liner bronson's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 allhands238 allhands238 1,184,080
Classic Pac-Man in PAC-MAN Kart Rally
2 AP 8T8 AP 8T8 1,113,557
Six Seasons and a Movie in Trivial Pursuit Live!
3 Korrupted Kloud Korrupted KloudXbox fitness announced to die in December. 2 new workouts for free as well. let's do this people 1,030,241
Tank Hunter in Tiny Troopers
4 FL trooper be FL trooper beMMA KINGPIN / Sucker Punch !!! 1,006,342
Chromatic in Spy Chameleon
I ain't afraid of no Ghosts! in LEGO® Dimensions™
6 STYL4Z STYL4ZThomas Was Alone, was on level 9.7, batteries ran out, picked up second pad, profile changes lost all progress...awesome. 847,261
Beyond the Grave in Plants vs. Zombies
7 JJBDude48 JJBDude48My poor broadband speeds in the evening are to continue for another 5 months! Virgin are compensating me £40 for it, hardly worthwhile :/ 844,711
I see you don't believe in easy mode in Ninja Pizza Girl
8 NJDuke007 NJDuke007headspin toast 835,579
Mister Plow in Trucking 3D
9 AndreFlash83 AndreFlash83Xbox Fitness fucked my life cry 824,627
Some ladybugs in Spy Chameleon
10 HWNDarkside HWNDarksideMeh. 762,599
Quick on the Draw in LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force Awakens
11 izret102 izret102Was out for an hour with my son playing Pokemon Go. Easily ran into 50 other people from young to old. Catch'en 'em all! 711,889
Forest City in Touchdown Hero
12 test23man test23man 704,539
End of Line in WATCH_DOGS™
13 TAREKEGYPT TAREKEGYPTNeed a teammate for GTASC 2016 688,088
Leon Must Die! in Tropico 5 - Penultimate Edition
14 Nikke84 Nikke84124hrs later, MGS5 100% complete. 669,868
2D or not 2D in Bedlam - The Game By Christopher Brookmyre
15 Dang3R Gaming Dang3R GamingHow many compatibility packs does Destiny need... Been installing the 360 version stuff for 90 minutes now. 656,012
All's Fare in Love and War in Grand Theft Auto V
16 XI AlphaMale IX XI AlphaMale IXWhat color are your Xbox One achievements/notifications? 633,914
Ding Dong in Hydro Thunder
17 ComesBrothers 620,281
LIGHTS OUT in Cars 2
18 redsales redsalesCreated ROBLOX session for tomorrow. Hope it's good for everyone, just join if you can or we can work out another time later.. 608,973
Doing Science and Still Alive in TRIVIAL PURSUIT LIVE!
19 Van Uden Van UdenLast achievement earned on June 16th...just not enough games I want to play cry 607,336
Consolation Prize in BattleBlock Theater
20 Jayour JayourHaving to start South Park from scratch because I missed something at the start. Yay! 601,907
Car insignia 'East' in Bridge Constructor
21 Astariah AstariahRetroachievements 573,895
Sequence 1 in AC Liberation HD
22 Frostyzzz Frostyzzz 567,169
Belly Full of Stones in The Wolf Among Us
Tribute To A Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2
24 m4rc4nt0ny m4rc4nt0nyFallout 4 : why pick and choose from the perks when you can have them all? 527,721
Tribute To A Vault Hunter in Borderlands 2
25 Koding KodingWe're going to gp on "So You Think You Can Dance"!! LOL :: Koding playing Destiny 523,943
King of Kings in Gems of War
26 ChadMarc ChadMarc 522,134
Full Circuit in WATCH_DOGS™
27 UNiT Rebourne UNiT RebourneBeast Mode [ON] 519,455
Level 50 in Overwatch: Origins Edition
28 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3 J LEWIS 1 9 8 3check out the trading thread if your interested in trading any 360 games 510,867
UNO Centennial! in UNO and Friends
29 liner bronson liner bronson 509,091
Are You Crazy in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell
30 RzrsS RzrsSFeeling myself pulled towards pc gaming more and more... 502,649
Minimum Security Prison in Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition (Game Preview)
