zigs00's Friends

Pos Gamer Score Latest achievement
1 Van Uden Van UdenOfficially survived another one of these extra crummy days. Still hurts every single day [cry] Thank the heavens the holiday season is over again 532,208
Have Car, Will Travel in Midnight Club: LA
2 II The Beard II II The Beard IIThe website? http://www.0hitpoints.com/ 498,700
Natural Selection in Evolve
3 misfit119 misfit119Wow, lost interest in Evolve in record time. Hunt mode, the main draw to the game, is basically anti-fun for me. 452,745
Truce in Risen 3 - Titan Lords
4 Omfamna OmfamnaHo Ho Ho Bitches! 451,785
Make it flood in Make it Rain
5 Beanpotter BeanpotterMissed a couple of items in South Park. Can't be arsed to go through it again for the completion :( 439,174
Like It Never Happened in Toy Soldiers: Cold War
6 WeisGuy9 WeisGuy9Daily dose of boobs. You're welcome. Oh, mildly NSFW. 427,660
Errorist Agent in Remember Me™
7 Matrarch MatrarchMicrosoft apparently used GDC to announce approximately 19357 ID@Xbox games. Certainly no lack of titles coming to the One! 408,180
Great Tycoon in Make it Rain
8 The Chuck Chuck The Chuck ChuckWow I barely come on here anymore... Work and kids and real life sure kill the gaming... 340,898
Crushed It in ScreamRide
9 Dat Boi Treezy Dat Boi TreezyIt took a long ass time, but I'm actually starting to enjoy Watch_Dogs a lot more now 328,557
Clear Signals in WATCH_DOGS™
10 Codster2005 Codster2005It's a strange world. Let's keep it that way. 315,148
Two Down in Far Cry 4
11 drabik drabikMerry Christmas to all. I wish you all a wonderful day. 312,160
The Evil Eye in Despicable Me
12 ButterflyEdge ButterflyEdgeROCK BAND 4!!!!!!! 309,382
Family Matters in Mass Effect 3
13 Badly Worn Toy Badly Worn ToyGame are selling Destiny for £30 new. Is it worth getting and what sort of completion is it? 303,527
Oswald's New Groove in Disney Epic Mickey 2
14 Edward Hyena Edward HyenaEdward Hyena completed the game Destiny and is the 489th gamer on the site to complete it 298,418
Corporate Art Collector in #IDARB
15 Mickey Burns Mickey BurnsI hate fat people that not only walk slow, but are unable to walk a straight line. 293,668
Super Sidekick in Disney Infinity [2.0]
16 Mr J1m Mr J1mhttp://xbx.lv/15kFTfp - Well that's the console war over! Game, set and match to M$. Discount too??? 286,868
The German Connection in Forza Motorsport 5
17 Mikestoke Mikestoke 271,272
Three Women and a Barry in RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS 2
18 DaveKinetic DaveKineticwww.twitch.tv/trueachievementstv - Currently streaming Trials Fusion. 266,425
Explosive personality! in Zombie Army Trilogy
19 Will072 Will072 243,146
Beat your Frenemies in Wordament
20 Chakaal Starr Chakaal StarrXBox - Welcome to a world of games and entitlement 226,024
Airtime! in Terraria
21 Clever Jake Clever JakeUno (WP) has robbed me of two achievements! 225,317
The Green Room in LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham
22 Mike Langlois Mike LangloisIs there a trueachievements clan in Destiny? 221,811
Six Pedals, Four Directions in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
23 System of a Dom System of a DomHello! 213,172
Meta-Player in Connect 4
24 DavieMarshall DavieMarshallFar Cry 3 is a bore. Discuss. Reasoning - Gorgeous environment. Generic gameplay mechanics. 198,891
Kifflom! in Grand Theft Auto V
25 Tasty Pastry Tasty PastrySeriously, this Halo launch has to be one of the most botched launches of all times. Someone better be getting fired... 193,200
Everyday Explorer in Microsoft Bingo
