zigs00's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Van Uden Van UdenHere we go again...Xbox power adapter died. I know chances are slim but if something happened to my HDD heads will roll! 552,442
Space Bird Addict in Angry Birds Space
2 II The Beard II II The Beard IIThe website? http://www.0hitpoints.com/ 528,982
Scar of the Bat in Batman™: Arkham Knight
3 misfit119 misfit119Whoo! Rare Replay review codes are out now. So excited I could crap! 504,686
Tactician in Magic Duels
4 Beanpotter BeanpotterLooks like I have around 30 games to Dive but might wait for the summer sale thing to finish before I end it. dive 469,077
Honeymoon in Chariot
5 Omfamna OmfamnaHo Ho Ho Bitches! 455,051
Level 5 Unlocked in What in the World
6 Matrarch MatrarchI'm grateful that the Gears Xbox One Bundle doesn't include a fancy looking Gears Xbox. That would be trouble for my wallet. 443,687
Finale in Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut
7 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Just thought I'd let you all know that I ain't dead....yet. 431,284
Errorist Agent in Remember Me™
8 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy won 135 Achievements in 11 games, for a total of 5,641 TrueAchievement points (2,635 GamerScore). (July 15) 359,372
All Your Game Are Belong to Us in Trials Fusion
9 The Chuck Chuck The Chuck ChuckWow I barely come on here anymore... Work and kids and real life sure kill the gaming... 353,444
Predator in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
10 Codster2005 Codster2005It's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 327,728
11 ButterflyEdge ButterflyEdge 323,676
Beam Me Up in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
12 Edward Hyena Edward HyenaAnyone else having issues with icons and backgrounds not unlocking in MKX? 318,881
Driver's Ed in World of Tanks
13 drabik drabik 315,376
Level Beater 5 in What in the World
14 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsWedding ring engraving: "If found, she's your problem now!" 309,522
Old Wounds in Two Worlds II
15 Badly Worn Toy Badly Worn ToyNew York here I come! 305,725
Oswald's New Groove in Disney Epic Mickey 2
16 Mr J1m Mr J1mhttp://xbx.lv/15kFTfp - Well that's the console war over! Game, set and match to M$. Discount too??? 299,693
Splash! in Rayman Legends
17 DaveKinetic DaveKineticDaveKinetic won 154 Achievements in 13 games, for a total of 7,246 TrueAchievement points (4,715 GamerScore). 299,265
Code Red in Zombie Army Trilogy
18 Mikestoke Mikestoke 291,246
Landfall in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
19 Will072 Will072 246,227
Watch Out! in LEGO® Harry Potter™
20 Clever Jake Clever JakeLife Is Strange is such a good game! 245,431
Gamma Value in Life is Strange
21 Chakaal Starr Chakaal StarrChakaal Starr won 64 Achievements in 7 games, for a total of 3,394 TrueAchievement points (1,340 GamerScore) 243,431
Death of Innocents in Batman™: Arkham Knight
22 Mike Langlois Mike LangloisIs there a trueachievements clan in Destiny? 227,203
Titan Mastery in Destiny
23 Tasty Pastry Tasty Pastry 217,334
Skilled Strategist in Clash of Heroes
24 System of a Dom System of a DomHello! 215,211
Meta-Player in Connect 4
25 TrueAchievement TrueAchievement100,000 Achievements in pictures - http://www.trueachievements.com/images/100k-achievements.png 209,264
Cuckoo for Incarceration in Batman™: Arkham Knight
26 DavieMarshall DavieMarshallFar Cry 3 is a bore. Discuss. Reasoning - Gorgeous environment. Generic gameplay mechanics. 200,801
Kifflom! in Grand Theft Auto V
27 Kuranes Kuranes"One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all." 197,457
I Come From The Land Up Over in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
28 zigs00 zigs00 189,358
Getting Served in Rocksmith 2014
29 SebastianSB SebastianSBContrast is super short, has terrible platforming, and is astonishingly glitchy. 183,029
Return in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
30 RoiNegreFromage RoiNegreFromage 177,085
Platinum Artist in Rock Band
31 ShinraAlpha ShinraAlphaAn Xbox One with Dragon Age Inquistion & Sunset Overdrive..? Tempting... 160,854
Two-by-Four in 4oD
32 Dimitri DimitriButt Sniffing Pugs! 157,391
Fear of Faith in Batman™: Arkham Knight
33 MortyDice MortyDiceGTA V. Heists. Now. 145,788
Hungover in Assassin's Creed IV
34 jphil03 jphil03We Will Remember Them. 141,373
Bifrosty Reception in LEGO® Marvel
35 ShinUkyo ShinUkyoFor the first time in TEN MONTHS, I've earned an achievement which awards gamerscore. (in that period, only earned ones from media apps.) 136,448
Fatality in SMITE
36 Potato Handle Potato HandleWell, my 360 died, it was bought in April '07, so it just hit the 5-year mark; can anyone top that? :P 124,087
Strange Things are Afoot in Red Dead Redemption
37 Eddie Ruckus Eddie RuckusSpending a lot of time casting games, WTH happened? 123,642
Quick Off the Block in Madden NFL 15
38 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 117,715
Off the Plane in Grand Theft Auto V
39 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 114,478
Landowner in Skyrim
40 Hoffman HoffmanI like to visit my this site to see what achievements the kids have unlocked on my profile laugh 107,050
Parkour Kid in Angry Birds Stella
41 AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 103,972
The Fugitive in The Witcher 2
42 SDaggers SDaggers 91,842
End Game in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
43 Lozzy Denton Lozzy DentonIncredibly proud to call myself a British cyclist today 86,872
Red Dawn in Red Faction: Guerrilla
44 punkyliar punkyliarSorry but I don't accept random friend requests. My friends list is kept to people who I know. 74,079
Master Gimp in Guncraft
45 Lepus Lepidus Lepus LepidusThe journalistic fly on Activision's wall - oneofswords.com 73,123
I Hope You Have Insurance in ScreamRide
46 Strangemiester Strangemiester- Rise of Shitemares is total wank, just incase anyone was thinking of playing it. 66,662
High-Flying Hurler in Borderlands 2
47 Horizons II Horizons II 63,594
The Legend Begins in Happy Wars
48 hankford hankford 53,300
Welcome to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V
49 Cra1gm0nkey Cra1gm0nkeyJust bought Kane and Lynch for £3.. looked at the achievement list. Don't know whether to bother now. :/ 50,758
Warrior of Rock in Guitar Hero World Tour
50 ACrazyBlender ACrazyBlenderWoah this site has improved! 32,906
Makin' a Livin' in Madden NFL 15
51 Chromium Stars Chromium StarsHappy 4th of July weekend! I am packing my shit to move in a week, what are your plans? 30,502
Advanced in Lines The Game
52 ReporterJoe ReporterJoe 22,283
West Coast Performer in Rock Band 2
53 gVee gVee 21,427
No Goal for You! in FIFA 13