31 T VIRUS 4 LIFE T VIRUS 4 LIFENew gaming joy, looking for two more people for sacred 3 for 4 player run through anyone fancy it???? 499,969
Challenge Master in BINARY DOMAIN
32 T1PP3RN4T0R T1PP3RN4T0Ranyone up for boosting airmech assault? double xp weekend till monday 484,484
Go into the Light in RESIDENT EVIL 5
33 Park Diesel Park Diesel 476,688
They're Not Dolls… in Fallout 4
34 Evil Genie Evil Genie 468,108
Finisher 3 in Hawken
35 Dead Soulja96 Dead Soulja96Steam Summer Sale starts today! 458,950
Take a Break in Brothers
36 STM Rambq3 STM Rambq3i m happy 455,874
Accelerated Production in Magic Duels
37 darkling1542 darkling1542Back to boosting games 443,905
Fully Loaded in Borderlands
38 ViaFix ViaFix 440,309
My Darkest Hour in Tumblestone
Witchcraft for Beginners in Rise of the Tomb Raider
40 Sera Di Siah Sera Di SiahI wish the X1 TA App would let you comment on your friend feed, solutions and such. :( 429,241
Part Of The Way Dare in Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered
41 StridentPizza StridentPizza 425,335
Catch-22 in Kinect Star Wars
42 xONLY INSANEx xONLY INSANExA new journey begins! 424,803
Thorough Shopper in DOOM
43 Virtuous Panda Virtuous PandaWish ppl wouldn't keep playing online draft once they have the cheev. ffs 421,581
Rifle Expert in Call of Juarez: BiB
44 Rusty Nail zh Rusty Nail zhRocket League? - HERE! - Rusty Nail zh playing Rocket League 412,256
Master Craftsman in Puzzle Quest
45 Uggadunk Uggadunk 395,668
We Do Not Sow in Game of Thrones - Episode 1: Iron from Ice
46 Rabbs Rabbs"Heidi Klum, you are like my first BMW - old, German, and won't blow a seal" 393,677
Objectively Experienced in Tom Clancy's The Division
47 Pete 924 Pete 924Achievement 10,000 = Porsche Pro in Forza Horizon 2 which makes me happy 390,761
Miracle Worker in The Sims™ 3
48 DGC BrotherH00d DGC BrotherH00d 388,543
Lesson Two in KickBeat Special Edition
49 BloodwCinnamon BloodwCinnamon 378,246
You've got red on you in Zombie Army Trilogy
50 BBW Mack1983 BBW Mack1983Fuck completion!!! The GS whore is back!!!!! 367,190
Happy to Oblige in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
51 Rick1987 Rick1987 353,980
Sock It to Me Nakatomi in Volgarr the Viking
52 madmankevin madmankevinmadmankevin won 2 Achievements in 1 game, for a total of 10 TrueAchievement points (10 Gamerscore). 351,384
We got us a crew in Jet Set Radio
53 ianroper1 ianroper1any body else having trouble connecting to xbox 347,131
Water of Life in Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent’s Curse
54 TopClassNeek TopClassNeek 336,063
Gladiator school in Dead Island Definitive Edition
55 stoketom1986 stoketom1986Starting games just to keep achevement streak going.. not good!! 321,938
Top of the Heap in EA SPORTS™ Rory McIlroy PGA TOUR®
56 ivegotalobon ivegotalobon 316,691
King of Kings in Gems of War
57 InsaneFlame InsaneFlame 315,015
Travelled Too Far. Seen Too Much in LEGO® STAR WARS™: The Force Awakens
58 cfasand cfasand 312,020
I Removed a Stain in Charlie Murder
59 ABACAB72 ABACAB72Gamer, musician, office clerk 311,861
Rip and Tear in DOOM
60 plesniaczek plesniaczek 305,867
Trials - Chapter III in Castlevania LoS
61 Pisboy Sparxx Pisboy SparxxBack in the game. 305,140
Deep Blue in Microsoft Jackpot
62 Ranga Dang Dang Ranga Dang DangAchievement Calender for July 2016 is finished - Let me know what you think =D 294,216
Hit Maker in Project Spark
63 HyruleBalverine HyruleBalverineIf you only do what you can do you'll never be more than you are now. 292,246
More Popular Than John Lennon in South Park™: The Stick of Truth ™
64 Gobo Gobo 275,587
Meditation in Hyper Light Drifter
65 Loonielee LoonieleeNever ending backlog... 273,956
A Golden Opportunity in HITMAN™
66 JunkfoodVeggie JunkfoodVeggieDone! Unlocking... 272,113