26 Kuranes Kuranes"One thing I've learned; if you don't draw first, you don't get to draw at all." 187,546
Stylin' in Peggle 2
27 zigs00 zigs00 186,262
Master of Pyrotechnics in BioShock Infinite
28 SebastianSB SebastianSBContrast is super short, has terrible platforming, and is astonishingly glitchy. 181,923
Return in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
29 TrueAchievement TrueAchievementSo, is anyone playing Evolve? 179,380
I Am The Law in Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition
30 Lolatron Lolatron 168,737
Passing the Time in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
31 ShinraAlpha ShinraAlphaAn Xbox One with Dragon Age Inquistion & Sunset Overdrive..? Tempting... 152,296
Veteran in Dragon Age™: Inquisition
32 Dimitri Dimitrimmm....I loves me some Dynasty Warriors. 150,851
Rated G, for Good in ScreamRide
33 MortyDice MortyDiceSSFIVAE and GFWL managed to kill both my percentage and the last drop of Xbox playing I had. 1 offline ach? Seriously? 143,159
Prayer of a Maiden in DARK SOULS
34 jphil03 jphil03We Will Remember Them. 140,081
Bifrosty Reception in LEGO® Marvel
35 ShinUkyo ShinUkyoSo they pulled Scott Pilgrim without notice? Wonderful that I never got the last DLC, assuming there was no rush. I guess no licensed game is safe. 134,747
Are you not entertained in Amazon Instant Video
36 Potato Handle Potato HandleWell, my 360 died, it was bought in April '07, so it just hit the 5-year mark; can anyone top that? :P 122,904
Heaven's Mirror in Eternal Sonata
37 Eddie Ruckus Eddie RuckusSpending a lot of time casting games, WTH happened? 122,775
Genius in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare
38 Aerodynamo AerodynamoNothing is permitted, everything is true. 116,821
Off the Plane in Grand Theft Auto V
39 KamhiX96 KamhiX96Sleeping Dogs might just be the first retail game I've completed in almost 4 years 113,694
Landowner in Skyrim
40 Hoffman HoffmanI like to visit my this site to see what achievements the kids have unlocked on my profile [laugh] 104,738
Great Tycoon in Make it Rain
41 AndyLSimmons AndyLSimmons 102,947
The Fugitive in The Witcher 2
42 SDaggers SDaggers 91,320
End Game in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
43 Lozzy Denton Lozzy DentonIncredibly proud to call myself a British cyclist today 86,017
Red Dawn in Red Faction: Guerrilla
44 punkyliar punkyliarSorry but I don't accept random friend requests. My friends list is kept to people who I know. 73,235
Still at it in Rabbids A&K
45 Lepus Lepidus Lepus LepidusThe journalistic fly on Activision's wall - oneofswords.com 71,250
46 Strangemiester Strangemiester- Rise of Shitemares is total wank, just incase anyone was thinking of playing it. 65,554
You Shouldn't Be There. in Alien: Isolation
47 Horizons II Horizons II 62,980
The Legend Begins in Happy Wars
48 hankford hankford 50,663
I'm Always Angry! in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
49 Cra1gm0nkey Cra1gm0nkeyJust bought Kane and Lynch for £3.. looked at the achievement list. Don't know whether to bother now. :/ 49,711
Side Quest Student in Borderlands Pre-Sequel
50 ACrazyBlender ACrazyBlenderThoughts on Geometry Wars 3? 32,243
Prepared for Anything in Madden NFL 15
51 Chromium Stars Chromium Starshttp://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/make-it-rain-the-love-of-money/4530a148-26d4-47de-b1be-4b65934d01ae 29,776
Untouchable in Make it Rain
52 ReporterJoe ReporterJoe 21,696
Brawler in The Bourne Conspiracy
53 gVee gVee 21,303
No Goal for You! in FIFA 13