Rhino Van Dam's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Stallion83 Stallion83Tales from the borderlands/Limbo giveaway starts now. http://www.Twitch.tv/stallion83 1,857,762
TJ Combo's Endurance in Killer Instinct
2 smrnov smrnov 1,783,264
Fourth Gear in Parking Mania
3 flyingmario5404 flyingmario5404start my new position of my high school's swim coach next week. cant wait. to be fun 740,445
Devout Disciple in Magic 2015
4 Dr S Needlez Dr S NeedlezMinecraft XB1 Friday!! Woohoo! 617,489
Imperial Entanglement in Angry Birds™ Star Wars®
5 JJBDude48 JJBDude48Ordered Sunset Overdrive for 29 quid on eBay. Am grateful Microsoft gave me chance to test it for free :) 603,413
Jago Master in Killer Instinct
6 IanK1987 IanK1987 567,934
Lady of the Coast in Kingdoms & Lords
7 Cookie Kenku Cookie Kenku 563,186
Redingote Up! in Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag
8 planting42 planting42Yes, thanks! - http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Xbox-360-500GB-Special-Edition-Blue-Bundle/productID.308100300 559,346
Not Too Shabby in Falling Skies
9 K4rn4ge K4rn4geBoom Ball, the first ID@Xbox Kinect game, is now available on the Xbox One marketplace for $9.99. 519,303
Marathon Runner in Terraria
10 mfeforever mfeforever 512,028
Targetenium in Mercury Hg
11 R0Y4LEwitCHEESE R0Y4LEwitCHEESEYay, at 90% completion again. 423,253
Archivist in Alien: Isolation
12 VixyNyan VixyNyan 393,686
Starsenal in Resident Evil
13 T VIRUS 4 LIFE T VIRUS 4 LIFEAnyone getting the Evil Within and is it on the 360??? 375,570
Family Values in The Game of Life
14 Ruthless Remix Ruthless RemixEveryone who is my friend on XBL delete my account and add RuthlessRemix, it's my new account :) 374,544
Jack the Ripper in Modern Warfare® 3
15 danksy9 danksy9Walking Dead the game is amazing! Highly recommended to anyone and everyone! 359,418
Redbox Big Moment in WWE 2K15
16 SK4TE HIGH SK4TE HIGHTrue Skills 353,750
Is There Anything You Can't Do in Trials Fusion
17 FunkDog FunkDogForgot how clean TA is without ads. 322,585
Kilotons of Fun in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
18 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyNBA Jam: On Fire Edition MONTAGE!! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiFdgGPsNJU 304,032
Popularity Tycoon in Bejeweled Blitz LIVE
19 TNTJudbud TNTJudbud 289,017
The Seeker in AC Pirates
20 StopNaggin StopNagginSeriously 285,905
Fully Weaponized in Destiny
21 Kai Phoenix Kai PhoenixProud owner of a pair of Astro A50's 270,020
Machine Crusher in TEKKEN 6
22 qG Lecca qG LeccaWow my TA Ratio has shot up?!? When did this happen!? I haven't unlocked any new achievements really in ages either! 260,998
First Step in Geometry Wars™ 3: Dimensions
23 dropK1CK ninJA dropK1CK ninJAAnyone have an Amazon black Friday or cyber Monday deals list? 256,270
Lunar Lieutenant in Borderlands Pre-Sequel
24 Unfcnbleevibl UnfcnbleeviblFinally hit the point in EDF 2025 that I need to farm armor. Gonna be a long boring grind for a while. 247,137
Come Hither in Walking Dead: Season 2
25 TheDevilHand TheDevilHandI'm back MOFO's! 246,982
Ayayaya! in The LEGO® Movie
26 a box of fish a box of fishWooo the UAE Motorsport season starts Friday :) 240,655
Grove Street War Lord in GTA: San Andreas
27 B1ueSeptember B1ueSeptember 239,993
Space Lord in Borderlands Pre-Sequel
28 DaveKinetic DaveKineticAnyone fancy doing AC Unity co-op achievements? 239,783
It's Not Stealing If You Need It in The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
29 IKevIKev IKevIKevIt's nice to enjoy games again. 238,939