Fighting the system in Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst
67 Skrubits SkrubitsI miss the times where I had time to play video games. 262,748
Art Connoisseur in Layers of Fear
68 Runner eGirl Runner eGirlNot looking forward to doing the tactical challenges in Vanqish... 260,708
Eyedol Apprentice in Killer Instinct
69 System of a Dom System of a DomOooh. It's been a while but here we go again. Saying the shooter in Germany 'Loved playing FPS games' 258,811
End Transmission in Far Cry® 4
70 Carl Hutchings Carl Hutchings 252,990
Ring Collector in Sonic 4 Episode II
71 SaucySlingo SaucySlingoGoing to be diving hard this year. Figure why not go for it an open up my library and enjoy my game collection. 248,602
Proposal in AlphaJax
72 Kamelbarn KamelbarnRetired 247,347
3,141592 in Equalicious
73 SRUSHT SRUSHTherro hans brix! 243,828
It's Safer Here in Titanfall
74 Volkmann Volkmann 240,782
A Courtship of Razors in Batman™: Arkham Knight
75 Silicon Iceman Silicon IcemanWhile I genrally love everyone on this site, I have to say "screw you" to the people who use pop-up blockers here. My TA Pro is more expensive now. 225,961
Wreckage in Dead Space™
76 HardKai HardKaiMedia designer 222,723
The Counselor in The Godfather™ II
77 Huncwot Huncwot 215,802
Sabre Rattler in Borderlands 2
78 welsby 1986 welsby 1986 214,150
Loose Ends in The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
79 Tinus Slayer Tinus Slayerrock 205,394
A Story About My Goat in Goat Simulator
80 the1mattyp the1mattypanyone want gangnam style for just dance 4? code is pw8jp-rfchr-dqj68-vhftx-yppxm if anyone does....... 205,160
Ladder Climber in Dead Rising 3
81 AtariDevil AtariDevil 205,052
That Was Close in MX vs. ATV Alive
82 LordiMcKill LordiMcKillRunning LordiMcKill 2.0 203,582
The Horror in Spec Ops: The Line
83 FuzzedUpCookie FuzzedUpCookieDarksiders 1 might come to xbone as a remaster too.. bit late to the party but ok 203,457
Not Too Scary in Peggle 2
84 APIT80 APIT80Far Cry never disappoints me :) 203,132
Easy Street in Microsoft Jackpot
85 SithLordSphinxy SithLordSphinxy 195,881
Gold Digger in Forza Motorsport 5
86 Obsolete XBA Obsolete XBAdamn you difficulty-dependant achieve in Rise of the TR! 192,829
Monsta Skills in MonstaFish
87 Halder Halder 191,801
Farewell in The Walking Dead: Michonne - Ep. 1, In Too Deep
88 ConchieJoe ConchieJoe 190,045
Survival Expert in Overwatch: Origins Edition
89 Kato Ryozo Kato RyozoI Love Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy and Lara Croft. Seriously... 7,030/10,000 175,055
Level 25 in Overwatch: Origins Edition
90 sbg0924 sbg0924Working 2 Jobs, I only have time to earn these sorry WP achievements. The struggle. 172,224
Master Combatant in Hand of Fate
91 jj carnage jj carnageAnyone got a Hardcore save on Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising? 168,473
Head Trauma in Defense Grid 2
92 DunderMifflin83 DunderMifflin83so many games, so little time 160,936
Arsenal in Defense Grid 2
93 Pickelzz PickelzzSchool is over now so hopefully i can start playing games again yaaaaaay !!!!! 160,228
All Together Now in XCOM: Enemy Unknown
94 x M 4 T T x M 4 T TCleaning up the card before next-gen! 160,182
How Do I Look in Borderlands 2
95 a Fi1thy Casual a Fi1thy CasualIf Remedy changed their mind, and released a DLC for QB, it would probably be the 1st time I was... 155,703
96 AGC I Meupha I AGC I Meupha IAC/DC !!! NOW IN VIENNA! 149,890
The Wraith of Bliss in Battleborn
97 PAYDERTROY PAYDERTROYGuess I should finish Skyrim... 136,176
Tower Surgeon in Family Game Night
98 Tjena Kexet Tjena KexetStår du där och smular? 134,612
Evil Spirits in Red Dead Redemption
99 ToXiicZ Gh0sT ToXiicZ Gh0sT 133,220
Downfall in MGSV:GZ
100 Doctor Swag Man Doctor Swag Man 132,237
Iron Man in Minecraft