello! 206,613
Meta-Player in Connect 4
56 plesniaczek plesniaczekI'm not crazy 'Cause I take The right pills... 205,533
Officer in Sleeping Dogs™
57 Loonielee LoonieleeQuick vote. Do you get single player or online achievements done first? 197,618
No Encore! in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
58 Huncwot Huncwot 196,889
Dunwall in Chaos in Dishonored
59 the1mattyp the1mattypanyone want gangnam style for just dance 4? code is pw8jp-rfchr-dqj68-vhftx-yppxm if anyone does....... 195,605
Ladder Climber in Dead Rising 3
60 Uggadunk UggadunkWarface contracts boosting or co-op? Sign me up! 192,149
Let ‘er Rip in Army of TWO™: TDC
61 LordiMcKill LordiMcKillRunning LordiMcKill 2.0 192,048
Ugly is only Skin Deep in Halo Wars
62 Carl Hutchings Carl HutchingsAnybody need a destiny beta key?? 184,211
Beyond the Trees in Walking Dead: Season 2
63 DEVINS DEVINSIf you be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal 182,135
Bo-Duke-En in Saints Row: The Third
64 Bert Dunk Bert Dunk 170,935
Watch 5 Entertainment Shows in Demand 5
65 HardKai art / I take requests 169,664
Small Town, Big Job in Grand Theft Auto V
66 welsby 1986 welsby 1986 165,030
Good Enough for Government Work in TC's Ghost Recon FS
67 Ranga Dang Dang Ranga Dang DangIs there a place/list that contains games with upcoming server closures? 162,478
Low Scorer in Spelunky
68 xONLY INSANEx xONLY INSANExbioshock burial at sea episode 2 ending all i can say is wow 159,582
Missile Defense System in BioShock Infinite
69 SmokeasaurasRex SmokeasaurasRexGTA 4 Wanted and Petrovic booster wanted 158,649
Happily Ever After in The Wolf Among Us
70 APIT80 APIT80 149,291
Hammer of Fate Champion in Brütal Legend
71 ConchieJoe ConchieJoe 142,942
Last Giant in DARK SOULS II
72 x M 4 T T x M 4 T TBoosting Far Cry 2, Gears of War 1 & 3. 142,722
The Dark Soul in DARK SOULS II
73 sbg0924 sbg0924 140,077
Auto Fanatic in L.A. Noire
74 jj carnage jj carnageAnyone got a Hardcore save on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising? 139,513
Bloody Sunday in Assassin's Creed II
75 Tinus Slayer Tinus Slayer[headspin] 137,998
Dunwall in Chaos in Dishonored
76 Pickelzz PickelzzSchool is over now so hopefully i can start playing games again yaaaaaay !!!!! 136,415
Not Too Scary in Peggle 2
77 Kato Ryozo Kato RyozoI Love Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy and Lara Croft. Seriously... 7,030/10,000 135,181
Audiophile in Call of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition
78 FuzzedUpCookie FuzzedUpCookieLooks like i have to skip ANOTHER month of GWG titles... they're getting worse and worse [shock] 129,487
Tumblehome in Assassin's Creed® III
79 DunderMifflin83 DunderMifflin83 129,183
I Got A Fever in Peggle 2
80 Doctor Swag Man Doctor Swag Man 125,406
How Pedestrian in Halo: CE Anniversary
81 J0HNNY FRIENDLY J0HNNY FRIENDLYI'm back. What'd I miss? 119,814
Game Over Man! in The Baconing
82 halder001 halder001 106,376
Scanproof in WATCH_DOGS™
83 EMPATH1C MIM1C EMPATH1C MIM1CFoC campaign was pretty damn awesome! Kinda sad its over...[cry] 105,745
Till All Are One - (Megatron) in TRANSFORMERS: FoC
84 PAYDERTROY PAYDERTROYGuess I should finish Skyrim... 100,592
Mercy is the Mark in Dishonored
85 robert m b robert m bHalo:CE finally completed 99,814
Master of Branches in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
86 reallifestory reallifestory 95,304
Excellent Zombie Hunter in LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW
87 ToXiicZ Gh0sT ToXiicZ Gh0sT 95,191
Queen Anne's Revenge in Assassin's Creed IV
88 DarthRevancocoa DarthRevancocoa 94,611
Chapter 2 Complete in Mirror's Edge™
89 TKD MACOU 0172 TKD MACOU 0172got my new xbox ladies and gents back in bussiness 93,642
Look What I Found in Gears of War: Judgment
90 KablHamm KablHamm 87,533
Heave Ho in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
91 xOGx SKEEZY xOGx SKEEZY 82,192
Black Marketeer in BattleBlock Theater
92 Tomio34 Tomio34 81,255
Occult Weapon in DARK SOULS
93 wickgame69 wickgame69Looking for someone to do the Special Ops missions in both BF 3 and MW 3....hit me up if you interested 76,746
The Lights Of Their Eyes in COD: Black Ops II
94 C0D Logic C0D LogicEEk. That Ratio is low. VT3 completion today? 76,524
Needs a New Challenge in MONOPOLY® Streets
95 Obsolete XBA Obsolete XBAOh joy, back to grinding WoT then I suppose.. 76,054
Tanking This Show On The Road in World of Tanks
96 chamberzezz chamberzezz 68,595
The Last Second in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
97 MattBuzz1969 MattBuzz1969 68,095
Compassion in SAW2
98 TooYoungToDie TooYoungToDie 67,293
Turning the Tide in Crysis®3
99 SpocKirk SpocKirkAnybody want to trade something for a Crysis 1 code? 65,679
Overachiever in Injustice
100 RyaNeil RyaNeilFinally, A FIFA complete! 51,835
Jet Setter in LEGO Rock Band
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