Cute Loot in Borderlands 2
30 Rhino Van Dam Rhino Van DamGarden warfare is way more fun than Titanfall. 232,911
Starter in Rayman Fiesta Run
31 Gamblor73 Gamblor73Anyone else having xbox.com & TA not updating achieves since moving to an xbox one? 220,597
All Clear in Far Cry 4
32 Alphamaniac89 Alphamaniac89Stupid Destiny errors right before a mission ends! 215,265
No Peeking! in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
33 Fafhrdd FafhrddIn Borderlands the stupid Crimson Armory glitched on me. Now I can't get back in and finish my LAST mission. 203,688
The Candy Touch in Monsters Love Candy
34 Dudumeister DudumeisterWriting this status from my new iPhone 6... This is awkward. 201,561
Ground Breaker in Bad Piggies
35 Zebrasqual Zebrasqual 200,972
Vidmaster Challenge B in Halo: Spartan Strike
36 TheCroydonBFG TheCroydonBFGFeel guilty for not having unpacked the Xbox 360 after the house move yet! 184,007
See The Future in Fable Anniversary
37 Rainman Andy Rainman Andy£429..... well that has made my mind up for me. 180,589
I'm Better in FIFA 15
38 moto grrl moto grrl 177,717
Cold Fusion in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
39 PrimevalFIREFLY PrimevalFIREFLYMy car is a cunt... #ThatIsAll 171,417
Secret Master in LEGO Star Wars: TCS
40 Paddyzlle Paddyzlle 171,178
Battle for a New Alliance in Realms of Ancient Wars
41 skhter skhterSo I have a new win 8 laptop, is there any way to download delisted games? 171,130
Into the Frontier Caverns in DD: Dark Arisen
42 mydefposse mydefposse48Hr Gold code if anyone wants it.... 169,567
Time Shift in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
43 KiNG Y0Y0 KiNG Y0Y0That midnight launch was nuts. 200 people in to hours. 167,874
Trading Pure Alpha in Grand Theft Auto V
44 BLUNT CHEMIST BLUNT CHEMISTwalking dead season 1 & 2 xbox one bundle on sale $24.99 162,645
Defeat 1000 enemies. in Chaos Rings
45 GREATDISTURBED GREATDISTURBEDso i could not pre order Diablo 3 for xbox one because game has had all there per order slots taken WTF!!!!! 161,284
Diamond Hard in Grand Theft Auto V
46 G4M3R 1972 G4M3R 1972 158,408
Ghost in the Machine in Saints Row IV
47 knal 360 knal 360100.000 gamer score 157,300
Level 15 in Gears of War 3
48 UncleManuel92 UncleManuel92.... 135,391
Dusk Til Dawn in Sunset Overdrive
49 The Major GM The Major GM100ms ping and one bar connection on titanfall!!! fuck sky internet! 127,544
A New Era in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare
50 AZ Mongoose AZ MongooseI have n...... awwwww dang. 120,492
Act Your Age, Joanna in Perfect Dark
51 GhostriderBob89 GhostriderBob89 108,042
Strength of the Pack in Destiny
52 I No It Isnt I I No It Isnt I2711 / 10,000 for Seriously ... on Gears of War (On Leaderboards) 94,162
On A Rail in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
53 wuki 7 wuki 7Can't get rid of my 14 skylanders 93,042
Assert Yourself Next Time in GTA: San Andreas
54 Aqua Teen Colon Aqua Teen ColonLike a Boss 66,761
Serious Business in Minesweeper
55 RubioDan RubioDanVeni, Vidi, Vici. 64,996
A New Steed in Destiny
56 Dub86Nut Dub86NutAnyone got a LIMBO code they don't want for a friend? 53,605
Shutterbug in Far Cry 4
57 Omnislash1982 Omnislash1982one down 2 to go 48,570
Composer in Halo 4
58 ARCANE2627 ARCANE2627 46,406
Packing Heat in Destiny
59 Fraggle Bunny Fraggle Bunny 29,517
Broken Toys in Batman: Arkham City™
60 pinkstarbuck pinkstarbuck 14,803
Bane of the Emperor in Destiny
61 Frobose Frobose 0
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